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The First Reading reveals why Abraham is revered - his incredibly deep trust in God! Isaac was how God previously told Abraham that his descendants would number greater than the stars. It was a miracle for Isaac to be born at their age - was this to happen again? But after many struggles, and falls, then risings, Abraham has learned to trust God. He doesn't ask why or how, but believes to his depths that God has a good reason - and thus did he almost kill his own son.
THAT is faith!

The Responsorial Psalm echoes that trust, even beginning with a reference to dying for the faith, but God loving - and thus caring for - those who endure that on behalf of His Truth.

St. Paul speaks to this in the Second Reading, but from a slightly different perspective. He points out that if we have God - no one can stand against it - we have nothing to fear. This is always true when we look at our eternal lives - which is all that we should be concerned for - living can caring for this life in a way that has us firmly and indisputably on the path to heaven. Contrary to society's message - heaven and hell ARE real and failing to plan our lives accordingly will bring misery greater than any we have known - no hope of communion with God.

In Mark's Gospel, we hear again about the Transfiguration - an event that was clearly supernatural because the clothes were a white that no human could make them. Imagine seeing this, being told not to share it until after he rose from the dead- but still abandoning Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, then facing Jesus after He rose.
While their faith filled in Gethsemane, it didn't fail to trust His mercy.
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"“It is a fact, brothers and sisters, that the path of
the saints in this life is one full of troubles.
They either endure the pain of longing for that
which is to come, like the one who said,
‘Woe is me that I have such a long pilgrimage’ (Ps. 120:5, LXX) or they are distressed by their longing
for the salvation of others..."
– St. Athanasius
Greetings Parents!

               My son wanted to go fro a drive this evening - the license is still a new thing, but also his favorite group activities remain shutdown. o evening. Having just ended an evening meeting - the third one this week, I really just wanted to crash - then catch up on things that are falling behind. But I heaved the mom sigh when he wasn't looking, smiled, and said sure. It was great, just a little quiet time, him and me, talking about nothing important - what restaurants he likes best for which food, a couple stories from his day at school, and a story about his brother. I would have missed all of that - because it was random thoughts and nothing important enough for him to try and remember for sharing later.

               Which later (my guardian angel, I think) raised a thought on prayer. When I give time for prayer, God can share whatever I need, but if I only meet Him once a week, He only gets time to hit the big items. If I talk daily, I can get advice for a bit smaller things, but if that daily prayer is filled with me spilling my wants and complaints, then dashing off, I'm not sure how much I hear from Him versus I answer myself and "assume" it is God. After all, I prayed, right?! Then there are the times, with help from others and circumstances (that I'm pretty sure God forces on me so there is little choice and which snaps me back to His reality, as in the only one that really exists and matters, so) when I make the time and shush the family for long enough that I pause to listen.

               It isn't easy, but is always rewarding, usually with peace following an insight that reveals a possible solution to a previously impossible scenario. The the phone rings, or craziness begins, but after tonight's awesome talk with my son, I know I need to have more of those car rides with him, and more of the prayer-listening time with God. Both will make my world a happier place.  

               Hug your children tight, let them see you listen to them, and help them learn to listen to God.

-- Linda Bader, Coordinator of Religious Education

P.S. Did you know... St. Athanasius helped lead the church amidst turbulent times. Blessed with a rich education and friendships with holy and learned people, he was early drawn to the faith and helped defend against the heresy of Arianism, and was present at the first reading of the creed we recite at Mass. His defense created enemies who repeatedly made false and varied accusations because they couldn't win against his logical defense of the faith. An entire synod was once called against him. When his enemies gained power, he was exiled (5 times!), but always cleared of charges and eventually died a peaceful death.