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December 13, 2020
Zoom Christmas Nativity Pageant
Our Christmas Pageant will be pre-recorded this year and be available to view on Christmas Eve.
I will be recording the pageant in sections on Zoom.
Recording will begin the week of December 13.
We need the following parts to be covered. (Participants can range from the ages of 0 to 102!)
Emperor Augustus
Innkeepers (We want several innkeepers as some will have to turn the Holy Family away)
Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus (ideally this would be one family)
Shepherds (anyone can be a shepherd!)
Sheep (children make great sheep, but hey, so would your dog!)
Stable Animals (Do you have a donkey, chickens, etc. that would like a cameo part in the pageant? This is their year! Ask Sharon how!)
Costumes can be provided.
Let Sharon know what part you’d like to play!
Our Shopping Supports Outreach: 
Amazon Smile and Kroger Community Rewards
Thanks to parishioners who have selected Grace Episcopal Church as their charitable organization at their Amazon Smile and Kroger accounts, the Christian Outreach Committee has received close to $1000 for additional outreach support in our community this year.

The holiday shopping season offers us opportunities to increase this total significantly by the end of the year. If you have not already selected Grace Episcopal Church as your charitable organization at one or both of these online sites, instructions are below.  

Using this link ensures donations to Grace Church for your eligible purchases  

Note: We encourage shopping local as much as possible.

For further information or help with online registration, email Anna Crockett at or call 460-3254.  

  1. Log into your account at
  2. Select "my account" and the "Community Rewards"
  3. Enter AE954 in the 'Find an Organization" window
  4. Your purchases will be added to the program whenever you use your rewards card or enter your alternate ID at checkout.

If you have a Kroger card but don't already have an Kroger online account, you can create one easily at Choose "create account" and then follow the steps above.

Thank you,
The Christian Outreach Committee

December Birthdays
Jake Lawrence (12/1)
Kristy Hamilton ( 12/2)
Stets Eddy (12/3)
Meg Mason (12/3)
Anna Crockett (12/6),
Howard Pickett (12/6),
Joanne Robblee (12/6)
John Knapp (12/9)
Sis Warner (12/10)
Lynn Dent (12/10)
M.J. Mayerchak (12/12)
Anne Lamont (12/13)
Carol Woodcock (12/15)
Jay Lewis (12/15)

Tomas McBrayer (12/15)
James Keane (12/16)
Kay Glore (12/16)
Robert Hull (12/18)
Tammi Hellwig (12/18)
Roger Crockett ( 12/19)
Merce Brooke (12/19)
Carol Gosse (12/23)
John Murphy (12/26)
Joy Harris (12/27)
Avis Waring (12/29)
Maggie Lawrence (12/30)
Grace Frascati (12/31)
Visit Grace's Google Calendar for events and ZOOM link information!