Using the zodiac to empower parents & the next generation
Saturday, Sept 29 - Nov 3 @ 11 am Eastern by video
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“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”  ―  Aristotle

The spiritual maturity that can be cultivated through parenthood is rich and meaningful. It isnt always easy to grasp the deeper lessons we are learning, especially when we are struggling through certain stages of raising our children.

Astrology can be used to grasp individual differences between parent and child in a way that cuts through projections, assumptions and stories. Informed by the work of Rudolf Steiner, this six-week class offers parents insight on how to stay aligned with themselves while honoring the unique nature of their children.
Astrology has been used to support human development and higher purpose for thousands of years.
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Attend an introduction on Sat. Sept 8 or 22 at 11 am Eastern to ask questions and experience how you can benefit from this online class.


Parenting For The Soul will be held for two hours online or over the phone using Zoom technology from
Sept 29 - Nov 3, 11 - 1 pm Eastern.

This six-week class for parents will facilitate trust, insight and understanding with support from supplementary reading, lecture and discussion. Since we all carry threads of all 12 signs, participants will be able to apply the class content to distinct dynamics they have with their child(ren) and learn from focused attention on individual participants.
Each class is recorded as an mp3 and video file you can download in case you miss a class or wish to hear it again. In addition, we'll use an email discussion group to explore subjects we don't have time for in class.

Every participant will receive personalized attention. As part of this offer, discounted private sessions are available for those that want more (see below.) Also available are past recordings that offer a fresh perspective on the signs, complete with examples from individuals of that sign navigating their journeys.


We will uncover parenting themes through the zodiac by looking at relationships to each sign as it applies to participant charts. Since it is common to find astrological patterns in families, understanding how you relate to one of your children may also help you understand your relationship to a parent, sibling or grandparent.

Saturday, September 29 Libra & Aries --Relationship.

Breaking out of limiting patterns of relationship being at the expense of someone in dominate role or submissive role. Learning how to have a win/win relationship where two people can flourish.

Saturday, October 6 Scorpio & Taurus -- Possession.

A need to possess sacred ground. Taurus wants to hold onto physical things. Scorpio holds onto the emotional, wants to possess an authentic experience. Lessons on letting go. Both need to learn the difference between letting go and hanging onto what they need to hang on to.

Saturday, October 13 Sagittarius & Gemini -- Lost & Found.

Life is an adventure where you can get lost and found. Sagittarius gets lost in macrocosm and misses the microcosm. Gemini is the opposite. Gemini gets lost in the beads and misses the necklace. Sagittarius is looking at the fabric but misses the stitch.

Saturday, October 20 Capricorn & Cancer -- Leadership.

Cancer wants to lead family, Capricorn society. Both key on putting yourself out there. Stepping up. Taking responsibility.  

Saturday, October 27 Aquarius & Leo -- Motivation.

These are the two signs that motivate human beings the most. Leo motivates by believing strongly in people. Aquarius by leaving them room to innovate. Leo is unearthing the dream hidden in everyday life. Aquarius is pushing the species to fulfill its dream.

Saturday, November 3 Pisces & Virgo -- Surrender.

This axis is dealing with boundaries, surrendering and service. Learning about boundaries and boundary-less-ness. Who do I let in energetically, physically? Who do I keep out? In learning the rightful conditional and unconditional. Virgo gets too earthbound and Pisces too ungrounded.
Class Only (limited to 15)
$200 includes study of 2 charts,
35 per additional chart study

Class + 60 min session
$295 includes study of 2 charts,
$35 per additional chart study

Class + 90 min session + 4 additional recordings
$350 includes study of 2 charts, $35 per additional chart study