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Eventually, the person who has passed through a midlife journey may shape or even transform their community.

Just 500 years ago, on 20 May 1521, a cannonball fired by the French forces storming a fortress in Pamplona ricocheted off a nearby wall and shattered the right leg of Ignatius of Loyola. The injury put an end to his career as soldier and diplomat. READ MORE
Gospel Reflection
The Uncontrollable Kingdom of God as Seen Through the Mustard Seed. (Mark 4:26-34)
by Robert Williamson Jr.

In Mark 4:26-34, Jesus tells two parables to help us understand what the kingdom of God is like. Like many of Jesus’s parables these stories at first seem simple—their meaning almost self-evident. Yet, as we dig deeper into the stories, we discover a vision of the kingdom of God that has radical implications for what it means to be the Church in the world today.

The Field that Grows Unaided (Mark 4:26-29)

The first parable tells the story of a person who sows a field, which produces a bountiful crop. Curiously, the story depicts the sower as incompetent. It describes a man who “scatters seed on the ground,” using a Greek verb (ballo) that means to throw or to toss instead of the more technical term for sowing (speiro) that Mark uses elsewhere (for example, in the parable of the sower in Mark 4:1-9). The verb suggests that we should read the planter in our story as tossing out seed onto the ground without any real skill or method. READ MORE
Livestream and Mass Feedback
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As we emerge from the COVID pandemic, we want to understand your thoughts and ideas as we move forward. We would like to ask you to take a brief survey today about the parish's online Mass over the last year, how you attended prior to COVID-19, and how you attended during the pandemic.   TAKE SURVEY
First Communion
Congratulations to our, St. Ignatius' beautiful First Communicants, who received their First Holy Communion on May 9th, Mother's Day! Please view and share in our joy! Our young parishioners receiving this sacrament is testimony to God's persistent love and is the living Gospel within our parish. Virtual learning and life changes this year did not hinder our beloved people from pulling together to fulfill the understood and the mystery with these children. Our new hope has joined us at the table! Thank you for your continued prayers and active support. It takes a village. Please contact me if you wish to volunteer for the PREP program Fall 2021, or if you wish to enroll your child:, Coordinator for Children's Religious Ed, PREP ministry.
As We Enter the Summer...
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Anti-Racism Task Force Event
Would you like to learn more about anti-racist parenting? Whether a parent, grandparent, teacher, or caretaker, join the St. Ignatius Anti-Racism Task Force on Tuesday, June 15 at 7:00 PM for a facilitated discussion about the intersection of anti-racism, parenting, and faith. Please fill out the Google Form to sign up.
Grow in this "Ignatian Year" by experiencing the Spiritual Exercises!
Upcoming Spiritual Exercise Informational Sessions
As the year of 500th Anniversary is upon us, isn't it a good time to learn more about the Spiritual Exercises? Informational Meetings are coming up. Learn more about these sessions by clicking here.

Hear from those who've been through the spiritual exercises.
In the Media
LGBTQ blessings service kicks off Pride month for Catholics

by Christopher White
Less than three months after the Vatican issued a decree forbidding priests from blessing same-sex unions, nearly two dozen U.S. Catholic leaders and organizations kicked off the celebration of Pride month with a blessings service for LGBTQ Catholics. 

"God is inviting you to draw near and that God desires a deep and intimate relationship with all of you," Bishop John Stowe of Lexington, Kentucky, told the virtual participants of the Catholic Pride Blessing on June 1. 

"May God, the source of life and love, fill you with the joy of knowing your great dignity and worth as God's child, who was created in love and filled with blessings from the first moment of your existence," Stowe continued. READ MORE
by Jesse Cary

In one of the first—and most important—messages Jesus ever delivered, He did something that helped to set the tone for His entire ministry: He challenged a paradigm.

To open His Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5, Jesus outlined eight specific groups of people who He called “blessed.”

But before you dig into what He taught, some context is important. Jesus began teaching during a tumultuous time for His people. Israel was occupied by the Roman empire. Violence was common. Political and religious leaders regularly called for harsh punishments for anyone who ran afoul of their authority (remember the woman caught in adultery who Jesus saved from being stoned?)

People were looking for a savior who was powerful. But, like today, many were looking toward an idea of power that Jesus came to stand against. READ MORE
Offerings and Prayer
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