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Worship with Us this Sunday

Services at 8:00 & 10:00 am

Families are encouraged to worship together. We had hoped to have new programming and staffing, but things seem to be different than we anticipated.

Multiple Children's activities will be available with age appropriate materials.

There will be a Children's Sermon.

Masks and hand sanitizing are mandatory.
Mordecai recorded these things, and sent letters to all the Jews who were in all the provinces of King Ahasuerus, both near and far, enjoining them that they should keep the fourteenth day of the month Adar and also the fifteenth day of the same month, year by year, as the days on which the Jews gained relief from their enemies, and as the month that had been turned for them from sorrow into gladness and from mourning into a holiday; that they should make them days of feasting and gladness, days for sending gifts of food to one another and presents to the poor.
Esther 9:20-22
Esther: A Book that Started a Feast
Did you know that there is a Book in the Bible that never mentions God or God’s Commandments, has no prayers and no mention of Jerusalem? Even so, Esther is a beloved text in Judaism. Purim, the Jewish Spring festival finds its origins in this text.
Like many folktales, Esther is a story of reversals. The fates of Queens Vashti & Esther, of Mordechai & Haman, as well as the captive Jews and their Gentile captors all flip as the story unfolds.
This Sunday’s Lectionary chooses to give us only snippets of this amazing book. It makes a convoluted choice to begin in at chapter 7 and then rushes to the punchline, the last two verses of chapter 9. But you can choose to read all of Esther in about 30 minutes. Once you sort out the cast of characters, the twists and turns, (and the obtuse silliness of King Ahasuerus) it makes a fine fable.
At its core, Esther is a book about God’s provision. Even though unseen and unmentioned, God is at work. God helps a community facing annihilation to come together and triumph. Their victory is still retold every year with gift giving and charity.
Beware, there is savagery in Esther. There is very little room for mercy, kindness, or forgiveness. Yet, the Medieval Jewish theologian Maimonides described the book of Esther as the pinnacle of sacred writings and taught that “when all else passed away, the Law and Esther would remain”.
Jesus would have known the story of Esther. The Spring festival of Purim would have shaped the community in Nazareth even as Greek merchants and Roman soldiers looked on in bemusement. Maybe we could use a little “feasting and gladness, days for sending food to one another and presents to the poor”.
Mark +
O God, you declare your almighty power chiefly in showing mercy and pity: Grant us the fullness of your grace, that we, running to obtain your promises, may become partakers of your heavenly treasure; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

This Sunday's Worship Service

Will you Help me Serve?
To be an Acolyte is to be a Helper.

Each week as I stand before the congregation, I need help. There are
  • Candles to Light
  • The Cross to Carry
  • Offerings to Gather
  • Bread and Wine to Prepare

None of it is very hard. All of it is important. You don’t have to learn everything at once. You can take it at your speed. Will you try acolyting?
We will have a meeting Sunday, September 26 after Church!
Or email Fr. Mark –

Please pray for: Robin Pender, Camilla Parrott, Anna Sisson, Dian Rowe, Danny Brown, Scott & Lynn Clark, Sharon McCain, Lynne Benton, Susan V., Kayla, Bill & Margie Campbell, Kevin Parks, Chalk Jewell, Tommy Pham, Michel Sipes, Susan Fralic, Juan Mendoza, Susan Fralic, Bob Dean & Family, Bob Hutchison, Carol Holland (RIP)-Caroline Aland & Family, Bob Willis, Chris, Deny, Wes Sawyer (RIP), Shirley Grail, Mary Coursey, Kathy Blodgett, Mark Mangin, Kevin Soibel, Chris Tracy, Ron Ingham (RIP), Lisa Pike, Joe Morella (RIP), Nancy King (RIP)-Jean Travis & Family, Rev. Bea Billups (RIP), The Sartwell Family, Verna Downey, The Fraser Family-Todd, Susan and Ashton, Karen & Jim, Afghan Refugees, Steve Daniels, Neil Brayton, Jess & Andrew, Sheila Savage, Theresa Steinhice, Juan Mendoza, David Bassford, Chance Terrell, Jackson (Jack) Daniel Wright (RIP)
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Ways to Support Christ Church

  • Electronic Giving: Click Here
  • Text to Give by texting CCPKI to 73256
  • Bank: Have your bank send a check or make an ACH transfer
  • By Check: CCPKI 830 Romancoke Rd. Stevensville MD 21666
Blessing of the Animals
Sunday, October 3rd
10:00am Worship Service
We will celebrate all of God’s creatures, great and small! Bring your pet or a photo of your pet to church for a special blessing.
African Team Ministries Sales
Returning to Christ Church
October 3rd, 10th & 17th 

Serving the Church in East Africa
Through Sales of Crafts and Jewelry

African Team Ministries is a Christian ministry working as an intermediary between African and American churches. We provide funding for orphan and refugee relief missions and evangelism in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania . The support we receive is sent directly to our partnering Bishops to provide school fees, tuition, books, and uniforms. 
Meals Needed for Homeless Shelter

The Haven Ministries Homeless shelter at KIUMC is planning on opening again Oct 1. We have been asked to provide a cooked casserole (4-6 servings), salad and rolls for the guests. And in addition to the hot meal we also need one pound of lunch meat, one pound of sliced cheese and a loaf of sandwich bread. As of right now we are not sure of exact number of guests or food allergies.
Our dates to provide meals is Oct 1-3. The fully cooked meals should be in throw away casserole pan and delivered to KIUMC by 5:30 on Tuesday - Sunday, 6:00 on Monday.

If you are to help out please contact Leslie Schneider at or 410-310-4085

Thank you for your willingness to serve.  
To Help Sow the Seeds of
We need Volunteers at our NEW Location!!

Join our team of Volunteers to make a difference in our community by spending just a few hours greeting customers, sorting donations & general store upkeep in our new beautiful location on Kent Island! 
  • Make a difference
  • Use your skills & talents for good
  • Meet others in the community
  • Work for a cause you believe in
  • Help others
Our Daily Thread Thrift Store is a revenue source for Haven Ministries. The profits from sales help fund all of the Haven Ministries’ programs including Shelter, Food, Clothing & Support.

Contact Liz Bazzell for more info at 410-353-0455
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