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Parish News For the week of February 6, 2022

Worship Services

5th Sunday after the Epiphany

Sunday, February 6

Holy Eucharist Rite I

8 am

In-Person & ZOOM

Holy Eucharist Rite II

10:30 am

In-Person & YouTube

Christianity and Culture

February 6

Doctrine and Discipline of the Episcopal Church with David Cox, Parish Hall , 9:15 am

Morning Prayer

Monday - Friday

8:30 am, Wells Room (Library)

In-Person and ZOOM

Faith@Home for the week of February 6

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Mark your Calendars

February 6 - 1st Sunday Lunch, Parish Hall, 11:45 am

February 6 - Craft Sale benefitting Sudan Mission Group and the Community Connection, Parish Hall 11:30

February 11 &12 - Vestry Retreat

February 12 (Saturday) - Organ Recital featuring Daniel Brinson and friends, 4 pm

February 13 - Learning About the Psalms with Joanne Robblee

Parish Hall, 9:15 am

February 13 - Taizé Eucharist, 5 pm

February 27 - Holden Evensong, 5 pm

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Please join us for 1st Sunday Lunch after the 10:30 service

this Sunday!

Helpers needed!


A Recital by Daniel Brinson and Friends

Grace Episcopal Church offers “We Walk Together” - music inspired by American hymns and spirituals at 4 pm, Saturday, February 12. Daniel Brinson, former Director of Music at Grace Episcopal who currently serves at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Ivy, will play Grace's new organ Casavant Opus 3941. The program includes works by Dan Locklair, Wilbur Held, Marilyn Biery, Trevor Weston, André Thomas, and Uzee Brown. Readings by Howard Thurman, Thea Bowman, Barbara Holmes, and Richard Rohr. The choir of Grace will sing anthems, and there will be audience singing. Pieces include “Balm in Gilead,” “Jesus Calls Us,” “Churchyard Chatter,” and others. Masking requested. Free will donations welcomed.

Music Notes

Singers and Instrumentalists: All God's critters got a place in the choir. The choir is growing, AND there is no such thing as too ample a choir! In fact, if you have been interested but are shy, the joy is that many voices make light work. Also, instrumentalists, if you are interested in playing, let Martha know.

How Grace Episcopal Church Supports Hope House Students

First of all, thank you very much to all who have assisted our mission to Hope House students from South Sudan going to school in Kenya. Your donations of time, talent and treasure are very much appreciated by those students! Now, here’s the story of Hope House.

What is the Hope House home that Grace Episcopal Church has been assisting since 2016?

Years ago, the Rev. Peter Yuol, an Episcopal priest in Tonj, South Sudan, answered the call to feed, shelter, and educate orphans living in the streets and children from families that could no longer care for them. He realized some of these South Sudanese children held so much promise academically that they needed a chance to study in a more stable environment in Kenya. So he found sponsors for their education and enrolled them in Kenyan boarding schools.

How does this home assist these students?

Soon it became clear that the children needed a home to return to during school breaks, where they could continue to study, and could help one another prepare for the next school year That is when he established Hope House International in Kitale, Kenya under the direction of Gabriel T. Dak. Hope House is now a home to 35 youths when everyone is back from school. Rent is paid by church partners in The Hague. Money for food at Hope House is raised by the Lexington based non-profit, Diversity Serves.

What is Grace Church’s current role in the Hope House program?

Three and a half years ago, our Sudan Mission Group committed to partner with Diversity Serves in sponsoring three students at Hope House through their high school graduation. Thanks to an initial grant from the Gadsden Trust of Grace Episcopal, annual grants from our Christian Outreach Committee, and individual donations from parishioners and others, the three students have made regular progress in their studies, all reaching secondary school now. Our annual donation to Hope House International covers tuition, boarding, books, uniforms, medical and transportation for the three students. There are unexpected costs which we want to cover as well. For example, when Covid-19 caused the closure of Kenyan schools in early 2021, all students returned to their respective homes. Gabriel had to buy extra food for our students while home.  

Who are the three students?

john garang.jpg

John Garang Manyang, aged 21, studies at St. Mary’s Kibbabii Boys High School. Captain of his class last year and now Dinner Hall Captain, John will graduate in December.

Mary wai.jpg

Mary Awatau Wai, aged 16, a freshman at Kitale Girls Secondary School was awarded “most disciplined and cleanest girl” during the second term.  

William Dak.jpg

William Marial Dak, aged 18, a freshman at Kisumu Boys High School, loves football playing soccer and studying mathematics.

MJ Mayerchak for the Sudan Mission Group of Grace Episcopal church

Acolytes, Chalice Ministers, Greeters, Readers, Ushers and Altar Guild Members Needed!

Please contact Lisa ( or Sharon ( if you are able to acolyte, chalice, greet, read or usher once or twice a month.

Contact Jane Brooke ( if you are interested in serving on the Altar Guild.

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The Lexington Woman’s Club First Annual

Just Desserts

Sunday, February 27, 2022, from from 2:00 – 5:00 pm at the Horse Center

Click Here for more Information

Vestry Minutes

Vestry Minutes are available on our website under the vestry tab.

Happy Birthday

Clarinda Carrington (2/2), Nat Massie (2/5), Rick Pollard (2/15), Keith Prince (2/17), Steve Riethmiller (2/21), Beverly Tucker (2/23), Graham Hess (2/23), Holt Merchant (2/24), Jeanne Passmore (2/25), Joseph Henson (2/27), Caitie Carrington (2/28), Erin Carrington (2/28

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