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Is Executive Function the Missing Link?
If you've spent time around gifted kids, you may have observed that they can be, well, kind of "scattered". They have problems with planning their time, initiating tasks, sustaining attention and hanging in there when things get hard.

Some gifted kids even find it difficult to "do school." Can Executive Function be the missing link to student success?
December 10
TSD Administration Building
800 S. Taft Ave.

Brown Bag Lunch 11:45-1:15
South of Boardroom Entrance by picnic tables

Evening Session- 6:30-8:00
South of Boardroom Entrance by picnic tables
My child was just identified GT.
Now what?

December 13
TSD Administration Building
800 S. Taft Ave.

Brown Bag Lunch 11:45-1:15
Front Entrance
You received a letter and information stating that your child has been identified in one or more areas as gifted and talented. Now what?

Join Carol Swalley, TSD Gifted and Talented Administrator, and Michelle Stout, Gifted and Talented Parent Liaison, for a brown bag lunch. This is an informal chance for you to learn more about the GT program, what to expect and ask your questions.
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Northern Colorado Gifted Community

The purpose of the NOCO chapter is to foster an understanding of all gifted children and their exceptional needs, and to advocate for appropriate education through partnerships with educators, parents, administrators, and more.
Advocate Spotlight Nomination Form

The NOCO Gifted Community celebrates educators who go the extra mile to improve education for GT students .  

This Spotlight Award is presented monthly to share the great work work going on in our schools.
GT Resources Survey

What types of resources, information or events would be interesting to you and your family? We want you have access to resources for your family. Please take a few minutes to let us know how we can best serve our gifted community.
Designed to be different than other online courses, the Davidson Institute for Talent Development is offering seven online, year-long, advanced middle school courses for Young Scholars and other similarly qualified gifted students.
Course descriptions and age ranges can be found here.

Quick Quiz

Executive Function self-quiz for students, parents, teachers and adults.

The Cookie Problem
  • Rachel, Linda, and Eve were friends sitting in a circle on the grass.
  • Rachel passed three chocolate chip cookies to the person in blue.
  • Eve passed three macaroons to the person who passed her cookies to the person wearing green.
  • Each person passed three cookies to the friend on her left.
  • Rachel, Linda, and Eve were dressed in red, blue, and green, but not necessarily in that order.
  • The person who was wearing green did not get a macaroon. The person wearing red passed along three oatmeal cookies.
  • Who wore which color?

Did you solve the problem? Do you want the answer? Join your parent peers at the upcoming parent workshop,
Is Executive Function the Missing Link ?