The Family Connection - April 2019
Parents, Can You Become More Accepting of Yourselves? 
Studies show that a direct relationship exists between how accepting people are of others and how accepting they are of themselves. A person who accepts himself as a person is likely to feel a lot of acceptance for others. People who can- not tolerate a lot of things about themselves usually find it difficult to tolerate a lot in others.

A parent needs to ask himself a penetrating question: "How much do I like who I am?"

If the honest   answer   indicates   a   lack   of   acceptance   of himself as a person, that parent needs to reexamine his own life to find ways to become more fulfilled from his own achievements. Persons with high self-acceptance and self- regard are generally productive achievers who are using their own talents, who are actualizing their own potential, who accomplish things, who are doers.

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