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Parish News For the week of May 2, 2021

Worship Services

We are meeting In-Person in the Parish Hall. Masks and Social Distancing are required. We will also live stream our services on Facebook Live.


Please let us know if you will be attending in person by

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Easter 5

Sunday, May 2

Holy Eucharist Rite I

8 am

Facebook Live

ZOOM (8 am only)

Holy Eucharist Rite II

10:30 am

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Morning Prayer

(In person and Online)

Mondays - Friday, 8:30 am 


Men's Prayer Breakfast

Tuesdays 7 am

In-Person and on


A Successful Campaign

Grace Church can take great pride in our collective generosity and commitment to our parish through a very successful capital campaign that will provide funding for the renovation of the chancel and nave in our historic church. Eighty-one (81) parishioner “units” (meaning individuals or families) have made a contribution, either an outright gift or pledge over the next few years, to complete our renovation plans in full. We have substantially surpassed our “stretch goal” for the campaign, and we hope to receive a few more gifts before the campaign closes next week. Work on the renovation is on schedule, so we will be prepared for the installation of our new Casavant organ in August of this year.

We look forward with excitement to an enhanced worship experience that will be made possible by a new organ and a fresh new arrangement and appearance of the chancel and nave. Thanks to all parishioners who, by the grace of God, have made this possible.

Bob Glidden

Chancel Renovation Photo Album

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Gathering on Sacred Ground (Episcopal News Service)

On April 27, thousands of Episcopalians gathered on Zoom to celebrate two years of the church’s Sacred Ground curriculum, a 10-part discussion series for small groups that traces the history of systemic racism in America, from its roots to its present realities. (Grace Episcopal Church hosted 3 Sacred Ground dialogue groups from September '20 to February '21 with 48 participants. If you are interested in participating in a Sacred Ground dialogue group please contact Sharon White)

“Gathering on Sacred Ground” was the first churchwide Sacred Ground event, hosted by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and members of his staff. It featured testimony from people who have participated in the series, as well as prayers, music and remarks from Curry. Noting the timeliness of Sacred Ground in the context of the past year’s reckoning on racial injustice in America, Curry thanked everyone who developed and implemented the series for being part of a momentous movement.

Click here to read entire article

Click here to view video

New Front Garden at Grace

After months of planning and in consultation with local landscape architect, Arthur Bartenstein, and Staunton garden consultant, Barbara Brothers, the Property Committee installed a new garden at the front of Grace Church on April 28th. In preparation, church volunteers removed old, overgrown plants and added new composted topsoil. The concept is to establish a fresh, open and inviting space which would appeal to churchgoers and passers by. This is mainly a white garden with bushes and flowers blooming from spring to autumn and includes:

● Clethra alnifolia (Summersweet, ‘Sixteen Candles’)

● Fothergilla gardenia (Small Witch Alder, ‘Mt.Airy’)

● Hydrangea paniculata (Little Lime)

● Itea virginica (Va. Sweetspire, ‘Henry's Garnet’)

● Magnolia stellate (‘Royal Star’)

● Phlox paniculate (Garden Phlox, ‘David’)

● Lilium (Oriental Lily, ‘Casa Blanca’)

● Iberis sempervirens (Candytuft)

And soon to be added:

● Clamentha nepeta (Calament Plant of the Year)

● Convalaria majalis (Lily of the Valley)

● Hermerocallis x hybrid (Daylily Heavenly Artic Ice)

● Anemone x hybrid (Japanese Anemone ‘Honorine Jobert’ )

● Tiarella cordifolia (Foamflower)

● Paeonia (Peony, White variety to match existing peony)

And possibly Viburnum x juddii and Trillium grandiflorum Great White Trillium).

The garden around St. Francis will be thinned out, but we will maintain the hellebores (Lenten Rose) and narcissi.

When you stop by church, please feel free to sit on our new teak bench and chairs and enjoy the garden.

Elizabeth Boetsch


UTO Co-Ordinator Baton Passed

It has been my privilege and pleasure to have served as our parish's United Thank Offering co-ordinator since fall 2004. On April 15, I enjoyed meeting with my successors Drusie Milford and Melanie Hooper and turned over the UTO folder for their safekeeping. As a team they both are now ready with enthusiasm to undertake the coordination of UTO in-gatherings twice a year, and I am so very grateful for their dedication to our parish's historic support of this important mission in the Episcopal Church.


Looking forward to the announcement of our 2021 spring ingathering with thanksgiving and another coin in my Blue Box --


Julia Littlefield  


COVID-19 Vaccine Available!!!

The Rockbridge Health Center will distribute the COVID -19 Vaccine at the First Baptist Church, located 103 North Main Street in Downtown Lexington on Thursday, May 20, 2021 from 2pm to 6pm. Registration is encouraged and walk-ins will be welcomed.

Call the church: (540) 463-4854, Reverend McKinley A. Williams, Pastor.

Christian Outreach Committee

The Christian Outreach Committee is grateful to parishioners for their generous pledges, and to the Vestry for its commitment to earmark 10% of the pledged total for outreach. That amount this year was $50,500. In addition, we continue to receive quarterly checks from the Kroger Community Rewards and Amazon Smile programs to supplement our budget. Last year's rewards totalled close to $1000. Online contributions at are also greatly appreciated to help us support ongoing outreach needs in our community that have increased due to the wide-ranging impact of the pandemic.



Anna Crockett and Mo Littlefield

Christian Outreach Committee Co-chairs

Christian Outreach Committee Grants - 2021

Local Urgent Needs: Food, Clothing, Shelter, Utilities, etc.) 

Bridge to Hope Food Pantry

Community Closet

Community Table

Mission Emergency Fund

Mission Next Door



Health and End-of-Life Care 

Hoofbeats Therapeutic Riding

Rockbridge Area Health Center

Rockbridge Area Hospice

International Aid  

Sudan Mission Group 

Child Development/ Education

ARC of Rockbridge

Boys Home Scholarships

Boys Home Cottage Sponsorship

Yellow Brick Road 

Domestic Violence/Safety  

Project Horizon 

Social Justice    

Blue Ridge Legal Services

Total Allocations: $53,000

(includes $2500 from Beloved Community Fund for Boys Home Cottage Sponsorship)

Happy Birthday

Jim White (5/1) Elizabeth Harralson (5/2) River Hull (5/8) Kate Holston (5/8) Anne Hershbell (5/12) Caroline Russell (5/13) Jenny Mastin (5/15) Ginny Price (5/16) Elaine Price (5/16) John Dickerson (5/17) Cynthia Robertson (5/17) Emily Hellwig (5/18) Joan Crawford (5/20) Foster Pickett (5/20) Garrett Frascati (5/22) Lyle McClung (5/30) Anne Tyler McCabe (5/31) Ellie Mastin (5/31)

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