Good afternoon,

Since our last email, we would like to clarify a few things:

Groups - As mentioned in our previous email, members will be assigned to the same smaller group. The facility will be divided into smaller sections to accommodate one group at a time. If your child would like to be grouped with their friend, please fill out the attached Friend Request Form and return to the Club no later than this Friday, June 19th: We will do our best to accommodate these requests.

The groups will rotate to different areas around the park, the pool being one of these areas. Groups will rotate to the pool area during their designated time frame. The slide and rock climbing wall will be closed. We cannot sanitize these pieces of equipment after each use. However, this designated 6 foot area can be used by swimmers who pass the swim test. The swim test will be administered the 1st week of the program and upon request by the member if they were not here the 1st week.
Masks - As of right now, the guidelines state that programs will encourage the wearing of masks or cloth face coverings during the program day whenever 6 feet of physical distancing is not possible. The Club will be providing one "Neck Gaiter" for each member. This mask is worn around the neck and when the staff instruct the kids to do so, they will roll up the material to cover their mouth and nose.
What to bring - water bottle, sunscreen, bathing suit and towel, an extra change of clothes, a hat, snacks.

Please do not bring - stuffed animals, electronics (cell phones, interactive watches, chromebooks), trading cards, toys.
Lunch - We are working with the regional school department to supply a cold lunch for your child. This will be free of charge. We will have a menu available by the start of the program. Your child may also bring their own lunch which will be carried in their backpack. They will eat lunch with their group at a designated time. Please note that the Concession will be Closed. Only prepackaged ice cream will be available to purchase.

There will be additional water bottle filling stations available for the members to fill their water bottle. Members may bring money with them to the program and if required, their staff member can “bank” their money in their money pouch.
Member Orientation - Unfortunately, the member orientation that was to take place on June 20th is cancelled. We know that this event is beneficial for new families however, please be reassured that since your child will be in a smaller group, their 1st week will be an orientation period.
Finally, if you are uncomfortable with any of these guidelines and would like to withdraw your child and request a must make your request by this Friday, June 19th so our staff can plan the program accordingly.

Please email us at: and our office staff will email a Refund Request form to you with further instructions.