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Feb. 8, 2016                           

Parents Respond in St. Clair Board
St. Clair Board Update
In our previous Monday email we mentioned a Trustee in the St. Clair Catholic District School Board who claimed that no one had phoned her about the S/x-Ed Curriculum.
This was part of the story about the Institute of Catholic Education (ICE) releasing materials, which some claim will help teach the new S/x-Ed Curriculum through a "Catholic Lens".
We asked people in the St. Clair Board to start phoning her.
Here are the results.
We know multiple trustees outside the St Clair Board have been contacted for their views on the S/x-Ed program.  We know this because a trustee told us!
A taxpayer in the St. Clair Board told us:
A) he and others picketed the Board about the S/x-Ed Program; and
B) numerous letters have gone to the Director of Education; as the secretary to the Board of Directors, he has an obligation to pass on these letters to the Trustees. 
Conclusion: the idea that no one in the community had previously shown their opposition to Kathleen Wynne's S/x-Ed Agenda is not true.
And, new people are taking action, in the Board and local newspaper, as well as across the province to renew their opposition to the S/x-Ed Program going in their schools, public and Catholic.
More Responses in St. Clair
We also put the story up on our Facebook page.  It's been one of our most popular posts with 174 "Shares".
Here are some of the comments we have received.
Are Trustees Listening?
A) Corina Morrison:  "Parents do complain to trustees and rarely hear back from them."
B) Phyllis Cruickshank:  "The problem is no one is listening...."
And this bit of humor 
Mark Sarookanian:  "No one has complained.... That is, no one whose real name is Joe Schmoe."
Click here to go to our Facebook page and check out more of the story.
It's pretty clear, with all this evidence, the problem is with trustees not listening, because people are complaining.
Letter to the Editor
A great response to the story about ICE releasing new materials to "help" teach the new curriculum through a "Catholic Lens" was this Letter to the Editor.  It was published in the Sarnia Observer, and it's too good not to share some excerpts with you.  Written by Phil Kraayenbrink:
"According to elementary curriculum consultant Terri Sinasac, only three new expectations are being added, two of which are gender identity and sexual consent. Perhaps, but she neglected to say that gender identity and sexual consent will be taught to 10 and 11-year-olds respectively.
Let's call a spade a spade. Regardless of Catholic lens or no Catholic lens, it appears more like an attempt to make sense of a teaching that contradicts God's Word.
Can Catholic-lens teaching "do whatever feels good" on Monday, then teach that our bodies must be pure to receive Jesus on Sunday? It can't be both.
I am a concerned parent, one of the "few" who read the media accounts, studied the curriculum and the people involved in the update, i.e. Minister of Education Kathleen Wynne, and the Deputy Minister of Education, Ben Levin (presently serving a three-year prison term for child pornography).
Michelle Parks, the vice-chair of the Catholic school board, may not have received even one call. But the Director of Education, Dan Parr, has received calls, correspondence, and more than one communication."
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