Parents are not always prepared to address the flamboyant and boisterous display of sexual preferences and lifestyles of this world. The doctrine of diversity and inclusion has subliminally indoctrinated our children with various forms of sexuality through social media, the school system and public advertisements. By the time children reach puberty, they have already been exposed to fornication, adultery, homosexuality, masturbation and bestiality in a favorable way. What should be a parent's response to the barrage of lust and perversion our youth are exposed to?

Most of us are aware that the public display of sexual vices has intensified over the years. It behooves parents to become educated and on high alert to what their children are being taught in schools, who their children are closely connected to, and especially what they are doing on social media. A parent who has distanced themselves from what their children are personally involved in is a parent that has relinquished an opportunity to influence their child's character and decisions.

Gender reassignment is on the rise.  According to an article in the Christian Post, the UK alone has experienced a 4,000 percent rise in young people, as young as four years old, seeking "gender treatment". In 2009-2010 there were 97 cases of gender treatment  as compared to 2,510 in 2017-2018. The article suggests that along with social media, the school system is being flooded with paraphernalia to introduce our young people to this unrighteous revolution. The curriculum in the school system has also been adjusted to allow for children to explore their gender identity and open themselves to an evil realm of discovering alternate sexual lifestyles.  When they should be learning ABCs and basic mathematics, their minds will be flooded with imagery and pornographic thoughts which heighten their curiosity and open up the floodgates of wicked ideology.

Unfortunately, with such a strong sexually immoral presence surrounding children, they will ask very hard questions. Some children will experiment with very ugly sexual acts because of peer pressure or out of plain curiosity. Other children may succumb to their own lusts and passions and just give in to same-sex relationships and gender disorientation. The reasons why children take these paths vary from person to person. However, parents must remain ahead of the game by being a very active part of their child's life. Don't leave children to figure it out on their own. Chances are, they will seek the advice of someone that does not share your standards. Be a very visible and strong presence for them.

Many parents play the blame game and search within themselves for reasons why their child went down a path of immorality. Freedom does not not take place if both parent and child dig a pit and jump in. " Letting your child know that he or she is always accepted (even though the lifestyle choices may not be) and that you want to maintain the relationship with them can be very freeing for them. Your child may still decide to walk away or sever the relationship. However, knowing that, like the prodigal son, he can always come home may be pivotal for his walk into freedom ." *

Children need love and support. They need to know that parents are open to talk to them and are wiling to listen to what hurts them, what frustrates them and where their source of insecurity may be. They need reassurance and loving affirmation of love. No matter what they entangle themselves with, they still need to be assured of the parent's love.

Stay true to the message of the Gospel and stand against every form of sin and sexual inappropriateness. Parents have a divine obligation to uphold God's standards without compromise. Be firm and offer guidance, but never lower the standard of truth and integrity. God uses parents as His instrument to show that His standard of holiness will never tolerate wicked behavior and accept their sin.

Janet Boynes Ministries encourages all parents to embrace your children often. The enemy has strategically designed many tactics to separate them from the influence of their parents through many means, including television and media. He is desensitizing them to this present wickedness. Go back to the old ways of teaching them the Bible and praying with them daily. Don't just send them to church. Go with them and get involved. Get involved with their school and the people they are around. Let's not leave the children as prey to those that do not have their best interests at heart. Let's cover them with the shield of God's protection.

Janet Boynes Ministries stands with every parent who struggles with children who have turned away from the truth. We understand the heartache and frustration. It's not an easy journey, but there is always hope when there is Christ. He heals wounds and reconciles families. In God's time, through your continued prayers, you can see change. We love and support you and your child in your journey to freedom.

*Boynes, Janet. God & Sexuality: Truth and Relevance Without Compromise (Kindle Locations 572-575). Harrison House Publishers. Kindle Edition

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