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2019 - 2020 Meridian Parents Give
Thank you!
You are essential to our growth and success in achieving our mission!

Last year's Annual Fund raised more than $295,000 (a Meridian record) in unrestricted, tax-deductible donations, and families volunteered more than 4,400 hours!
2019-2020 Meridian Annual Fund
Thank you so much for your contributions to our Annual Fund, and the flexibility you grant us in where we invest those funds. Because of your support year after year, we continuously enhance our technology, expand our libraries and outdoor spaces, and train staff and teachers. 

Why it matters:

The funds we receive from the State average $1,000 less each year per student than a traditional public school. That’s where you come in. Your trust allows us to direct your donations to their greatest impact so that we deliver the quality, hands-on IB-based education that you know and love. 

In times of crisis, your support matters even more. We received nearly $300,000 from families, friends and staff during our Annual Fund Campaign in 2019-2020, the majority of which was donated by January. These available funds allowed us to pivot quickly in March when the country shut down in response to COVID-19.

From spring through summer, we worked nonstop to source PPE, technology and new learning resources. 
We spent $207,000 in 19-20 funds for COVID-related expenses. It includes:
$62,000 - Classroom Technology
(50 cameras to use in distance learning in secondary, iPads for recording lessons in K-12, and large wall monitors for classrooms)

$15,200 - Licenses for distance learning tools including Google Enterprise, Zoom Edu, Zoom Webinar, SeeSaw

$4,800 - New PikMyKid Carline and Daily Screening App 

$75,000 - Additional computers and technology (Laptops to replace desktops for staff to work remotely, 60 iPads, 120 Chromebooks, and six carts)
Water bottle filling stations at Meridian
$5,000 - Water Bottle Filling Stations

$5,000 - HEPA Filters to be used in small classrooms, clinics, and multi-person offices

$5,000 - Desk and Table Screen Dividers

$35,000 - Deep Cleaning post Spring Break in preparation for return, which allowed us to retain our night custodial service and enabled our maintenance staff to conduct additional repairs, including repainting the Primary campus.
While these expenses were directly related to COVID-19, we put care and intention into each expense to leverage as many as possible for the future. By freeing our maintenance staff to paint, we saved $25,000 in budgeted painting costs over the summer. We also gave staff working on campus post-shutdown the peace of mind of returning to a safer space.

Water bottle filling stations will serve students and staff and help reinforce our efforts in sustainability. And while we hadn’t planned on updating all of our technology this year, it will be used for years to come and can replace older units. 
The remaining $89,500 in expenses, not COVID-related, included:
Meridian Primary School
Bottom Photo Credit: City of Austin Parks and Recreation
$31,500 - Exterior Paint for the Primary and High School Building

$12,500 - Training for Primary Reading Academy

$15,000 - Libraries

$6,300 - Computer Science Laptops and Design Class Software

$4,200 - New Computers for Visitor Screening and Security

$20,000 - Flood Mitigation and Playground Improvement to begin the design and implementation of a rain garden that will absorb runoff from the I-35 access road
Our generous Meridian community also donated $4,000 in scholarships to help students pay for IB exams, athletics and after school programs, and lunches.
Parents and family donated 4,423 volunteer hours through Volunteers in Partnership! You gave your time and talent to benefit our school and children. Thank you!
Thank you to our generous community
of 2019-2020 donors:
Lion Leadership ($1,000 and up)
Another Happy Meridian Family
Abrego Family
Adusumalli Family
Akula's Family
Allesina Family
Family of Vinay and Varun Anand
Scott & Dana Anderson in honor of William and Emily
Arapovic Family
Dhyan Arvind and Family
Astarita/Hines Family: Jake, Keira & Kiley Hines
Aswad Family
Barker Family
Beckwith Family
Family of Jaiden & Krish Bhakta
In honor of Jesse & Jason Schauble and Cole & Jake Benson
Bhalani Family
Kim Blackwell
Boopalam Family
Keith Brainard and Katie Bradford
Joe & Katie Burke
Bursley Family
Cantu Family
Carreon Family
Castro Family
Chance Family
Chapman Family
Cho Family
Chowdhry Family
Maya and Drake Corvus
Julius, Zaeden, Eriann and Jude Cruz
Dadidakis Family
Nicholas & Satya Desai's Family
Despertt Family
Dhond Family
Dieringer Family
Diotto Family
In Memory Of Lloyd Jayson Dreckshage
DuRette Family
Eastman Family
Gogineni Family
Gorugantu Family
Goss Family
Griffith Family
Groff Family
Jeromey Hannel Family
Harper-Araya Family
The D Harris Family
Family Hernandez
Illendula Family
Jatla Family
Hari Jayaram
Patricia and Richard Jones
Kieke Family
Kirchoff Family
Eileen and John Kuhn
In Honor of Annada and Yogda Kulkarni
Dawn and Kylie Larrabee
Lathan Family
In honor of Ravi Lavu
Lima Family
Majety Family
Divia Mani
Mascarenhas Family
Maund Family
Proud parents of Carter Miller
Teresa and Jeff Miller
The Morgan Family
The Moses Family
Parents of Major & Hillary Moss
Murphy Family
Jimmy and Debbie Narramore
Nichols-Nunn Family
The North Family
Nwabuzor Family
Pailloncy Family
Panico Family
Arya and Anika Pathak
Phillips Family
Potts Family
Prabhu Family
Pritchett Family
Rizzardi Family
Rob and Leslie Rubenstein
Rubio Family
Sandilya Family
Scafe Family
Schwertner Family
Family of Camdyn and Christian Scott
Shah Family
Sherry Family
Shively Family
Short Twins Mom
In honor of Anwita & Lahari Siddavatam
Girish Singh
Smiley Family
Stobaugh Family
Family of Ryleigh Strange
Strange Family
Sullivan Family
Szymanski Family
Thompson Family
Thompson Family
Thornal Family
Vasanjee Family
Vega Family
Velpula Family
Priya and Anirudh Venkatesan
In honor of Aiden & Abigail Vicson
Von Kennel Family
Wahl Family
For Granddaughters Kennedy and Riley Wahl
Travis, Sean Walton & Family
Wambach Family
Whitaker Girls 
Xu Family
York Family
Pride Circle ($750 to $999)
Bankston Family
Chapel Family
In honor of Colton Cortinas
Leandro Family
Nauert Family
Erik Noble and Andrea Darby
Nuñez Family
Rowe Family
Stenborg Family
Talakokulla Family
In Honor of Darren Truong
Urban Family
Valencia Family
Cub Den ($500 to $749)
Abels Family
Family Of Rowan and Gryphyn Adams
Addala Family
Agrawal Family
Akinyemi Family
Allen Family
Areno Family
Bacares Family
Batterton Family
Balta Family
J&S Baumann Family
Beddhannan Family
Family of Dev Bhakta
Sirisha Bhamidipati
Billings Family
Brasch Family
Bobby Thomas Chacko
Chen Family
Chowell Lopez Family
Connaker Family
Cox Family
Cunningham Family
Deepak Family
Devulapalli Family
Loc Do
Edrich Family
Louis and Holly El-Deir
Ron and Eunice Elliott
The Elliott Family
Christopher Fancher
Fang Family
Rick Fernández
Flores Family
Garcia Family
Family of Harmony Garza
Virginie Gentillet
Ghanchi Family
Aser and Admas Gide
In honor of Samyam Gowda
Gudapati Family
In Honor of Mahmudul Hasau
Shannon Haulotte
The Hillier Family
Holman Family
Ignal Crew
Jakkula Family
In honor of Aanya and
Arini Jain
The Jefferson Family
Family of Kinsley Keen
Dena and Sean Kelly
King Family
Krieg Family
Lellis Family
Leyva Family
Linkous Family
Michele Lipscomb
Marmarinos Family
Medavarapu Family
Mendonça Family
Murali Family
Rakesh Nandakumar
Noonan Family
North Family
Sofia O'Malley
Pandey Family
Family of Jinhee
Family of Jinseo
Sahithi Parvataneni
Family of Derrick Peng
Proctor Family
Prodduturu Family
Puga Family
Rachamalla Chenchaiah
Rogers Family
Ryder Family
Sadsad Family
In honor of Tarun and Srihan Satheeshkumar
Soto Family
Sterzinger Family
TX Taylors
Tischler Family
Tuscano Family
Vishnu Family
Whittle Family
Sustainer ($250 to $499)
Abbattista Family
Abenat Abera
Ali Family
Ameigh Family
Bill & Kristi Anderlohr
Anil Family
Appalaneni Family
Aravind Family
Arnold Family
Arp Family
Balaji Family - Shragvi & Srivi Balaji
Family Of Balamurugan
Vinod Kumar Banagani
Bardsley Family
Tiffany Barrera
Barrett Family
Bassett Family
Becker-Holzer Family
Paige Bender
Belde Family
The Bell Family
Berduo Family
Bigham Family
Bolz Family
Michelle Braet
Anna Brown
Brown Family
Burwick Family
The Bush Family
Butz Family
Tapestri Carlson
In Honor of Preston Chiang
Choi Family
Davar Family
Daniel Delenela
Dematampitiya Family
Bo Elder
Ferrer Family
Flores Family
Fontenot Family
Francis Family
Family of Grayson Garcia
Garza Family
Family Of Eleanor Gebhart
Gunuru Family
Hadba Family
Halley Family
Hanzelka Family
Family of Sanjeev Harish
Hendry Family
Heneghan Family
In honor of Alyssa and Andreas Henry
Family of Hannah Hicks
Hill Family
Hutto Family - Joshua Williams
John and Kathy Illgen
Jabbar Family
Tom Kam
Ivonne Kamau and Leonard Waweru
Kasarla Family
Amy Kaur Basham
Keirstead Family
Zehra, Faizaan & Khaleel
Kichili Family
Ladukodi Family
Landry Family
Lawson Family
Leon Family
Liljegren Family
Machczynski Family
Kevin and Jan MacWatters
Mahesaniya Family
Mathias Family
Family Of Jack Matthews
McDaniel Family
Robert & Keri McDonald
Dhanush Raghav Ram Mellacheruvu
Millhone/Mudhol Family
Mohaparta Family
Moncada Family
Monroe Family
The Will & Alyssa Moore Family
Narayanan Family
The Olivier Family
Osborn Family
Family Of Vivaan Pai
Paidimarri Family
Ranell Payton
Perez Family
Family of Rosetta Pitner
Family of Bourne Povsnar
Raj Family
Sidharth Rajagopalan
Ramert Family
Grandparents Of Charlotte Lynn Randall
Clare & Sharon Reihman
Wendy Riley
April Rodriguez
Rodriguez Family
Family of Jordin Royster
In Honor of Vihaan Salguti
Salih Family
Marsha Sanders
Schittone Family
Bob & Sean Seaman
Marcia Shields
Pietra Silveira
Skold Family
Skross Family
Smith-Cruz Family
Family of Chloe and Hope Smith
Sonone Family
Sridhar Family
Stenulson Family
Stepanov Family
Stippick Family
The Swaim/Plummers
Sze Family
Jack Taylor's Family
Tester Family
Terault Family
Thach Family
Traugott Family
Valdez Family
Vallabhbhai Family
Veliz Family
Wensing Family
Westmoreland Family
Robb Wheeler
Taylor Williams & Family
Ann Wink
Wolbrueck Family
Donor (up to $249)
Abbett Family
Dena Akers
Akins Family
Olga Alexander
Vicki Andrews
Artus Family
Babatuyis Family
Ganesh Balakrishnan
Machelle Barnes
Angela Barron
Enoch Benton
Blankenship Family
Dr. Whitney G. Blankenship
Tanya Boggs
Bowers Family
Beatriz Boyd
Brahmbhatt Family
Elizabeth Briggs
Brown Family
Larry and Julie Buckley
Paige Budde
Bustamante Family
Butcher Family
Pamela Byers
Candice Bryne
Rachelle Cameron
Teresa Carter-Collins
Alicia Chaney
Kelly Chapman
Nagaraj and Sesha Sailaja Choutagunta
Ciampi Family
Cristal Clark
Cornett Family
David Cross
Amy Crowl
Stephen K Dahlberg
Maricar Daugherty
Nancy Denny
Depriest Family
Mikayla Delgado
Melba and Walt Doering
Doersam Family
Jackie Dracoulis
Juliette Duffy
Ehiemua Family
Jordan Elbers
Dottie Elliott & John Liberty
Ellis Family
Ellison Family
Family Of Judah Emerson
Paul Emerson
Susan Erfurth
Erwa Family
Faulk Family
Laurie Ferrell
Fitzgerald Family
Family Of Avery Flores
Ahmed Fooshang
Michele Fox
Shiju Francis
Shari Frank
Furnans Family
Janette Gaudiesus
Germain Family
Lynn Gniot
Goebel Family
Gogs Family
Miliana Golenkevitch
Grantges Family
Kathy Gregg
Amanda Griffin
Ashley Gutierrez
Jim Hall
Emily Hammett-Chandonnet
Hamnani Family
Charlotte Hanna
Jill Harper
April Harris
In honor of Sara, Chase and Erin
Sara Harris
The Hayden Family
Taylor Head
Jordaan Hefner
Christine Herring
Pam Hess
Joy Higgins
Jean Hikida
Hiland Family
Matt Hladik
Gaiane Hochard
Stela Holcombe
Deanna Holder
Shelly Hopson
Skylar Howell
Hui Family
Hutchison Family
Linda Jensen
Amanda Johnson and Family
Lindsey Jones
Laura Juarez
Family Of Shey Kaczur
Nancy Kadair
Kahanek Family
Binu Kalathoor
In honor of Denet Karbula
Kate Family
Noreen Kennedy
Kinzler Family
Sadia Khan
Leila Khoram-Work
Family Of Haniya Khowaja
Kinzler Family
Koganti Family
Koock Family
Kota Family
Kota Family
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Kruse Family
Kruse Family
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Jara Family
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Laxmidas Family
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McMahon Family
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In honor of Meridian
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Perez Family
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Wilsey Family
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Wood Family
Woytek Family
Marie and Chris Young
Yue Family
Jeffrey Zollner
Thank you for your support: time, talent and financial. Here's where we stand now:
Yes, we mitigated significant financial shortfalls during our initial response to COVID-19, thanks to our 2019-2020 annual fund.

Our work continues. We’re sourcing additional PPE now for the spring, and we have have budgeted an additional $250,000 in staffing for the 2020-2021 school year to respond to distance learning and health and safety in the time of COVID. 

Your support in the 2020-2021 Meridian Annual Fund will make the difference between keeping our head above water and growing and thriving.

Our goal is to raise $275,000 this year, and you can help us reach it in record time! 
Thank you to our amazing Volunteers in Partnership (ViP) 
leadership team and those who logged their hours last year:
Jeanne Batterton

Denae Linnartz

Kriston Wood
Jenny Kirchoff
High School Representative

Beth Allen
Middle School Representative
Eve Smiley
Primary Representative

Sharee Lawson
Primary Representative
100+ Hours Logged
Jeanne Batterton
Monica Beckwith
Mercedes Burks
Kayla Cerrillo
Lynda Chapel
Jennifer Kirchoff
Sindhu Nandhakumar
Heather Whiteside
50+ Hours Logged
Ben Beckwith
Christie Dance
Sara Ignal
Julie King
Jennifer Noonan

Elisa Nunez
Maria Rowe
Heather Skold
Gracie Stobaugh
Lisa Whittle
Amanda Willis
20+ Hours Logged
Beenu Abraham
Priya Arvind
Nicole M. Bassett
Millicent Bell
Kim Bigham
Marwa Bishr
Shannon Brown
Kelly Calcote
Debi Castro
Andrea Darby
Jodi Denton
Zee Faulk
Dori Flores
Preetha Ganesan
Steve Garcia
Allison Garza
Anita Gordon
Anne Hankey
Laura Harris
Linda Harrison
Christina Hendry
Lekshmi Kalyanasundaram
Janaranjani Kannan
Kristi Koock
Dawn Larrabee
Sharee Lawson
Colleen Leblanc
Camilia Lellis
Magdalena Luce
Jeanie Malott
Juanita Mascarenhas
Lisa Matthews
Tami McCauley
Jennifer McHam
Amel Montez
Alyssa Moore
Juliet Mossman
Holly Musslewhite
Amanda O`Jibway
Hima Poreddy
Pritesh Prabhu
Carrie Proctor
Awet Reddy
Stephanie Richardson
Shae Riley
Shaili Singh
Eve Smiley
Kendra Sorey-Carreon
Robyn Sutton
Stephanie Thompson
Tiffany Wambach
Carmaleta Williams
Up to 19 Hours Logged
Anthony Abbatista
Susan Abbattista
Kim Abrego
Jennifer Arp
Pavan Bairu
Ellen Barker
Rosanna Barrett
Lambert Barrett
Carly Bassett
Peter Batterton
Velvet Bennett
Rebecca Bledsoe
Jessica Boese
Michelle Braet
Amy Brown
Julie Buckley
Kristine Bursley
Bryan Bush
Nicole Byers
Molly Chapman
Gina Chase
Parul Chhikara
Sandeep Chhikara
Karen Cisneros
Jeanette Connaker
Pamela Cortinas
Leslie Dadidakis
Tania Del Angel Pich
Tanuja Deo
Karyn Tham Desai
Jennifer Dinh
Tipu Dua
Ivie Ehiemua
Teresa Emerson
Elizabeth Ferrer
Joseph Flores
Susan Flurry
Erin Foster
Teresa Franz
Evelyn Gabrillo
Tami Gauna
Maria Gomez
Mayra Gonzalez
Alyssa Goss
Nidhi Gupta
Becky Halley
Danny Halley
Colette Hammons
Brian Hankey
Heather Hanzelka
John Hernandez
Alejandra Hinojosa
Ya Huang
Lauren Humphrey
Mia Hurtado
Amit Jain
Brandi Jalbert
Srilatha Jangam
Anthony Johnson
Patricia Jones
Kim Jones
Varsha Joshi
Katya Kinzler
Sebastian Knoop-Troullier
Shirisha Koganti
Rajesh Koganti
Clare Kozakiewicz
Nicole Krieg
Crystal Kruse
Ruth Kruse
Marie Laurente
Jasmine Lee
Wendy Leiva
Lautaro Leiva
Ross Lemke
Michelle Lemke
Blythe Leon
Patrick Lockamy
Heidi Lockwood
Angelo Marmarinos
Nydia Martinez
Nicole Maund
Keri McDonald
Chris McHam
Luis Mijares
Smeetha Moras
Denica Mott
Ricardo Muniz
Aswathi Nambiar
Rakesh Nandakumar
Geetha Narayanan
Debbie Narramore
Jimmy Narramore
Angela Niknam
Jennifer Nimerick-Ellenbogen
Ann Nwabuzor
Toby O`Jibway
Brice Olivier
Steve Orsborn
Anuradha Palaniswamy
Laurel Parkhurst
Ranell Payton
Jian Wu Peng
Heather and Igor Povsnar
Ranjitha Rajashekar
Jacqueline Riedmann
Deborah Robison
April Rodriguez
Gabriel Rothrock
Asmerom Russom
Adetoun Sadiq
Hamsa Sankaran
Guadalupe Say
Daniel Say
Candice Sendejas
Jalpa Shah
Per Skold
Vijayalakshmi Srinivasan
Aimee Stenborg
Vanessa Stenulson
Jarrod Sterzinger
Leslie Sterzinger
Yamini Sunderarajulu
Deborah Thach
Audrey Thein
Anna Thompson
Michelle Tischler
Keith Tischler
Ashritha Udayakar
Mary Catherine Urban
Brindley Vancura
Jennifer Walton
Timothy Wambach
Stephanie White
Christina White
Kriston Wood
Questions? Contact Nina Teubner • 512-814-2594