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This Week's Homework...

The global synodal process on “Communion, Participation, and Mission” that the Catholic Church is undertaking over the next two years will formally kick off on Sunday, Oct. 10, with a Mass at the Vatican. READ MORE
As mentioned last week, we are providing a template for registering your comments and conclusions to the posed questions for the Synod 2021-2023. We post the form again this week in case you have not gotten to it. Here's how do do it:

  1. Sit quietly and use the suggested questions to prayerfully reflect on your personal experiences—lights and darknesses—of being a member of our parish, our diocese, and the universal Church. Your responses will help us all—from our parish to the Vatican—to understand each other better and to seek a way forward together as sisters and brothers in Christ. All comments—exempting personal attacks and diatribes—will be published in the e-zine. 
  2. At Mass on the 2nd Sunday of Advent, December 6th, we will read out a selection of responses to get all of us thinking about where we are and where we might be called to go.
  3. A summary of your responses will be submitted to Archbishop Lori and he will send a summary from the whole Archdiocese to the Synod of Bishops.

Thanks greatly for your participation!
It's that time of year!
Dear Parishioners,
Three members of the Pastoral Council will end their three-year terms at the end of December. Over the next three weeks, we are inviting registered parishioners to apply to serve in these positions. This year's nomination process is different than in previous years. You may only nominate yourself.
To find out the function of the Pastoral Council, please check out “The St. Ignatius Pastoral Council.
To apply, please fill out the short form below. I and two other council members will get back to you to schedule an informational meeting.
Thanksgiving/Advent Reflections
This week we enter into a full and rich season. As we celebrate Thanksgiving we would like to not only wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, but to affirm how thankful to God we are for your love, support, and all you do in your service to Jesus in and around St. Ignatius.

Join us for Thanksgiving Mass either in person or via Livestream on Thursday, November 25 at 10 AM.
This upcoming Sunday, November 28, also happens to be the first Sunday of Advent. Advent is a Season of Hope. It is a time to be reflective so that we can hear the voice of God summoning us to listen to His promise to save us, to liberate us, to emancipate us from all the darkness that surrounds us and threatens to overwhelm us.

Mindful that we all will be gathering with family and / or friends tomorrow at tables laden with food, we propose that, before enjoying family, food and festivities someone offer a prayer of gratitude for all God's many blessings. Below is a suggested prayer composed by the Glenmary Fathers and Brothers for Thanksgiving 2021.
God, source and giver of all things,
we give you thanks on this Thanksgiving
Day for the beauty of the whole of creation.
We give you thanks for the blessings
of family and friends: both those
gathered around this table and those
who are present only in our hearts.
We give you thanks for this food,
prepared by loving hands, and for
the graces you provide to nourish
our bodies, minds and hearts so
that we might better serve you.
Help us to be faithful stewards
of all that has been given us.
May we reflect that which we have
received to all we meet, especially
the less fortunate in our midst.
Welcome to Advent...
Next Sunday (November 28th) is the beginning of Advent – The four weeks leading up to Christmas. It's a season of great expectation and frequently a review of what is truly important in life. We often draw closer into family and friends as the events of these weeks demand. For way too many of us the season screams stress rather than delight. Yet, this first week of Advent beckons us to quite the opposite. The theme of the first week of Advent is HOPE. It calls us to reflect on the Nativity story and enter in to the promise it provides us.  Two thoughts arise that make this theme especially relevant. READ MORE
We offer you the following Advent devotional video on the theme of Expectation & Hope - click on video to view.
Learn About Advent and Make This Season a Time of Drawing Closer to Jesus. READ ARTICLE
Giving to those who need this Christmas through St. Ignatius Catholic Community
Every year, as we prepare to welcome the vulnerable Child into our lives and hearts, we reach out to two vulnerable populations right here in our city: the homeless and expectant mothers. We continue to do that this year, and will collect for Loaves and Fishes and The Gabriel Network.

LOAVES AND FISHES: Please help our homeless neighbors this Advent season by providing gifts of socks, underwear, and small blankets.

THE GABRIEL NETWORK: Please help the mothers, newborns and toddlers we work with through the Respect for Life Committee/Gabriel Network by donating new or very gently used items below:
  • Toys and books for babies and toddlers up to age 4.
  • Warm clothing for babies from newborn up to age 2. 

There will be a bins in the narthex where you can drop your gifts off – Please bring them by Sunday December 12. That will give us time to distribute everything to the families before Christmas so that they know what they are getting for their children.
As always, thank your for your kind generosity!
We Love the WHOLE Body of Christ!
Lifting Labels Choir Robes Presentation to Morning Star Baptist Church of Christ

On Friday, November 5th, members of the Morning Star Baptist Church of Christ (MSBCC) community met at their West Baltimore church to receive custom choir robes created by Lifting Labels. The robes were funded by a generous donation from St. Ignatius Parish and were presented to Reverend Clarence Fowler, pastor of MSBCC, Shirley Howard, the church secretary, and members of the church choir.

MSBCC is celebrating its 131st anniversary as a church this month, and being the recipient of these choir robes serves as a symbolic representation of what their church has always been known for – their music. “I just love music and it’s an honor to be able to hear the music of Morning Star Baptist Church of Christ… Throughout this city, music has been part of [this church] and we don’t want to lose that tradition,” said Reverend Fowler. “It's been a joy to work with Lifting Labels and we are honored to be able to receive this award.”

Speaking to the significance of robes within the church choir, choir member Clementine Toppins said, “Having robes just brings something out of the music. I like the uniformity of having robes and we are just so thankful for Lifting Labels and Reverend France for donating them to us. I know with the new robes we are gonna sing new music and we’re gonna sing it to God.”

Betty Gordon, another member of the church choir, added on by saying, “I think the robes make us more like a choir and make us feel like singing to the glory of God. When I look at us marching through the church in our robes, I feel as though we are really helping the pastor to uplift us in the service because we are, in turn, uplifting him, as well as the congregation, with our music.”

Lifting Labels specializes in sewing ceremonial apparel, including choir robes and liturgical garments. They hire formerly incarcerated men and women by creating sustainable employment opportunities with the mission to reduce poverty and improve quality of life for returning citizens.

See photos of the presentation of Choir Robes to Morning Star Baptist Church.
Offerings and Prayer
This week's collection is for Loaves & Fishes.

How to contribute to
St. Ignatius.

Pray for those who are sick and on our Prayer List.

In the Media
The Conversion Story of Ignatius is So Much More Than One Battle
by Patrick Hyland, SJ | Nov 13, 2021

Since high school I had been taught that Ignatius grew up in a castle, that he womanized, brawled, and drank. This all, at the time, sounded cool.

During my own discernment, Jesuits constantly made connections between my own story, and that of Ignatius. While I was never in the military like Ignatius, I did consider joining the Marines after college. While I have never had to dodge a cannonball, I did dislocate my ankle and fracture my leg during a tackling drill the last week of the football season my sophomore year in high school. READ MORE

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