Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2019
Making weather-related school closing decisions can be tricky in the bold north. Watch this video and take a look at the information on our website to find out how we make the decision to close, delay or release school early due to severe weather. We also show how we notify our families and staff about the decision, and discuss our new secondary e-learning days.
Central Middle School teacher Janine Olson has been named the 2019 Minnesota Middle School Association (MMSA) Educator of the Year. The Coleen Yatckoske Middle Level Educator of the Year Award provides an opportunity to recognize outstanding middle level educators in the state... Continue reading.
Eden Prairie News covered awards of $17,700 by The Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools.
Eden Prairie Schools is looking for new team members across the district. Please share this information if you know someone interested and qualified to fill one of these exciting roles. For questions, contact Denise Batson at 952-975-7106.

Dec. 11: High School Conferences
Dec. 23 - Jan. 3: No School, Winter Break