Grace Episcopal Church
Parish News
November 8, 2020
The Parish Office will be closed on Monday, November 9
in observance of Veteran's Day
Stewardship Campaign Progress Report
As of November 5, the 2021 Stewardship Campaign has received pledges from 114 households who have pledged a total of $459,659. We have made tremendous progress in the past seven weeks and appreciate the prayerful consideration of all as the Stewardship Campaign strives to meet three goals: 100 percent participation; sufficient income through pledging to maintain current payroll and obligations without relying on endowment income ($550,000); and increase giving beyond Grace through the Diocesan pledge and Outreach. The Stewardship Committee will continue its work and follow up as the parish prepares its 2021 budget.

Parishioners are curious how we are doing compared to last year. According to the financial secretary, 40 of last year’s pledgers committed the same for 2021; 43 increased their pledge while 20 decreased. We have seven new pledgers this year. More than 20 parishioners who pledged last year have not pledged or given for 2021. We are about $44,000 away from last year’s campaign final outcome.

Your Stewardship Committee: Dennis Cross (Chair), Susan Cross, Carol Dent,
Gail Dickerson, David Hansen, John Milford, Rob Minor
November Birthdays
Bettie Cadden (11/1)
Peggy Riethmiller (11/4)
Pam Adams (11/7)
Owen Gertz (11/7)
Evan Atkins (11/8)
Grace Simcoe (11/8)
Doug Ayer (11/13)
Julie Grover (11/13)
Jim Farrar ( 11/13)
Tim Price (11/15)
René Glidden (11/15)
Amy Holston (11/15)
France Harcus (11/18)
Steven Lawrence (11/19)

Hank Humphreys (11/19)
Tim Gaylard (11/21)
Ryan Holston (11/21)
Liam Murphy (11/21)
Kristi Finnell (11/23)
Bill Kozak (11/23)
Becca Russell (11/24)
Jack Hershbell (11/27)
Anne Blanken (11/27)
Avery Hess (11/27)
Robert Glidden (11/29)
Harry Warner (11/30)
Brant Hellwig (11/30)
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