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Parish News For the week of July 25, 2021

Worship Services

We are meeting In-Person in the Parish Hall. No registration is necessary. Please wear a mask if you are not fully vaccinated. Refer to the CDC's Choosing Safer Activities Guide if you have questions about mask wearing.

We will also live stream our services on Facebook Live and on ZOOM.


9th Sunday after Pentecost

Sunday, July 25

Holy Eucharist Rite I

8 am


Facebook Live


Holy Eucharist Rite II

10:30 am


Facebook Live


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Morning Prayer

(In person and Online)

Mondays - Friday, 8:30 am 


Men's Prayer Breakfast

Tuesdays 7 am

In-Person and on



Wednesdays and Thursdays

8:30 pm


Bulletin Insert - Pentecost 9 (B) – The Feast of St. James, Apostle and Martyr – July 25, 2021

Rector's Forum - July 25

The Episcopal Church Civil Discourse Curriculum – Policies supported by the Episcopal Church.    

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Faith Build

The Rockbridge Area Habitat for Humanity Faith Build will be from July 20 to August 14. The Grace Episcopal team will meet at 39 Spencer Court, in Greenhouse Village, each Friday, beginning July 23 at 9:00 am. The shift will be from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm. The Pastor's Build will be the first week of August.

Anyone interested in participating can get in touch with Pat McGuire (401-662-6290). No building skills necessary, and all tools provided.

Fun, Pizza, Games!

Youth Game Night

Friday, July 31

6 - 8 pm

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Exploration of Payday Loan Alternatives – July, 2021

As part of our parish exploration of meaningful outreach initiatives in our local community, we are following up on a requested focus on possible alternatives to payday lending services that offer short-term loans with high interest rates and expensive fees. This is a major issue for lower-income families in our area who likely find themselves in a vicious cycle of ever-increasing debt, contributing to significant negative impacts on mental and physical health.

We have been exploring ways that Grace might be part of strategies to mitigate dependence on high - interest loans and assist families in gaining financial stability. Interestingly, this is a focus of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Our research includes strategies used by other Christian groups in the U.S and discussions with potential local partner agencies (e.g., 50Ways Rockbridge, ESOL, RARA, Project Horizon) to determine what might be feasible here.

At this point, we are considering piloting on a small scale an interest-free emergency loan program to include a maximum loan amount, application, and appropriate repayment terms. A key component of the program would be applicant meetings with a financial advisor to review income, living expenses and debts to identify potential savings. Such a personalized financial management approach addresses the root issues of financial struggles rather than providing merely a short-term band aid approach. Research and discussions with our partner agencies continue.

If Christian action in this area interests you or you know people who might have interest or expertise, please contact Anna Crockett at or 460-3254 so we can include you. Do come join us.

From the Minister of Music

Songbirds! Want to sing some hymns? Enjoy a spectacular view? And bring a beverage to share? Martha and David Burford invite you to their home Thursday nights in July to do all of that! 7:30-9. Bring guitars, kazoos, clarinets... PLEASE let Martha know if you plan to come so she can set out chairs and throw the pianny lid open! We might even sing some Broadway tunes!


New Hymnals!

The Memorial's Committee has authorized the purchase of 30 new Wonder, Love and Praise Hymnals! This purchase was made possible through donations in memory of loved ones dear to the hearts of our parishioners.

College Ministry

Host Families Needed! Would you like to be a host family for a VMI Rat—providing a home-away-from-home on Sunday afternoons or a lunch buddy for a WLU student?

For more information contact Sharon White,

Happy Birthday

Trey Lewis (7/26), Paul Robblee (7/28), Susan Minor (7/28), John Brooke (7/29), Holly Pickett (7/29), Margaret Haberman (7/31), Alexandra Brown (8/1), David Cox (8/1), Henry Porter (8/1)

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