Friday, Sept. 28
Special Announcement
Eden Prairie Schools unveils a fresh, consistent brand

Do you know which eagle is the official Eden Prairie eagle? Searching for the answer to that question would point you to countless variations of eagles, but not one that Eden Prairie Schools has officially claimed as its own.

“If you asked someone to count how many logos represent Eden Prairie Schools, you may spend days trying to uncover the hundreds of variations,” said Director of Communications and Community Relations Jaclyn Swords. “Bringing the logos into a consistent brand signifies that we are one Eden Prairie family.”

Eden Prairie Schools works to create an environment of care and support where each student is inspired every day. The wings surrounding the EP symbolize soaring, lifting up and reaching your highest potential. This imagery corresponds with Eden Prairie Schools mission to inspire each student every day. Each school has a corresponding school logo that matches the design of the district.

The eagle is a unique take on a frequently used eagle in Eden Prairie Schools’ athletics. It’s meant to be as strong, confident and bold as our proud Eden Prairie students.

And finally, Eden Prairie Schools’ is represented most consistently by its EP logo. This logo is pervasive through activities, athletics and imagery throughout our buildings. The new visual brand honors the EP legacy, gives it a modern edge, and showcases it as the central element of all brand variations for the district, schools and activities.

“It’s important the new brand did not feel like a complete departure from who we are, because we are proud of who we are,” said Swords.

“Eden Prairie Schools is on a great path,” said Superintendent Dr. Josh Swanson. “We believe it is important our identity and imagery is just as professional and polished as the education we provide and the promise to inspire each student every day.

The Eden Prairie High Schools spirit store officially has merchandise available for purchase with the new logo. Tote bags with the new brand will be distributed to the first 100 fans who arrive at tonight’s Homecoming game.

Questions about logo usage can be directed to the communications office at .