Grace Episcopal Church
Walking the Way of Love
Parish News
For the week of February 14, 2021
The Parish Office will be closed on Monday. February 15
in honor of President's Day.
Renovation in the nave will begin in mid February Access to undercroft will be restricted and there is no public parking in the church lot during construction.
Lent Madness!
This is the time of year when we anxiously watch football and basketball playoffs for the championships. We Episcopalians have our own Saintly Super Bowl: Lent Madness! 
Research the Saints, vote for your favorite, and see who makes it into the Saintly Sixteen, the Faithful Four, and, finally, the Golden Halo!

The Round of 32 begins on Feb. 18 with Camillus de Lellis (say that three times fast!) in the ring vs. Matthias. Next men up to bat will be Miguel Pro vs Constantine on Feb. 19. Constantine may not be the slam-dunk you would expect! Download the Match-ups here:

Combining a love of sports with a passion for the lives of the saints (plus a sense of humor!), Lent Madness is the perfect way to pass cold winter days in quarantine. Thirty-two saints are placed into a tournament-like single elimination bracket. Each pairing remains open for a set period of time, and people vote for their favorite saint. Who will win the Golden Halo? The tension mounts!

Each Monday, the Supreme Executive Committee adds to their blog and asks YOU, the Global Viewing Public, for help in the Saintly Smackdown, which combines “the ethos of professional wrestling with the ambiance of Lenten devotion.”

And you, too, can keep score with a Saintly Scorecard
2021: (Believe it or not, Lent Madness is an offering of Forward Movement, the publishers of Forward Day By Day)

Rockbridge Area Transportation Services (RATS) needs our help!

** FUNDRAISING GOAL: $2000 in 2 weeks **

The COVID-19 pandemic has put more pressure than ever on the people in our community without reliable private transportation. 
It's also put more pressure on the services designed to help them. Along with offering rides to people needing to see their doctors, go to dialysis, or get to chemo treatments, RATS has been helping deliver school lunches every weekday since November.
Our community has been generous in the face of pandemic challenges. But it's simply not enough to cover RATS's increased costs, to keep the drivers and office staff fully employed, and to serve all the new needs.

The Rockbridge Chapter of the NAACP is stepping up to help -- but they need you! 
The 14-Day Matching Grant Challenge will give a dollar for every dollar donated to the community, up to $1000. So for every dollar you give, another dollar will be added -- and it all goes to RATS.
Make your donations go farther with this NAACP Matching Grant Challenge! 
(Please put "NAACP Match" in the donation memo line) 
First Baptist Church
103 North Main Street~ Lexington, VA
African American Heritage Month 2021
Each Sunday in the Month of February 2021
@11:00 AM
Featuring Lecturer:
Dr. Michael Hill, Interim Chair and Professor
Africana Studies
Washington and Lee University

For more information call the Church: (540) 463-4854
Rev. McKinley A. Williams, Pastor
February Birthdays
Clarinda Carrington (2/2)
Nat Massie (2/5)
Steve Reithmiller (2/21)
Nancy Dinkel (2/22)
Beverly Tucker (2/23)
Graham Hess (2/23)

Holt Merchant ( 2/24)
Jeanne Passmore (2/25)
Joseph Henson (2/27)
Erin Carrington (2/28)
Caitie Carrington (2/28)
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