Happy Mother's Day to all mothers
- those mothering here and those mothering from heaven!
If your child will be absent for Sunday PSR class please: email: dlbader@sttm.org or
on Sunday morning, call: 513-753-2548
The First Reading illustrates Peter's supremacy among the Apostles, as Cornelius tries to pay homage to him and it is Peter who reveals the greater understanding of God's Will for the Gentiles.

The Psalmist in the Responsorial Psalm rejoices in the faithful saving hand of God for His People. Through willing and unwilling people, through natural and supernatural events God acts to save His people.

In the Second Reading St. John speaks of true love,
that love that acts first without receiving anything in return.
God created us - knowing all who would forever reject Him,
but loving them anyway and loving all of us enough to both create us and endure the sorrow we would cause Him. Through Jesus we were saved, God acting in love before we loved enough to ask.
Sunday's Gospel could almost be a lecture to our children.
Jesus says what every parent feels for their child -
"I love and give you directions for life only because
I want to help you attain the greatest good
- not because I just want to give you rules or have you do things for me.
And top priority in that is to love one another."
This isn't, "let them walk over me" love or
the love that "gives whatever they feel they have to have."
Instead this is, "What is best for you?" love.
Touching a hot stove, bad. Supplying another fix for an addict, bad. Continuing with someone in an inappropriate relationship, bad.
No matter how much the person feels a need for something,
love sometimes requires denial to open the path to the greatest good. But true love brings with the denial an accompaniment
of compassion and mercy enacted with gentle firmness and
including all the assistance that can be managed
for helping the loved one learn to live beyond the longing.
Newsy Notes
First Communion
All work should be completed and feedback returned.
Send pictures and feedback to: dlbader@sttm.org

First Communion is on May 16
Arrive by 11:45!
There is no rehearsal and no other meeting date.
Individual pictures will be taken after the First Communion Mass.

Congratulations to our youth who were confirmed May 2nd!
Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of theses faithful!

Current 7th grade Confirmation
Complete Decision Point Chapter 2 together!
We'd love to hear your youth's feedback.
16th - First Communion Celebration - for First Communion families and their guests - arrive by 11:45am at STM
“When a man begins to fast,
he straightway yearns in his mind
to enter into converse with God.” 
- St. Isaac the Syrian
Greetings Parents!

             My son unknowingly gave me an awesome gift while driving home from a practice. He said, "Ya know Mom, I'm liking these drives to practice. You know, talking like this." Sniffle, it warmed this Momma's heart. When alone with me in the car, he asks a lot of questions and shares many observations, but this doesn't usually happen at home. I've thoroughly enjoyed this time too - but hearing him express liking it. Wow! Happy Mother's Day early!

This led to pondering me as the reluctant talker and God as the parent wishing to be in communication. While He doesn't need to hear from me to know what's on my mind, He does desire to hear it from me anyway. He just wants that connection. The next day on the Catholic radio station, a comment was made about being in communication at all times with God. Many friends spend so much more time in dedicated prayer - something to which I aspire, but with family responsibilities, 5 uninterrupted moments is maybe a monthly event.

The commentator's explanation, however, provided some comfort. If in every task I take on and before every word I speak, my mind wanders to what God would want in this moment, then I am in communication with Him, which is praying. When the words come back to me throughout the day in reference to situations, now or in the past, then I am applying God's Word. When I ask Him for guidance, even once, then we know He is there helping. Every time I bring to mind (by recalling, reading, or listening) even one short Scripture, prayer, or reflection and then ponder its meaning or impact in my life, be it while driving, nursing, or waiting in line, then we are having a conversation with God. Even when I am able to dedicate a solid hour or more to prayer, this pondering is a way of living with God in your midst. God speaks with us at our level - and He loves these "car chats" with us at least as much as I love them with my son.

Hug your children tight, remind them to think about how God sees every situation and to talk with Him about it - all day. May God bless you and your family abundantly!

- Linda Bader, CRE St.Thomas More

P.S. Did you know.... St. Isaac the Syrian, also known as Isaac of Ninevah lived during the 600's on the Persian Gulf. He and his brother joined a monastery when he was still young, and he became well-known as a holy man and teacher. Eventually ordained a bishop of Nineveh, he resigned after 5 months to retreat into solitude in the wilderness, studying Scriptures and writing reflections that are still referenced today. He died in a monastery, blindness and age ending his ability to live in the wilderness. He is best known for asceticism, which he practiced authentically in his life and promoted in his writings. Asceticism is the practice of extreme self-denial. When joined with spiritual intent and practice, it aids in revealing and supplying our spiritual needs and goods, which helps us identify and properly prioritize our true earthly needs and goods.