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Staff Anniversaries:

Jamie-1 Year, congratulations Jamie and thank you very much for an amazing year, and we are excited to continue this journey with you.
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Physical Distancing
You will read in the new guidance about physical distancing.  Keep in mind physically distancing from children looks very different from what you see from adults and other professions, which includes keeping 6 ft distance. We will not be keeping 6 feet distance from your children or ask them to keep 6 feet distance from each other, but this is what we will be doing per our guidance from Licensing and Vermont Department of Health:

*Small group activities

*More distance for children at table activities

*More distance for children while standing in a line

*No mixed groups of children-including time on the playground

*Group size not to exceed the 25 Max-that includes teachers

*The same providers should remain with the same group of children each day whenever possible

*Plan activities that do not require close contact between multiple children, meaning many children at a time, however small groups are okay to be close contact. 

*One group passes through the hall at a time

There are other guidelines, these are just a few highlights.  Feel free to look at the guidance providing by the Vermont Department of Health to gain full understanding of what physical distancing looks like for childcare/summer camps.  
Updated Information
Hello everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  My apologies for the delay in updating our plan and getting out the Parent Questions and our Answers on Friday, however we were busy processing the new regulations we were presented with and conducting meetings with staff and parents.

Thank you to all of you who have confirmed with us your start date and plans for June 1st.  A few reminders with this:

We ask that you let us know your plan by May 20th, so we can ensure we are staffed appropriately.

If you drop any days, we do require a three weeks notice, as per or handbook.  If you drop days we can not guarantee you will get those days back this fall, as we will be actively seeking to fill any vacant spaces.  We wish we could afford to hold spaces, however we are not in a financial situation to accommodate those growing requests, therefore we will be filling days around anyone who drops.  Typically we make an arrangements to call if it looks like the spaces you have dropped are going to be taken, however at this time with all of the requests, we will not guarantee our ability to do that.  We are getting calls for spaces, and some have already been filled, and we will continue to fill around any days or spaces that have been dropped. 

New Guidance for group sizing:

Children must be kept in small groups, not more than 25 individuals in a single classroom or care area, including teachers. This is increased, as it was 10. This includes outside areas.

Creating a smooth transition back:

We have asked for  an increase in communication for our families this week and next week, helping your children transition back into school.  This can include more zooms, Facebook recording posts of story time and circle times, and even a parent meeting.

All classrooms have been asked to write a welcome back letter to include changes in your specific classroom.  You should be receiving those next week. Feel free to continue to reach out with any questions you may have.

I am attaching the new guidance and our reopening plan that we are required to follow.  Feel free to  read it and ask any questions you may have.  We will continue to keep staff and families updated as anything changes, which I'm certain it will continue to do. 

Families Questions and Answers Document

Teacher Video
Check out the video of our staff. This was placed on our Facebook page for families to see.  We wanted to send you all our love and thoughts. We are very excited to welcome you all back very soon. You have all been missed greatly.