In our First Reading, we learn that people other than the first Apostles were learning at the feet of Jesus. He chose His twelve, knowing Judas would betray Him. Notice that another man is chosen to replace Judas, to restore the number of leaders to 12. Jesus founded a Church, with leadership to safeguard and pass on His teachings
- our Tradition to ensure it remains the Truth Jesus shared.
Truth is eternal, it cannot change.

The Responsorial Psalm calls for praising and worshiping our God who is so very mighty, the maker and ruler of all Creation
- but who forgives us our sins.
Such Love deserves our time, gratitude, and praise!

In the Second Reading, St. John's words continue the Psalm's theme, but calling us to be like God.
He made us to be like Him - to create life,
He taught us to live like Him - to love all people as He Loves them.
Jesus prays in the Gospel that we continue to be like Him, like God.
He asks the Father to keep us from choosing to be like the world,
from becoming one of the fallen;
accepting the world's hatred as He did,
while trying to help those who mock and despise us
in hopes that we will share heaven with them one day.
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“I desire to unite Myself to human souls, Know, My daughter, that when I come to a human heart in Holy Communion,
My hands are full of all kinds of graces
which I want to give to the soul.
But souls do not even pay any attention to Me;
they leave Me to Myself and busy themselves
with other things…
They treat Me as a dead object.”
- Jesus' words to St. Faustina regarding the Eucharist
Greetings Parents!

             As my children step out more into the world, I hope that they remember our advice when facing moral decisions. A youth minister said she told her youth that she hoped they heard her voice when facing moral dilemmas. I think as parents, we all hope the same. The youth noticed at one Mass that she did not receive Communion. She explained that she missed Mass the previous Sunday - and upon reflection recognized that she should have been there. This being a mortal sin, she would not receive Communion until after receiving the sacrament of Reconciliation. The youth noticed - and learned a lesson from her actions.

This has encouraged my repetition of right-and-wrong teachings and of being careful to live what I preached. To our children, our principles are only unattainable ideals at best, lip-service at the least, if we refuse to live by them and refuse to acknowledge that we should keep trying when we fail. Be it teaching them not to swear, but swearing ourselves; preventing them from seeing objectionable shows, but watching those shows ourselves; preventing immoral relationships, but engaging in them ourselves; and so on for dressing provocatively rather than attractively (especially for Mass), gossiping about others' faults rather than seeking words that build, wasting time on excess gaming or social media rather than engaging with people who want and need our personal interaction, and much more. We all struggle and fall, but our children need to see us acknowledge our wrongs or they lose respect for us and the values - and the God we claim as the "revealer" of those values.

Consider the pressure on Mary and Joseph to live perfectly - knowing God as a human child was learning from them! Would that have helped me stay on track better? Ideally, having learned God's Will - and having greater access than ever before to learn and dive deeper into it - should mean that Catholics today should be more moral than ever before - we have little excuse for perpetual ignorance. Confusion comes when religious leaders openly disagree with how to implement established Church teachings. But in most day-to-day thoughts and actions, it is clear what pleases God and what choices are harmful to others or simply made to satisfy personal desires, regardless of the natural consequences.

For our children's sake and for the rest of God's children's sake - in whatever role we have, with children or adults, with those who seem truly righteous or those walking in darkness, take the narrow road and choose to be the light for them. Be their example to give strength when they're tempted and be their teacher when they're ignorant (at an appropriate time and place). It is needed now more than ever. Society has created a wide interstate to hell, with pleasure stops throughout. It mocks and has covered the narrow path to heaven, spreading more thorny brambles every day. Our children, and all people, need the tools to cut through brambles and the perseverance to walk the difficult path. Be one of those helping others to heaven, not encouraging them to choose the easy road.

This is my last Parent Teacher Talk - I am grateful for the opportunity to share what I was taught and what helped me in life and relationships. I hope that it has helped others too.

Hug your children tight, remember that you are their most influential guide to heaven (or hell), remind them of God's love for them and how much He wants them to have a life of which they'll be proud when it's over and which will lead them to eternal joy with Him. May God bless you and your family abundantly, today and everyday!

- Linda Bader, CRE, St.Thomas More