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9/11 - Twenty Years Later
I am not old enough to remember 9/11. But it matters that I carry on the memories of others.
by Grace Doerfler

On a sunny July weekend, I visited the 9/11 Memorial & Museum for the first time. I was with Robert, a friend who had grown up in New York, and he said that I needed to see it.

We stood there quietly for a while, palms on the cool marble, watching the water cascade down and the tourists take photos. Robert told me about what that morning had been like for him and his family—where he had been, what he had felt. READ MORE
By Vicky Hallett - Friday, September 10, 2021

The very notion of healing is encased in metaphor. The word’s ancient roots mean “to make whole,” an image that strikes a major chord. 

But is this metaphor resonant enough to reconcile division and restore completeness on a mass scale? That’s the question creators of monuments—including more than a thousand of which mark the collective traumas of 9/11—have been grappling with. 

“Figuring out how to memorialize 9/11 has been a monumental undertaking,” writes Vicky Hallett in our story about how contemporary memorials to collective grief seek to scratch the surface of psychology to help people mourn and move forward. “This new wave of memorials honors historic events without forgetting about the future, a shift which feels especially significant in this moment,” she writes. READ MORE
Gospel Reflection
Editor's Note: Next weekend's Gospel reading is Mark 9:30-37 where we find Jesus instructing his disciple on what it means to be "greatest" in the Kingdom of God. Enjoy!
To Serve A Child

by Larry Broding

Children are the most precious people in the world. They encourage us when the world wears us down. They freshen us when our aching joints tell us our true age. They challenge us to the Godlike virtues of patience, self-discipline, and charity. In spite of our mature “wisdom,” children even help us to see the world in new and wonderful ways.

Yet, isn’t it so easy to sweep children, their concerns, their needs, even their very presence, out of view? Isn’t it so easy to let our needs, agendas, and self-importance overshadow those of our small brothers and sisters in faith? As much as they brighten our world, isn’t it so easy to ignore children?

Jesus used a small child as a bench mark of leadership. For, whoever welcomed one like a child welcomed Christ himself. READ MORE
Ministry Spotlight
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An Event from the Justice & Peace Committee
In recognition of the upcoming World Day of Migrants and Refugees, the St. Ignatius Justice & Peace Committee will host a virtual overview, Sunday, September 26 at 1:00 pm, on the state of migration in 2021, and will offer personal perspectives on migration along with prayer for the estimated 82 million+ people globally who are experiencing displacement from their homes. To register, click here
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In the Media
What American Christians Owe the People of Afghanistan

by Rich McKinless

What would you do if armed men broke into your home tonight, dragged your husband or grown son into the street, and had them publicly executed—solely for perfectly legal work he had performed to support your family? Suppose instead that these armed men demanded that your unmarried daughter immediately be turned over to them, soon to be offered to a jihadist in forced marriage, likely never to be seen again? READ MORE

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