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What was Bishop Jelinek  
doing at 60 years of age?
Minnesota laity were so upset with him that they brought a complaint to the (US) General Convention. 
Does this man sound like a healer?

 Parish Meeting scheduled...but not announced  :(

Overcoming his initial resistance, Bishop Lee has decided to honor, as required by Canon law, a Petition from parishioners for a Special Meeting concerning the choice of their future Priest In Charge.

But no notice has gone out from the parish office announcing the meeting, now only three and a half days away.

Those who attended Mass last Sunday were informed of the meeting by the short-term Priest In Charge, Fr. Shane Gormley.   But customary e-mail notifications to the entire parish -- such as were issued on Sunday, Aug. 30;  Saturday, Sept. 12; and Oct. 14  -- have not gone out. 

The Special Meeting is scheduled for this Saturday, Dec. 5, at 8:30 a.m.
Its purpose is to discuss the future leadership of the parish, now badly fractured after almost a full year of turmoil. (1)   A slate of several alternative candidates was promised in September.  But now Bishop Lee insists that only one man is suitable for the job: retired Minnesota Bishop James Jelinek, whom the diocese is pushing relentlessly despite strong resistance from both Vestry and parish.

Parishioners who did not attend Mass at Ascension last Sunday were surprised to learn of the meeting only through the grapevine.  

Save Ascension

(1) Departures from tradition were a flashpoint for conflict during the 18-month tenure of Former Rector David Cobb, who departed on Oct. 18. 
Who is Save Ascension?

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Why I signed the Petition for a
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