This Sunday's Scriptures remind us of God's unwavering love and care for the faithful. Who are the faithful? Real faith is demonstrated when one accepts the struggles that come with sharing Jesus' cross and when one does good works. The prophet Isaiah describes those who serve God as people willing to go through trails and difficulties for their faith. In the Gospel, Jesus teaches His disciples an important lesson. God will not abandon them. Jesus will suffer, but God will see Him through. Our path of discipleship is not always easy, but we can take comfort in knowing that in our suffering, we can trust that God will come to our aid. (Liturgy of the Word, pg. 12)
K of C Pancake Breakfast
This Sunday 8:00am - Noon
Haiti Relief Collection
This Weekend
In light of the recent devastating Earthquake in Haiti, followed by the destructive power of Tropical Storm Grace of that same poor country, please prayerfully consider your participation in the emergency collection for the United States Bishops’ Emergency Disaster Fund to assist recovery efforts for devastation in Haiti, and other natural disasters. 
A Women's Day of Reflection
When was Prayer Most Import to YOU?
Saturday, October 2 - 8am to 3pm

$10 reservation fee by Sept. 24

Presented by Open Vessels
Questions? Susan Blair (616-836-6078) or Jean Waden (269-767-2944)
Welcome In
It’s time for St. Peter to say “welcome in!” To whom? To anyone who might be thinking about becoming a member of the Church here at St. Peter.

While any time is a good time to consider becoming a Catholic (if you’re not one already), it’s especially common at this time of year to turn our attention to faith formation, to getting various programs underway, and to the invitation to those who might be on the fringes to come on in and see what life as a Catholic is all about.

Does this describe you or someone you know? Have you been attending Mass out of curiosity or even out of a sense of purpose, that somehow you are supposed to be here? Do you have a friend who sometimes seems to want to talk about what it’s like for you to be Catholic? Or, even, “why are you still Catholic?” If this is stirring something inside of you or making you think of someone you know, it’s time to make contact. Reach out to anyone on the parish staff, or to any parishioner that seems open and friendly to you (there are a lot of them!). And what will happen if you do?

New Sacrament of Baptism Program
Would you like to help equip parents and godparents for the task of raising Catholic children? Would you like to discuss the beauty, meaning, and grace of this first Sacrament of Initiation?

There are openings for married couples to be a part of this new baptism formation process. You will have the opportunity to build a relationship and share our faith with couples who are preparing to grow their families. Training and materials provided. Contact Alisha for more information.
Sign Up for a dish to pass at the first potluck of the year on Sunday, September 19 following the 10:30am Mass.
My Journey in the Catholic Faith

I’m thankful that God blessed me to become part of the Catholic Church. Often I like to imagine the saints and the Blessed Mother cheering for us in heaven.

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What Does It Actually Mean to "Trust God"?

Trust can be a difficult thing for us to open our hearts to, especially when we've been hurt by those closest to us. But one person that will never let us down is God. He's the best person we can let into our lives, and he proves that by pursuing ...

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Optimist/Pessimist Hope

Are you an optimist? Or are you a pessimist? Well, for the Christian there’s actually something deeper than both those options. It’s HOPE.

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