Thursday, April 23
Eden Prairie Schools Will Remain in Distance Learning the Rest of the School Year
Governor Tim Walz announced today that K-12 schools would remain in distance learning. For Eden Prairie Schools, that is through June 9 for K-11 students and June 4 for seniors. Eden Prairie Schools is living out its mission to inspire each student through these unprecedented times. Our teachers and staff will continue to refine distance learning so that each student is supported in personalized learning. We will continue to gather student and family feedback to help us improve and to maintain the educational excellence for which Eden Prairie is known. The success of our schools is due to the tremendous support of our community. Thank you.

May 1 and 4 will be non-student contact days, as ordered by the governor. These days will be used by teachers and staff to prepare for the rest of the school year. We will continue to follow our district calendar: May 8 is a scheduled non-school day and May 25 is Memorial Day. As alternate plans are developed around end-of-year events, schools will provide you with updates.

Collecting items from schools
Look for an update from your principal with a schedule on when and how to collect personal items from school. We will take precautions for social distancing, but we will make sure students have time to collect their items. 

Meal support
Meals from Eden Prairie Schools are distributed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They are for any child that resides in Eden Prairie. We encourage participation and there is no economic requirement to receive meals and may be a relief during this time. Please review our current distribution schedule . Look for an update next week with dates and locations for the remainder of the school year.

Mental health and wellness
We know that these times can be stressful. Please know there are mental health supports for students and community resources for individuals and families.

Technology support & devices over the summer
As your student continues to use their device for distance learning, please take advantage of support that is available by calling 952-975-7094 or

Students in grades K-11 can keep their district-issued device over the summer. Look for more information as we near the end of the year with details to include technology support over the summer and plans for 12th grade students to return their devices.

Thank you again for all you are doing to support your students during this time. The partnership between families and district staff makes me proud to be a part of this community. 

Dr. Josh Swanson


Iskuullada Eden Prairie waxay sii wadi doonaan nidaamka waxbarashada Masaafada  eek u baxda khadka Internet-ka inta ka hartay sanad-dugsiyeedkaan
Gudoomiyaha gobolka Tim Walz ayaa maanta ku dhawaaqay in  dhamaan fasallada Xanaanada ilaa kan 12 -aad ee iskuulada  gobolka ay sii wadi doonaan nidaamka waxbarashada masaafada ee ay iminka wadaan.Sidaas datreed, Iskuullada Eden Prairie, waxay sii wadi doonaan nidaamkaan illaa iyo 9-ka bisha June sidoo kale ardayda fasalka 12-aad oo ah ilaa iyo 4-ta bisha June . Iskuullada Eden Prairie waxay sii wadayaan ku dkaqanka ama dhaqan-galinta  ujeeddadooda ama hadafkoodii  ahaa in arday kasta lagu dhiiri galiyo waxbarashada. Macallimiintayada iyo shaqaalaheenna waxay sii wadaan horumanrinta nidaamka waxbarashada masaafada iyaga oo guryahooda jooga.Waxaan sidoo kale sii wadi doonnaa inaan soo aruurino ra'yi celinta qoyska iyo ardayda  si ay nooga caawiso inaan horumarinno oo aan joogteynno heerka sare ee aqoonta lagu yaqiinay ee looga bartay Iskuullada Eden Prairie. Guusha iskuuladayada waxaa sabab u ah taageerada weyn ee aan ka helna bulshada. Waad ku mahadsantihiin.  Akhri wax dheeraad ah.

Las Escuelas de Eden Prairie seguirán en Aprendizaje a Distancia el resto del año escolar
El Gobernador Tim Walz anunció hoy que todas las escuelas K-12 permanecerán en aprendizaje a distancia. En Las Escuelas de Eden Prairie los estudiantes K-11 tendrán clases hasta el 9 de junio. Las Escuelas de Eden Prairie seguirán haciendo realidad su misión de inspirar a cada estudiantes durante estos tiempos sin precedentes. Nuestros maestros y personal seguirán refinando el aprendizaje a distancia para que cada estudiante tenga apoyo en su aprendizaje individualizado. Seguiremos reuniendo comentarios y sugerencias de estudiantes y familias para que sigamos mejorando y mantener nuestra tradición de excelencia educativa por la que se le conoce a Eden Prairie. El éxito de nuestras escuelas se debe al tremendo apoyo de nuestra comunidad. Gracias.  Lée mas.
Eagle Excellence
Alumni Accolades:

EPHS graduate, Class of 2018, Nibir Sarma, is the Jeopardy! 2020 College Champion. Read more. Nibir's mother posted a great compliment to Eden Prairie Schools on social media.
Eden Lake First Grade teacher Maria Villavicencio and the nine other Teacher of the Year finalists were interviewed via Zoom call with WCCO for this news article focusing on distance learning.
Since March 15 when Governor Walz issued the Stay-at-Home order, staff at Eden Prairie Schools has responded to nutrition, technology and child care needs in our community. Here are the numbers through the end of last week.

  • Meals distributed: 38,914
  • Student devices in use: Nearly 9,000 (approx. 5,900 iPads and 3,000 laptops)
  • Staff devices in use for remote working: More than 1,600
  • Wi-fi hotspots distributed to students: 33
  • Essential worker families requiring child care: 78
  • Technology support responses:
  • Parent/guardian phone calls: 985
  • Staff phone calls: 555
  • In-person appointments with Technology staff: 210
  • Tech issues resolved via email and phone
  • Students/families: 1,090
  • Staff: 675
  • Transportation Department delivers 95 devices to families

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Eden Prairie Schools Families Making Distance Learning A Success
Thank you parents/guardians and students for your partnership with our staff to make distance learning a success. Overall attendance for the first two weeks of distance learning was 97.6%, up 5.9% from the final two weeks of brick and mortar classes.
School Start Times Community Meeting Held Via Zoom
Eden Prairie Schools is continuing work to gather input on school start/end times. On April 21, more than 25 community members joined district leadership for a Zoom meeting to give feedback and hear a presentation by Dr. Kyla Wahlstrom , an expert on sleep and school start times, from the University of Minnesota. You can see Dr. Wahlstrom's presentation here . For more information on the start times study, visit .
Hiring Starts Now for the 2020-21 School Year
Eden Prairie Schools is actively hiring for teacher and other career opportunities for the 2020-21 school year. Positions include teaching jobs in special education, math, science, social studies, art, FACS, world language and Spanish as well as roles for social work, school psychologist, and licensed school nurse. Check out the most recent postings at .