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Last evening we welcomed the Class of 2023 to GHS as incoming freshmen. Our School Counseling Office put on a very informative evening for our incoming class.

I'll keep it short this week so that you can get your shovels ready. Enjoy the white stuff!


Anthony Sperazzo
In December, some of our performers auditioned in the New England Solo & Ensemble Festival. Five of our male vocalists were accepted into the Concert Festival.

Congratulations to senior Ryan Witham (tenor), 4 years, junior Charles Purcell (bass), sophomores Blake Bolduc, Jonathan Buttrick and Chandler Green (tenors), all accepted for their 2nd year! They are invited to participate in the NE Music Festival to be held at Woodstock Academy in Woodstock, CT March 21-23.
Homework club is open to all learners that need a little extra support. This is staffed by Ms. McCall and Mrs. Butler which takes place once per week in room 331 (Photo/Computer lab) and runs from 2:30-4:30. Learners are asked to sign in and sign out but only need to stay for the time they feel is needed to get their work done. Here are the upcoming dates.

Wednesday 1/23
Tuesday 1/29 
As you are aware, our shift this year with our learners has been focusing on learning and not just earning. While it's important to earn a good grade, it's important that our learners can demonstrate how they can apply and use the skills they learned in school which is why we are creating the Portrait of a Learner for our District.

Recently, we randomly selected 10 learners from each grade level and posed questions to them regarding the 90/10 grading practice implemented this year. Here are some answers from this question.

Have formative assessments helped your learning? Please explain.

Yes they have because it gives you a base to study and or see where you need work but also show the concepts that are concrete for you.

Formative assessments have helped me learn because it's good to have a quick checkup on what we are doing and learning. Although they aren't worth a lot of points, they still give you an idea of where you are at what you need to study.

No, because even though you can do bad and it won't effect your grade, there is not enough credit for learning the topic and learning how to study the topic not just for the test bu for life later.

I think they definitely have encourages me to take a deeper look into what I am learning and gain some confidence with the material once my summatives surface toward the end of a unit.

They have helped my learning because I can understand what I know and what I have to keep working on in the unit. If I do not do well on one of the formatives, then I am able to raise my grade during the competency tests.

Yes, I am able to learn from mistakes and not tank my grade at the same time.
Anyone can earn internship credit towards graduation by participating in the Explorer program. Any questions, please see our College & Career Coordinator, Deb Laliberte.
21 NO school Civil Rights Day
25 NO school Teacher workshop
26 UNH Choral Gala
29 Volunteer Clinic/Orientation 8:00-9:00 SAU
29 Huot Tech presentation 9:30 sophomores
30 Early release
1 Art field trip
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