Grace Episcopal Church
Parish News
For the week of January 10, 2021
We have suspended in-person worship at Grace until it is safe to regather.
Grace Episcopal at Sunrise
photo by Elizabeth Boetsch
Augusta Health / Hospice of Shenandoah is offering
8 week Grief Support Programs
Sharing Our Resources to Support Our Community
50 Ways Rockbridge is a group of concerned citizens from Rockbridge County, working together to research, educate and act on major issues in our community, with guiding principles of inclusion and fairness.

They ask that you consider a plan to support our local community, sharing any resources you might receive. highlights multiple ways to financially support organizations that serve the needs of people affected by Covid-19 or programs that empower the community to build a more just and caring Rockbridge.
As we work together to live out justice, equal opportunity and love of one’s fellow human beings, we become more fully the beloved community.
5th Annual CARE Rockbridge MLK Community Celebration
Monday, January 18
Stand Up for Justice, Love, and Equality!
All are invited to join in this family-friendly and COVID-conscious event celebrating our community’s commitment to dismantle racism in the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This year, community members will find and maintain a distanced space to demonstrate public commitment to an equal and inclusive community. Distancing is not only for safety. It is also our attempt to symbolically occupy community space and hold up all the lives, especially black and brown, lost to COVID and racist violence this year. Visit Facebook for more information and to sign up.

This year’s theme is “Stand Up for Justice, Love, and Equality” with t-shirts designed by Morgen Alcala and available for purchase:

For the health and safety of yourself and others please wear face coverings. For more information and safety guidelines, please visit our website
January Birthdays
Colin Murphy (4)
Elizabeth Branner (5)
Martha Burford (5)
Laurent Boetsch (8)
Kitty Farrar (8)
Debbie Arnn (8)
Helen Moore (8)
Janet Lemmer (10)
Peter Grover (10)
Signe Lewis (11)
Carol Muir (12)

Bonnie Gates (14)
Liz Moss (14)
Farris Hotchkiss (15)
Gabrielle Frascati (16)
Elizabeth Boetsch (19)
Paul Strickland (20)
Maille Carrington (26)
Molly Hellwig (27)
Sean Carrington (27)
Jane Brooke (29)
Melissa Gladwell-Sayre (30)
Tom Gosse (31)
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