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For the Week of August 23, 2020 

Sunday, August 23 
12th Sunday After Pentecost
Morning Prayer Rite I  8 am (Bulletin)  (ZOOM only)
Morning Prayer Rite II 10:30 am (Bulletin) (ZOOM only) 
Cases of Covid-19 in our local area have been increasing above the rate of one case per day for fourteen days. 
We know that the number of cases we have on record is an under representation. Not everyone who is infected sees a doctor for COVID-19. Up to 80% of cases may be mild or moderate. Many people never develop symptoms. If someone gets infected and recovers on their own, then public health may never find out about the case. But these people may still be infectious.
For these reasons we are limiting in-person worship attendance to those producing the service on August 23.  We invite you to participate in Sunday 8 am and  10:30 am services through ZOOM.  Zoom allows direct face to face communication and remote participation. We will record the Zoom sessions and post them on the the Grace Church Facebook page.
Nevertheless, we will continue home communion. If you would like to receive communion at home once a month please let us know at the office. Distribution of home communion will continue to be available once per month even after regathering if you so desire. In most cases we will try to distribute communion on Sunday following one of the two regular Sunday morning services using bread consecrated at the Table. Social distancing and personal hygiene practices have to be observed during home communions. Home communions include passing the peace, the Lord's prayer, reception of the Bread, and a prayer of thanksgiving. In some cases the gospel of the day may be shared and discussed.
These devotions invite you to engage in the discipleship practice of Reading, Reflecting, and Responding to Scripture in the context of community.

Each devotion is written for a particular age group pairing, so you can have conversations with everyone, no matter where they're at in life. The Adult and Small Child pairing is designed for preschool students and younger; the Adult and Elementary pairing is for children in elementary (or grade) school; the Adult and Youth pairing is for youth in middle and high school; and the Adult and Adults pairing is for use with young adults and adults.
Morning Prayer, Monday -  Friday, 8:30 am 
Compline, Monday - Thursday, 8:30 pm  
If you are interested in leading a night of Compline please let Sharon or Martha know. 
Did You Know? 
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A Message from Fr. Tuck
Dear friends,
Yesterday, August 20 was the 55th anniversary of Jonathan Myrick Daniels murder.  Jonathan's Christian faith and his training as a Cadet at the Virginia Military Institute impressed upon him the "joy of a purposeful life." He embraced what he called "living theology.  Today, August 21, I have taken the Black Lives Matter sign down not to silence those words, but to encourage us to live them.

Jonathan Daniels journeyed south to join Ruby Sales and others registering Black citizens for the vote.  About twenty of these workers were arrested and jailed on August 14, 1965. For six days Jonathan helped lead them in prayer and song. Shortly after their release from jail on August 20, assistant Deputy Coleman aimed his shotgun at 17 year old Ruby Sales.  Jonathan, grounded in God's love, took a breath and walked in the way of love to save Ruby's life.  Not because Ruby's life mattered more than his. But because Jonathan had come to understand that the value of his life was inseparable from Ruby's.  As Ruby Sales says, "Racism is not something that simply happens to black people.  It also happens to white people. Jonathan's journey south was not only an attempt to understand and connect with the humanity of others - it was also to connect with his own humanity."  Amazingly, Ruby Sales has continued to work for racial reconciliation for over 55 years. 

On the 50th anniversary of Jonathan Daniels murder Ruby Sales said she wept, "not for Jonathan because he answered the call of love and justice (but) for the depths of racism in the  21st century...for 2,000-plus black bodies the police have shot in cold blood...because we have settled to be much less than what we are. I weep because I hear Jonathan crying out in his grave, asking what happened to the dream Ruby?" Still, she insisted  on hope, "I didn't carry his death as a burden of guilt or as a weight - I carried it as a commitment." 

It took years of Christian commitment and Cadet training for Jonathan to develop the spiritual strength and awareness to journey south, to stay grounded in jail, to step into the path of that weapon, and for all of that to be understood as an expression of Christian love and hope.  It took training and practice for Ruby Sales to move forward without guilt to continue to live with purpose, joy, and hope.

It is so important for us to take heart from Jonathan and Ruby and to practice our theology.  Beginning with the practice of grounding ourselves in God's love.  Take time each day to ground yourself in the reality of God's love for you.  Breathe. Pray. Rest in that love. Learn: Look for God working in the world.  Ask someone else where they see God at work in the world.  Listen to them.  Look until you see what they see. And then  Bless: Bear witness to what you have learned and take a step into the way of loving others as God loves us all for the sake of Him who gave himself for the salvation of the world. 

Rockbridge Area Transportation System
1st Annual RATS Mystery Tour
August 2020
Rockbridge Area Transportation System is celebrating 25 years with the 1
st Annual Mystery Tour virtual fundraiser. Participants in the fundraiser will look for clues online to solve a mystery. The mystery is a real, unique event in the history of RATS.
Several local businesses have agreed to be Mystery Tour Guides by placing clues on their websites or facebook pages. For a $25 donation to RATS, participants in the fundraiser will be given a Mystery Tour Map with the mystery and list of websites where the clues are hidden.
All detectives who correctly solve the mystery by August 31, 2020 will be entered into a drawing to win prizes. The grand prize is 3 nights at Sycamore Bend on the Cowpasture in Bath County. Other prizes are from Pumpkinseeds, Vinyl Cuts, Brew Ridge Taps, Pure Eats, Walkabout Outfitter, and Books & Co Toys Too!
RATS is a non-profit started in 1995 by Joan Manley who uses a power wheelchair as the result of being hit head on by a drunk driver. RATS provides transportation to people with and without disabilities to medical appointments, social activities, grocery stores, and more.
For more information about the Mystery Tour go to,call the RATS office at 540-463-3346, or contact Terri Bsullak at

Habitat for Humanity is in need of Volunteers
The Rockbridge Habitat for Humanity needs volunteers to finish several important construction projects.  If you or someone you know is able to dedicate a few hours a week to work with Habitat, please contact Leo Decanini, the person in charge of construction, at  (571) 259-3145 (call or text).     

Writers needed for the Rockbridge Memoir Project
Have you been wishing to record your personal or family history? The VMI English Department is extending an invitation to Rockbridge community residents to participate in their annual Rockbridge Memoir Project, offered as a free, 6 week course on Tuesdays, 9:30-10:45AM starting Sept 15.  No experience writing your memoirs required!  Participants will partner with cadet students in live, online classroom setting on Zoom to learn and share memoir craft, culminating in a live podcast of memoir readings. If you are interested or have questions, please contact Stephanie Hodde, Assistant Professor of English at or by phone, 540-460-4225 (cell). 

Masks for Public School Children
Grace Episcopal is joining with the Blue Ridge Masketeers to provide face coverings for the public school children in Lexington City and Rockbridge County Schools.
We are seeking volunteers to help us meet this critical need.
Seamstresses are most welcome however we also need volunteers to:
 -Help prepare mask kits
 -Deliver kits 
- Collect completed masks and        
    deliver them to central collection 
- Offer monetary support to      
    purchase supplies 
We welcome you to join with us in our effort to protect our children when they return to the classroom.
If you are interested in helping please contact Kay Lera.
A Message from Rockbridge Christmas Baskets  
With temperatures in the 90's, Christmas may seem far off, but the folks at
Rockbridge Christmas Baskets are already hard at work. This year poses an enormous challenge for this wonderful, community-based organization that has been delivering food and toys to families in need every Christmas for 75 years. They are getting early - but strong - indications that demand for the food and toys they deliver will be UP while the donations they so greatly rely on will be DOWN.

If you are able to give to this worthy organization, you are almost certain to land on Santa's Good List. So click on the link below and help RCB fulfill its mission to ensure that no one in our community goes without during this holiday season.  
Birthdays for the weeks of August 23 
Mary Webster (8/27) David Howison (8/30)

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