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Homework Stop-off
There has been an avalanche of commentary—much celebration, as well as agita and suspicion—about the election of the United States' second Catholic president. Reactions usually depend on where one falls on the ideological spectrum and how deeply one is invested in, or worried about, Catholic influence in our common life. READ MORE
Earlier this month, politicians and faith leaders gathered virtually for the National Prayer Breakfast, an annual event in Washington that convenes an elite crowd of secular and spiritual power brokers. When Donald Trump spoke last year, the religious right was ascendant, Christian nationalists had a cheerleader in the White House, and the president used the occasion to gloat about the Senate's vote to reject his impeachment. READ MORE
Gospel Reflection
Editor's Note: Next Sunday's Gospel reading is Mark 9:2-10 where we find the account of Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration. Following are things we thought you'd like to know.
10 Things You Need to Know About Jesus’ Transfiguration

The Transfiguration of Our Lord is hard to understand. Why did it happen? What did it mean?

1. What does the word “transfiguration” mean?

The word “transfiguration” comes from the Latin roots trans– (“across”) and figura (“form, shape”). It thus signifies a change of form or appearance.

This is what happened to Jesus in the event known as the Transfiguration: His appearance changed and became glorious.

Before looking at the Transfiguration itself, it’s important that we look at what happened immediately before it in Luke’s Gospel. READ MORE
Special Event
 “Our sole will is to do the will of God”
Servant of God Mother Mary Lange, O.S.P

On Sunday February 28 at 2 PM, our St. Ignatius Justice and Peace Committee in partnership with the Racial Justice Circle and greater community will present an internet Zoom Prayer Service and Pilgrimage on Mother Mary Lange and the Oblate Sisters of Providence. 

Mother Mary Lange founded the Oblate Sisters of Providence on July 2, 1829. It was the first order of the Sisters of African American descent in the United States. Mother Lange revealed consecrated lives to people of African descent as St. Paul revealed Jesus Christ to the Gentiles.

“…Mother Lange’s love for all enabled her to see Christ in each person and the pain of prejudice and racial hatred never blurred that vision.”   

Her cause for Canonization is in Rome. A portrait of Mother Mary Lange hangs on the altar of St. Ignatius and many other Catholic Church communities. During these troubled times we will pray to God through the intercession of Mother Mary Lange for healing. It is a Lenten opportunity to learn of Mother Mary Lange and the Oblate Sisters of Providence This Zoom service will be filled with diverse voice of prayers, witness, song, praise, reflections, and historical context. 

Come join us in prayer and supplication as we pray for the healing of ourselves, our families, our communities, our country, and our world.

You must register for this Zoom Meeting. To do so click here. We will contact you before the event with sign-in information
Good Counsel...
The Gift of Presence, The Perils of Advice
(otherwise called “Could I pay a little less this month?”)

by Parker J. Palmer

When my mother went into a nursing home not long before she died, my wife and I were told that, for a modest increase in the monthly fee, the staff would provide a few extra services to improve her quality of life. We gladly paid, grateful that we could afford it.

Now in our mid-seventies, my wife and I have no imminent need for assisted living or nursing care. But the house we live in is, by definition, a two-person residential facility for the aging. Here at what we fondly call The Home, it’s not uncommon for one of us to try “improve” the other’s quality of life by offering “extra services.” Unfortunately, those services often take the form of advice. READ MORE
Because it's Beautiful...
Jackie Evancho was 11 years old when she recorded this song. An amazing, operatic voice at that age. This song was written by her uncle Matthew Evancho. Beautiful, poignant, inspiring.
To view video: "Before I Lay Me Down To Rest," click above.
Casserole Collection this Saturday
Help Us Feed Those In Need In Baltimore!
Our Casserole Collection is this Saturday, February 20th at 9:00 AM in front of the Church. This collection for Our Daily Bread benefits the many homeless citizens in our area. You can drop your casserole off on Saturday or at church before or after each weekend Mass at the freezer located in the narthex of the church.
Upcoming Events

February 16 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

February 20 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 am
In the Media
I went on a date in college for extra credit. What it taught me about love and worthiness was priceless.
During my first year of college, I got extra credit by going on a date.

My professor, Dr. Kerry Cronin, infamously gives the assignment to her class every year around Valentine’s Day. Professor Cronin keeps quite a grip on the assignment; the date itself is shaped by a long list of rules: Don’t ask somebody else in the class. You have to ask in person. You ask, you pay. (And there’s a limit to how much it can cost—this is a casual first date, so think coffee or ice cream.) From beginning to end, the date should last 60 to 90 minutes. (“You’re not interesting after the 90-minute mark. You think you are, but you’re not,” Professor Cronin always teases.) READ MORE
Offerings and Prayer
How to contribute during this
COVID-19 season.

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