Monthly Newsletter | September 2019
Your #HealthyMinds Update
September is a busy month of transitions and new beginnings. Kids are back in school, families are resuming their regular routines, and fall weather is ushering in the new season. It’s also a time of important observances, including suicide prevention awareness.

Whatever your priorities are this month, we're right here to help –  we have guidance to share on all these topics and more. Check out the latest additions to our library below, including our first podcast of the season! And please take our brief survey to let us know how we can keep creating content that is helpful to you.
PODCAST: When Kids Talk of Suicide
The rate of suicide among teens has risen over the past decade, and there are many contributing factors. Whether you're trying to make sense of this alarming trend or wondering how you can best support a young person you're concerned about, please tune in to our podcast to learn more.
How to Practice Self-Care in College
We all have different ways of taking care of ourselves – some meditate, some journal, and others talk to friends. The key to self-care is finding out what works for you and making it a priority in your daily life. Watch the video to hear how these students are practicing self-care in college.
10 Ways to Prepare for Parent-Teacher Conferences
if Your Child Has ADHD
Parent-teacher conferences provide an opportunity to share information that can help the teacher better understand your child as both a learner and a person. Dr. Ellen Braaten explains how parents of children with ADHD can make the most of these appointments. Read more
Monthly Mindfulness:
Why You Don't Need a Lot of Time or Money to Make Self-Care a Priority
from Healthline

Did you know? Many folks misunderstand what self-care is and let big barriers get in the way of doing small things that can help them feel better. When you and the young people in your life start small, there are many ways to fit in self-care for your emotional well-being. Read more
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