March, 2016
Freedom and Reconciliation for King’s Tabernacle in Johnston, RI
Written by Noel W. Sterett
We are delighted to report that on February 28, 2016, King’s Tabernacle Church is free to worship at their new location in Johnston, Rhode Island. The worship service pictured was the church’s first meeting in the 124 year old church building. The church had been denied access to their building by the town and even experienced racist conduct from public employees. 
Norway’s Parental Rights Down the Rabbit Hole, America Next?
Written by Sorin A. Leahu

Readers then and now continue to be mystified by a narrative of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland which can only be described as illogical and wholly irrational. Lately, another story has been unfolding rivaling this book, but this is no fantasy.

Politics from the Pulpit?
Written by Noel W. Sterett
Unless you are a cloistered cleric, you are aware—perhaps painfully aware—that we are in the thick of a presidential election year. But what can a pastor say from the pulpit? Is it legal for a church encourage political activity?
Scalia's Flick of the Chin
Written by Andrew S. Willis
We were deeply saddened by the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia. His convictions and wit were unmatched in the judiciary. At Mauck & Baker, our own unique memory of Justice Scalia is memorialized by a personal letter in our office; the story behind it captures Scalia’s biting bluntness that made him so effective on the highest court.
A Bible for Cheeseheads 
Attorney and Chicago Bears fan John Mauck interrogates Pat Baker (aka Art Starr), the author of The Cheesehead Bible. This adaption of the Gospel for Packer fans presents a stirring saga of the burly people of Wisconsin who turn war into ritual. You may say its a cheesy book of biblical proportions.
A Muslim's Journey to Messiah
As a firm, we read through Nabeel Qureshi's Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus and were greatly impressed by the work of God in the author's life. Qureshi's remarkable story tells how a devout Muslim came to Christ. Not only did we glean some key insights into the religion of Islam but an important reminder to take a critical look at our own faith. 

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