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Meredith Polsky
TBANS Developmental Support Coordinator

We can chat about ideas for keeping your kids busy at home, managing children's emotions and behaviors, creating schedules and routines, talk about your own stress and fears, and more.
Jen King, Speech Language Therapist

Let me know if you'd like me to set you up with a speech and language activity while we're all home. Happy to send activities your way!
Judi Lapidus, Occupational Therapist
Need some time to stop and connect? Kids bouncing off the walls? All children need activities that encourage use of their whole body to support self-regulation and calm. Let's talk!
Naomi Rubinstein, Social Skills Expert

Just because we have to be socially distant doesn't mean we can't be social. Let's talk about ways to support social development at home, or problem solve the various challenges of parenting during this difficult time.