Hello Girard Families,

We're glad to welcome everyone back to Virtual GC this week as we begin the 4th Report Period. We have Parent-Teacher Conferences scheduled for this Friday, April 17, which will give you a chance to ask questions about your student's 3rd quarter report card and overall progress.

  • No regular classes will be held on Friday.
  • Teachers will be online Friday answering emails regarding questions about report cards.
  • Due to the volume of responses, we are not able to schedule video conferences at this time.

If you need the email address of a particular teacher, please contact the appropriate Dean listed below.

Jonathan Price
Assistant Dean, Elementary and Middle School

John Young
Assistant Dean, High School Academy (9th-10th)

Ramon Sanchez
Assistant Dean, High School (11th-12th)

As I shared in my previous letter, all grades are moving to a 4-day class schedule starting next week to allow for more flexibility in completing assignments, planning lessons, and communicating with parents.

Thank you for working with us and supporting your students as we enter the final leg of the school year.


Stan Bobowski
Managing Director of Education
Principal, Elementary and Middle School