Dear Gould Families,

We carefully piloted our first Essential Family Visits last weekend, and we understand that many of you were disappointed that these visits were not more widely advertised. Our intention was to begin slowly and carefully, and to focus our attention on the students most in need of emotional support. But we realize that every family visit is essential! 

Moving forward we want to be sure that everyone understands the policy and procedure. The large number of parent visits last weekend, especially those that were not scheduled through the Dean of Students’ Office, are impacting the ability of the faculty and Administrators On Duty (AOD) to offer activities and otherwise supervise students. 

We ask that families only visit when essential, that they mail items to their child when possible, and that items that must be dropped off in person also be coordinated through the Dean’s Office. Requests must be submitted between Monday and Wednesday of each week to be considered for that coming weekend. Gould reserves the right to cancel visits at any time due to unforeseen circumstances.

To schedule an Essential Family Visit, please email Joy Doughty.  She will respond by sending you a form to complete the details of your visit. Once we have received that information, you will receive a confirmation for your visit, the name of the AOD, and the location to meet them prior to visiting with your Gould student. 

When you visit the Gould Campus…
  • You agree to meet with the Administrator on Duty FIRST, before meeting with your Gould student. 
  • You agree to sign the COVID-19 symptom questionnaire.
  • You agree to wear a mask at all times.
  • You agree to remain outdoors and not to enter any campus buildings
  • You agree to keep your visit to 30 minutes and not share food or drink.

Of course, if your family has an emergency or extenuating circumstances and a more urgent visit is required, please contact your child's advisor or the administrator on duty (AOD).

Also a clarification for local families:
In order to reduce the risk to the entire Gould Community, it is important that day students minimize their interaction with anyone who does not live in their household. Anyone who has close contact* with people or persons not part of the Gould Community or their regular household will be asked to learn or work remotely.
Thanks as always for your patience, your understanding, and the trust you have in us. With your help we’ll stay healthy together.
Julie Reiff
Director of Marketing & Communications

Close contact is someone who was within 6 feet for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period.