Parenting By the Spirit
"Train up a Child in the way he should go ..."
Proverbs 22:6
Dear Lord, I need help. My babe in arms is showing signs of selfishness and a self will so soon. I don't know what to do? You say you are my Helper in a time of trouble. HELP!! You tell us we should be teaching self-denial and self-control to our babes in arms. Lord teach me. I want to be your servant like Elizabeth. John the Baptist shared her experience with God and even knew the voice of the Spirit and leaped in his mother's womb at the announcement of Mary carrying the Christ-child. I want my baby to have this advantage.

Lord, my child is unwilling to yield his will to do what is right--what am I to do? I have exhausted all I know and the advice of many. Some say they will grow out of these things but I have my doubts. They only get stronger in their self will the older they get. Disrespect in small ways is evident already. The Bible says in James you will give me wisdom and I sure need Your wisdom. You say "Call upon me in the day of trouble" well I'm having plenty of trouble. My wisdom is insufficient. Speak to me Lord, thy servant wants to be lead by You!

Oh gracious Father, my teen has grown to display many character traits that mirror back to me my shortcomings, disrespect, and flinty temper. Discipline has no effect--his independence is awful. This is painful to admit. I've not grown into an experiential walk with you--I only have intellectual knowledge of right and wrong but not that application and overcoming as your word declares is possible for me! How do I teach what I do not know? Lord, I'm in dire need of your help--have mercy on me. Save me and save my teen from carnal Christianity.

This first book in the series of 4 is to Teach the Parent how to recognize the inaudible Voice of God to their conscience. How to have real union and communion and actually overcome those wrong habits embedded in yourself. We need this experience, so we can introduce our infant, child and teen to a powerful God that they can overcome as well. We can only teach what we know--isn't that right? We can experience God, directing our thoughts, changing our responses, our emotions, and our temper to be Christ-like even under provocation. We need to know and experience God in this intimate way in order to help establish our teen on a solid foundation In Christ himself.

This is the ENGLISH VERSION ... $13.00

My speaking time in Argentina--they translated this book to SPANISH  ...
Now available $10.00

I'm sure you will identify with me in frustrations as a parent, the reality of your need of God, and finding your solutions In Christ. We need to be personally taught by God how to be the Parent He Wants us to Be!!

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I gave in Argentina on all 4 books and it's translated to Spanish.

Abundant Blessings,
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