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On Sunday,  July 31, (Feast of St. Ignatius) following the Sunday morning Mass, we had a reception for Fr. Jim as it will was his last Sunday with us. We had a light complimentary luncheon as we bid a fond farewell to him, and welcomed Fr. Brian Frain into our Parish family. Below you will find a few pictures of our time together. 

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Reading & Discussion Group

August 9 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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Embracing God's Gifts

August 14 @ 11:15 am - 12:30 pm

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Women Who Stay

August 23 @ 7:00 pm - 8:000 pm

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From the Respect Life Ministry

Join us at SS. Philip and James for a benefit concert on Sunday, August 7 at 2:30pm. Local musicians will perform a plethora of pieces from Bach to benefit Mary’s Home of Maryland, a pro-life ministry. Their mission is to provide a safe, pro-life home environment and holistic program of services for expectant mothers in crisis and their children in need. A goodwill offering will be taken up to support their wonderful ministry.

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I asked an AI art generator to draw Catholicism in 20 different ways. Here’s what I learned.

by Stephen McNulty

Artificial intelligence has been getting scarily good lately, and people are starting to notice.

The internet has been ablaze over the last few months with surprisingly good artwork and images generated by artificial intelligence. The technology has come a long way, and a recent crop of websites have emerged that purport to create A.I.-generated images or drawings from any user-submitted prompt.

They have become instant internet hits, and why wouldn’t they? That I can type in “duck sitting in an office chair eating waffles,” for instance, and come back with a picture of, well, a duck sitting in an office chair eating waffles, evokes a certain awe even in my generation of digital natives. There’s an endless novelty to it all—I’ve spent hours on these websites asking the ever-mysterious algorithm to come up with different creations, each more esoteric and weird than the last. Like a seven year-old awed by the magician’s sleight of hand, I say, “Do it again, do it again,” and the A.I. complies. READ MORE

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We’ve all been there. Someone — you, a friend, a co-worker — receives a life-changing phone call that starts with a voice crack and ends with a gaping hole where “normal” used to be. A classmate killed in a car accident. A sibling who overdosed. A grandparent who passed away from cancer or COVID-19.

Whatever the cause of the loss, the result is uniquely painful but universally true: We’re left to pick up the pieces amid waves of grief, while those around us struggle to know what to say — a struggle that dates back to biblical times. After Satan inflicts Job with “loathsome sores” and takes away nearly all his family and possessions, Job’s friends sit with him in silence and in mourning for seven days and seven nights (Job 2:7-13). But as Job’s suffering persists, their solace turns sour: Job’s companions spend the next 36 chapters of the book suggesting that Job’s suffering is a result of his own sin, a tirade brought to an abrupt halt when the Lord chastises them for their “folly” (42:8). READ MORE


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