November 24, 2020

Parents & Guardians,

First, we thank you for your patience with our power outage this morning causing the unexpected change in schedule. Our Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences begin today at 3PM for all that requested them. E-mails were sent previously with confirmed times. Please follow the directions below to ensure that your login for each conference works properly.

Click on the link for the appropriate teacher a few minutes prior to your scheduled conference time. Links can be found HERE. You will be placed into the waiting room for that teacher. Each conference is scheduled to last about 10-15 minutes, so we appreciate your patience if the one prior runs long.

Please be sure that your name on Zoom is either your name, or the name of your child so that the teacher can recognize the name and let you in from the waiting room at the appropriate time. Teachers will have the list of parent names who signed up for conferences. 

Once admitted to the conference, you may be required to turn your microphone and camera on, as the rooms occasionally do not do this automatically. If you cannot make your scheduled conference time, please e-mail Trish Dudas ( to let her know. 

If you did not sign up for a conference by the deadline, please feel free to reach out to any teachers you would like to speak with via e-mail, and they will be happy to connect with you after the Thanksgiving Holiday.

We look forward to seeing some of you virtually this afternoon!
Mr. William D. Gennaro, Jr.
Acting Principal