"Faith is the realization of what is hoped for and evidence of things not seen." Patience, trust, and courage are the true tests of faith. Abraham and Sarah had the courage to trust God even though having a child was impossible for them. They continued to trust God even when faced with God's request to sacrifice their only child. Abraham and Sarah are models of faith for us today showing us how to face challenges and darkness with a faith that builds courage and trust.  (Liturgy of the Word, pg. 236)

From Rick Hardy, Pastoral Associate

A Culture of Life, Part 5: Cautions and Caveats

Holy Land Carvings

for sale THIS weekend in the Gathering Space

Concert on Saturday, August 13 at 6:30pm

You may have heard Caitlin at the piano leading music during mass at St. Peter's in recent months, but join us to hear her original music in concert on Saturday, August 13th at 6:30pm!


Caitlin Cusack is a musician made in Michigan finding healing through music. While learning to navigate a life changing brain injury coupled with the loss of her parents due to illness, Caitlin has found great comfort in songwriting that explores life through love, loss, grief, and growth. As her health continues to improve, she hopes to share her music, story, and joy found in post-traumatic growth to help others through their own struggles. Her first single, “I’ll Be Okay,” an anthem for processing tragedy and navigating new paths, is now available worldwide on all streaming platforms. 

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The Diocesan Convocation will be held Saturday, October 1, beginning with the celebration of Mass at 8:45 am Mass and concluding with Benediction at 3 pm. Parish leaders, staff, volunteers and all the Faithful are invited to come together with Bishop Paul J. Bradley to celebrate Mass together, enjoy a day of Adoration and be inspired by National Eucharistic Revival speaker Fr. Connor Danstrom.  

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Bishop Bradley reflects on Readings for Aug 7 on Epiphany Radio

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What is the Eucharist || Eucharistic Revival 2022

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Why the Catechism Is Needed for Bible Study

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