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“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope.”
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
And Now: a Word from your Pledge Card
Hi Friends,
Fr. Mark is off doing something, so I thought I’d help him out. I’m your 2022 CCPKI Pledge Card and I thought we might get acquainted. Some of you have been seeing me around since the 1970s. Others might just see another solicitation for a charitable good cause.
First off, I am not a bill or a fee for service. I come around about this time every year asking you to take an inventory. How has your year been? (Well, other than the pandemic.) But seriously, take a few minutes to count some blessings. If you live with a spouse, partner, or family, maybe everyone could chime in. God has been active in 2021. Where have you seen God creating and re-creating?
Second, I’m a promise not a contract. Nobody knows everything that 2022 will bring. Maybe a new job or a new family member. Maybe a serious illness or an unforeseen expense. You can change what you wrote on your pledge card anytime based on your circumstances.
Third, your church family has done a really good job with me over the past 8 years. Giving to Operating has increased every year. Your leaders have repaired things, fed people, blessed children, and glorified God in music and worship, both In-Person and Online.
Fourth, your pledge card has helped us get a handle on our debt. In 8 years, we’ve dropped our mortgage burden from over a $1 million to under $400k. This year’s pledging to the Mortgage Fund could allow us to entirely eliminate our monthly $6600 mortgage payment in the foreseeable future.
“So, Pledge Card,” you ask, “what am I supposed to do?” Well, thanks for the question. If you haven’t pledged in a while or have never pledged, know that the number you write on your card matters. The great majority of pledge cards offer something between $1 per day and $20 a week; so start. We need every pledge.
If you have filled out a card like me before, think about your giving in terms of your receiving. Those on fixed incomes face rising costs and uncertainty. Do what your can. Those who are able, consider increasing your giving based on your receiving. Your pledge can be a bridge for those who cannot pledge or who cannot increase their pledge this year.
Lastly, as your pledge card, I want to remind you that “everything that is done in the world is done by hope”. Dr. King said this on several occasions, and we ask you to factor in hope as you consider your pledge. Your personal pledge card will be waiting for you this Sunday in Church. You can take it home and start your inventory. If you can’t be here, we’ll mail it to you next week or you can find one on the parish website.
Thanks for listening. Thanks for prayerfully filling me out. As St. Paul says: “We always give thanks to God for all of you and mention you in our prayers, constantly remembering before our God and Father your work of faith and labor of love and steadfastness of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.” (1 Thess. 1:2-3)

Your Friend,
2022 CCPKI Pledge Card
This Sunday's Worship Service

Family Worship Service
Halloween Sunday 10/31
  • Praise Band
  • Children’s Sermon
  • Special Activities for Kids
  • Light Lunch After Church
Children are Encouraged to Wear Their Costumes to Church!
Please pray for: Robin Pender, Camilla Parrott, Anna Sisson, Verna Downey, Daniel Bedard, Sheila Savage, Theresa Steinhice, Chance Terrell, Jackson (Jack) Daniel Wright (RIP)-Juanita Dombkowski & Family, Mark Mangin, Kathy Blodgett, Annie Benson (RIP)-Benson Family, Sharon Billings, Rick Culp, Kevin Soibel, Evelyn Folliot, Chris Tracy, Michael Mahfood (RIP), Dolina Millar (RIP)-Laurie Hanley & Family, Carol Wilson, Susan Fralic, James Boffen, Jane Belew, Joy Torbit (RIP)-Torbit Family, Carole Tulip, Nancy Poole, Chris, Deny, Lynn Benton, Michelle P., Shirley Grail, Shirley Armstrong, Sharon McCain, Juan Mendoza, Pat Adams, Tommy Cook
Prayer Requests can be sent to
Ways to Support Christ Church

  • Electronic Giving: Click Here
  • Text to Give by texting CCPKI to 73256
  • Bank: Have your bank send a check or make an ACH transfer
  • By Check: CCPKI 830 Romancoke Rd. Stevensville MD 21666
Meals Needed for Homeless Shelter
We have been asked to provide a cooked casserole (4-6 servings), salad and rolls for the guests. Our dates to provide meals is Oct 28-30. The fully cooked meals should be in throw away casserole pan and delivered to KIUMC by 5:30pm.
If you are available to help out please contact Leslie Schneider at or 410-310-4085
Volunteers Needed

Broad Creek Cemetery on Romancoke Road will be having it’s Fall Clean-up on Nov. 13, 2021. As always, anyone and everyone are welcome to join us. 
There are chores for everyone, such as – raking or bring your own leaf blower, weeding, placing of cornerstones, trimming, etc. There are some tools in the shed or bring our own favorites.
We hope to get the cemetery ready for the Fall and Winter seasons.
African Team Ministries Sales
Returning to Christ Church
October 17th 

Serving the Church in East Africa
Through Sales of Crafts and Jewelry

African Team Ministries is a Christian ministry working as an intermediary between African and American churches. We provide funding for orphan and refugee relief missions and evangelism in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania . The support we receive is sent directly to our partnering Bishops to provide school fees, tuition, books, and uniforms. 

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