January 10, 2020
Aloha our beloved parish 'ohana,
On the 12th day of Christmas we weren’t gifted with “twelve drummers, drumming,” but 24 of us were given the most amazing blessing. Leaving the church at around 5:40 AM, well before sunrise, we carpooled to the top of Opelo Road. There we donned our headlamps and set out, journeying to the top of Hoku’ula Pu’u (affectionally known as Buster Brown). It is a journey that so many of you have told me you made as keiki, climbing to the top and sledding down on pieces of cardboard. If only we had remembered to bring sheets of cardboard with us!

Before we set out, we had a prayer together at the back of the church. The prayer included thanksgiving for the gift of this adventure, and the recognition that we take all of you with us in our hearts. Once we reached the top, we tucked just over the side looking out over Waimea. It allowed us to get a bit out of the wind. There we waited until the dawn broke to celebrate Eucharist. As it was the day of the Feast of the Epiphany, we read the Gospel of the Magi following the star to find the Christ Child; a fitting reading as we were atop Hoku’ula (Red Star). After receiving Communion, we hiked over the top again to walk down the backside, just as the sun broke above Mauna Kea.I had thought that all was done when we were finished with the Eucharist. I thought we would make our way down and be thankful for what we had just experienced. I had no idea that God had other plans. The best was yet to come. The sun lit up all the mauna behind Hoku’ula. The views were spectacular.
The promise of the Gospel is that when we have finished our course on earth, all is not finished, because God has other plans. What gives us Christians the strength to carry on is that which we carry in our hearts—what we have come to know by faith—that the best is yet to come. But this is more than what will happen when we breath of our last. It is believing by faith that God is a work and that God is always seeking to bring more into our lives: move love, more faith, more healing, more peace in our hearts and less worry on our minds.

It is said that in taking a pilgrimage, even if it is as close as going up Hoku’ula, if done prayerfully, gives you the opportunity to step away to see things from a different prospective. May making the pilgrimage to come the table of the Lord this Saturday night or Sunday morning send you home, glad you made the journey with more of what God is seeking to provide for you.
If you are off-island and not able to join us in person, please try to do so via our Livestream, by clicking the red box. You can watch live at 9 AM HST or access recorded services if that is more convenient.

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from David+
24 of us hiked up Hoku'ula (Red Star) Pu'u for a Sunrise Eucharist on the first Sunday of the new year. It was magical! Mahalo to Parker Ranch for permission. Mahalo to Fluffy Anderson for organizing and literally doing all the legwork, as she hiked up a few days before to make sure of the way as we would be doing it in the dark! It will be something we not soon forget.

from Jaisy Jardine
What a beautiful gift of grace we were able to experience on Sunday morning! Fittingly, it was the day before The Epiphany and we all in our own sort of way knew that we were heading out for a pilgrimage.  
We began in the dark, all of us huddled into groups as we braced ourselves against the driving Waimea wind. In hindsight I think it was a blessing that we were in the dark, as it kept our heads down and focused on the next step in front of us, instead of at the daunting hill looming ahead. 
Most of us walked in silence, broken occasionally by the exclamation of “My God this is beautiful!” Further and further we climbed as the sun slowly started to warm our faces.  
Sitting on Hoku’ula at sunrise was a treat unto itself, but what I thought most beautiful was the new perspective I had on the little town of Waimea I love so much. I looked at my beloved church St. James’, searched out familiar sights that from up here seemed so foreign.   Reacquainting myself with Waimea and with the fellowship of St. James’ was a beautiful gift that I am so grateful for.
Thank you to Fluffy Anderson and to Father David for leading us on a journey I will treasure for many years to come.

Mahalo For Your UTO Donations Thank you to all for your United Thank Offering donations and a special thank you to Sue Dela Cruz for rolling all the change! We have mailed a check in the amount of $827.25 to UTO. 

Ukulele Aunties and Friends at a joyous Service on the Second Sunday in Christmastide at St. James'.
There will be baptisms at St. James' at the 9 AM service on January 12, the Feast of the Baptism of our Lord. If you would like to explore baptism for you or your child please contact one of our clergy ASAP.

Several folks have received an email indicating it was from David, our Rector, that is not from him. Unfortunately, this is a scam that happens to churches by folks trying to trick the recipient into thinking it is an email from their pastor who is need. It is called “phishing.” Do not respond to these emails . If you respond, the imposter then often asks you to purchase a gift card. They often say that the pastor is at the hospital visiting someone and cannot get away and needs you to send the activation numbers on the back of the card, so he/she doesn’t miss a relative's birthday, or some other seemingly plausible need. Of course, if you do this, you’ll be sending the scammer the gift card $.

If ever in doubt that an email is a scam, first check the email address it is from. In the email in this case the scammer created a gmail account in David's name. It is not from David's church email address:  frdavid@stjameshawaii.org and David's real email account has not been hacked. Second, if in doubt the email is from David, always just call or text him before you respond, AND NEVER CLICK ON A LINK in the email unless you are sure it is a legit email, as it may put a virus on your computer or phone.
Let us pray that God will turn the hearts of those who do such crimes. Or in the words of an old Irish prayer, “ If God does not turn their heart, may He turn their ankle so we’ll know them by their limping!” 

Our Prayer Vigil for our Island home, held every Thursday morning is going on hiatus for the time being. May we all continue to keep the ‘aina in our daily personal prayers. 
This coming week...
Episcopal Priest and Monk, Brother David Vryhof (SSJE), begins his time in residence with us. (more information further down). Highlighted here is the start of his visit with us:

To Love & Serve:
Volunteering as an ongoing blessing
Friday, January 17 from 5:30 - 7:30 PM
Br. David's discussion will focus on the blessing of giving of your time and talent; reflecting upon ways to ground our service in spiritual truths; helping to avoid over-extending ourselves and perhaps feeling under-appreciated.

If you are a volunteer in one or more of our parish ministries. Please make every effort to attend. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP .

Hawai'i Island Vestry Gathering
Saturday, January 28, 8:30 AM - Noon at St. James'. All parish vestry members and those nominated are asked to attend.

Forum on Forgiveness
Sunday, January 19, 10:30 - 11:30 AM, at St. James'.
Forum:  "Forgiving and Being Forgiven: Some Guidelines." More info. below.

Br. David preaching next weekend
January 18, 5 PM, Saturday Beach Mass, Kawaihae.
January 19, 7:30 & 9 AM, St. James' services, Waimea.
EnrolI Now!

We are drawing close to the time to start our new year of EfM. If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact our certified EfM mentors Elsbeth McKeen or John Sucke. Talk to them or any of our priests about registering. The annual fee for the course materials is just $10.46 per week, payable in advance ($375). St James’ offers financial help to all who need it to make sure all who are interested can participate in this course.

Meeting time and day to best accommodate the schedules of participants and those who have expressed interest in joining is likely to Saturdays, most like in the early afternoon, but the final choice of time and day will be made during the first meeting.

Registration and a minimum number of participants is required in order to be able to conduct the class. We have 4 returning participants and need a minimum of 2 more to qualify. Please contact David+,  John Sucke , (phone  808-885-4495)  or  Beth McKeen  for additional information or to register.
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We are pleased to announce that our new online giving site is up and running. Mahalo to all who helped set up this new easier way of giving.
After you click the link above you'll be taken to the new giving page. Click on the FUND bar and change it to "My pledge for 2020." You have the option to make your pledge a "one-time" gift or "recurring."

Mahalo for joining in supporting what God is doing in
and through our parish 'ohana!
The Three Magi were welcomed into St. Columba's on Sunday as the congregation sang We Three Kings, accompanied beautifully by Michael Dale. The keiki processed with figures of the Three Magi in hand and brought them to the Creche. The children were then escorted to their class to learn about the Magi and Christ. We had a wonderful and meaningful Epiphany. Mahalo to everyone who makes every Sunday's worship Spirit filled!
`A`ohe lokomaika`i i nele i ke pâna`i –
( No kind deed has ever lacked its reward. )
As sunset is closer to 6 PM during these winter months, we will be preaching shorter sermons to make sure we are pau before twilight. Mahalo for your understanding!
Patricia Eckstrom, Sarah, Gloria Seiden, Narcisa Yagin, Nicole Anderson, Marlene Thees, Trevor, Carl Stanforth, Brad Young, Monica Parker, Gladys Takeya, Gerry Goodenough, Monique Abbasi, Jack A, Isaac DeRego, James Knox Everett,  Israel Kahoopii, Pedro Ka'awaloa, Jane Cook & Family, Eleanor Mendias, Mark & Kay Segal, Maurice Cecil &  Pukaua Summer Sommers, Betty Santorio, Cheyanna Lahnum, Jesse Osmun,  Mary Avery, Alex Ka'aua, the Reyes family, Vicky Tagaca, Steven, Kaipo Young, Nancy Davidson, Tony Abbott, Guy Piltz, Eli Ching, Shawn & Stephanie, Heidi Barnett, Gilmore family, Loreen Hackwalter, Paterno Balmilero,Jerry Reyla, Greg Sliva, Frank Wallace, Berlinda Tolson, Maelle Wolfe, Nancy Maleno, Joyce Horrie, Sheila McKibbin, Zebediah Smith, Sterling & Lynette, Laurel Koehler, Gael Burke, Riley Furlong, Debbie Roberts, Nona Hasagawa, Herman Medeiros,, Elizabeth Agustin, Stanley, Yoko & Tim Donavan, Tali & Tom McCall, Syndi Texiera, Kayla Uyeda, and Baby Uyeda, Adi, Ron Teter, family & friends of Alan Ackerman, Laurie Rosa's brother, Nan Kitagawa, Evelyn Chatel, Gerard Chatel , Suzanne Simonds, Kelly Keays & sons, Sara Ryan, David Bowman, Sheri Mariscal, family & friends of Sylvia Ravaglia, Kitty Olsen, Shea, Chaunda, & Zealand Rodrigues, Karen Sanchez,Malia Kitchen Ohana, family & friends of Peggy Rein, mother of Susan Acacio ++
If you would like to be added to the Prayer List or would like to add someone else (please get their permission first), call the parish office at 808-885-4923 or email at  prayer@stjameshawaii.org   by the Tuesday before you would like the name to appear in the bulletin. Please mention 'Prayer List' in the Subject line of the email to Jacque so that she knows it's not a spam email from someone she doesn't know personally.
Names will remain on the list for 4 weeks. You must then request to have the name added again.  
In the back of the church are note cards. Please take 5 to 10 cards and envelopes home with you. Use them to reach out to one another and those in the wider community.  
Please keep in your thoughts and prayers parishioners who are unable to be with us in worship. Please reach out to them and let them know they are missed. 
Gerry Goodenough          
PO Box 988                
Kamuela, HI 96743         

Tepa Farias 
PO Box 1152 
Kamuela, HI 96743 

The Rev. Guy Piltz
PO Box 1973
Kamuela, 96743
Please keep in your prayers our Keiki, Youth, and Family Ministries Coordinator, Susan Acacio and her family at the death of her mother, Peggy Rein. Notes of love and support may be sent to Susan and Cisco at 64-5261 Kipahele St , Kamuela, HI 96743.
May Peggy’s soul and the souls of all the departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace and rise to Glory.
Do you know of someone else to whom we could reach out?
Please get their permission first, then contact the parish office to have them added to the list. email here or telephone at 808-885-4923
Birthdays: Candace Okate, Jerin O'Keefe, Monica Parker, Michael Ramos, Tessie Bruno, Kitty Budge, Amy Thresea Lynn, Wilma Oshiro, Jim Yeates
Anniversaries: Charles and Georgia Labrador
Navigating the Blessings of a Growing Church

While many of the congregations of the mainline denominations are struggling with the challenges that come from decline in membership, we are being blessed with the challenges that come with growth. The growth in worship attendance prompts us to consider a few changes to the configuration of our beloved church.
The organ pipes have almost all been removed from the loft in the center of the church. The vestry hopes the loft will be removed soon (hopefully by mid-February). This will completely open up the ceiling to our worship space. The money received from the sale of the pipes should cover the cost of the loft removal and any cosmetic needs. The removal of the loft will also help to allow sound from the altar to freely flow throughout the church eliminating sound issues we currently experience.
The second change is for us to extend the sanctuary/altar area to fit the piano and choir so to be more conducive to our worship by bringing together the worship leaders, clergy, musicians, and servers. This layout is more typical of many Episcopal churches. The change will help with the flow of our liturgy in several ways. One way in particular is at the 9 AM service during the administration of Holy Communion. This layout would allow for some needed space for when our little ones have returned from Godly Play, for when coffee hour is being readied, provide a separation for when our musicians are offering their talents, and give more space for the Sound/Video ministry operators.
A special mahalo to Jerry Nelson and Denise Ray in providing a rendering of the reconfiguration. As you can see, the first two pews on each side of the front of the church will be moved to the back, where the piano currently is and adjacent to it. Know also that the main renovations of the sanctuary platform and the re-carpeting of the church are being paid for by a generous donation. We are also exploring new lighting and extending the koa wood paneling in the sanctuary area. But this is something we can consider down the road. Please let your vestry and clergy know of your thoughts regarding the reconfiguration.
As we think about how we have grown, it may be helpful to remember that the area where the pews are located is called the “Nave.” It is the root word for “Navy.” Looking up from inside the nave to the roof above, it looks much like the upside-down hull of a boat. The Church is often represented as a boat; a fitting image for our journey together. It is a journey that these past several years has led to some wonderful growth, certainly in numbers, but most importantly in love of God, care for one another, and outreach to those in need. Our church continues to be a holy, sacred space where we offer our prayers and thanksgivings, share in our joys and sorrows, and most importantly are encouraged to hold fast to our hope in Christ. May we sail into the future God has for us, trusting in God’s guidance.
After School Tutoring will resume January 15th. There are volunteer opportunities available to participate in this important program. You don't need to be a teacher to make a difference in a keiki's life. What a great way to start off the New Year! See Susan Acacio, our Youth Ministry Coordinaotr, to register or volunteer for any of the youth programs or events.

This Sunday, January 12th (For all those in Grades 6-12) We meet this Sunday, January 12th , 4-6:30 PM, at Rev Marnie Keator’s Home, 64-5119 Pu uniahi Place, Waimea, (808) 333-2247. Bring a friend! For more information contact: Felicia Linton at 808.987.1853 or anuhea@hotmail.com

In the Exodus story, the keiki heard about the journey of the People of God across the dangerous desert into Egypt, where they found food and work. When the Pharoah made them slaves, however, Moses asked him to "Let my people go" and Moses finally led the people through the sea where the waters parted for them to escape to freedom. 
Susan Acacio
Youth Ministry Coordinator

Please contact Susan Acacio, Youth Ministry Coordinator, for further information on any of our events and/or to volunteer.

Susan Acacio
Youth Ministry Coordinator
Hang in there! The light is coming! We’re moving along in construction.
From Steve Kittell


Well for all of us who have been praying for RAIN over the past months of drought, GOD certainly gave us buckets full of rain over the past few days and tonight it was really coming down as we gathered for Community Meal. And what could be a more perfect meal in that kind of weather than COMFORT FOOD! Chef Melanie Holt brought back one of our all time favorites: Melanie's Meatloaf! The rest of the meal prepared by our fantastic kitchen crew was a perfect accompaniment: Mashed potatoes, Gravy; Lentil Soup; Rice; Bread; Corn; and the following salads: Roasted Eggplant with sweet potatoes, onions & chard; Normandie Veggies: & Mixed Greens and cucumbers. Add a vast array of tasty desserts and we had a feast which no one left without being fully satisfied. 

Returning musician Dennis Padilla set a warm, casual mood with his upbeat melodies which additionally heated up the Pavilion. 
We served 197 meals in the Pavilion (including 25 keiki, who loved playing in the puddles) plus 125 deliveries for a grand total of 322 meals, not at all bad for a rainy night. 

Our SPONSOR for the evening was CATHI KEENE, who had actually coordinated an earlier sponsorship for another entity and returned tonight with her own family and friends to sponsor & serve the meal. MAHALO NUI LOA TO CATHI KEENE. In addition, we were happy to welcome back the HPA student volunteers and KTA Volunteers as well as many of our regular volunteersl to staff the serving line and assist with clean up. As always we just could not continue to do this every week (now in our 4th year) without the incredible assistance of ALL OUR VOLUNTEERS who shop, chop, prep, cook, deliver, set up, assist with parking (yes even in the rain...….these guys are tough), serve, break down and clean up. MAHALO NUI LOA TO EVERYONE WHO ASSISTED IN ANY WAY WITH THIS MEAL. 

And just as the meal was ending, the sun came out, the rain slowed down and a lovely rainbow arched over the Pavilion. LUCKY WE LIVE WAIMEA!

Wisdom Corner
"Morning is God's way of saying one more time, go make a difference, touch a heart, encourage a mind, inspire a soul and enjoy the day."
Hospitality, welcoming the stranger, is essential in the desert. We are all in the desert, bearing the challenges and difficulties of our journey. None of us can survive on our own. God welcomes us, offering sustenance and companionship. No matter what appears to be ours, what we claim to possess, all is a gift. We are God’s guests.
             – Br. Luke Ditewig, SSJE

An Episcopal Monastery in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
A Prayer for the End of Day
"For the darkness of the night, enclosing the day's labour, thanks be to you, O God. For the quiet that surrounds me and your promise of peace deep within me, for the stillness of sleep for my body and the hope of healing for my soul, thanks be to you."
~Celtic Benediction, J. Phillip Newell

CLICK HERE t o read the approved minutes from the NOVEMBER vestry meeting. CLICK HERE to read the approved minutes from the DECEMBER vestry meeting. CLICK HERE for the NOVEMBER approved Treasurer's Report.
 CLICK HERE for the DECEMBER approved Treasurer's Report.

The next Vestry meeting is on JANUARY 19, 2020 at 11:45 AM in the Parish office. All are welcome to attend.
E Komo Mai!
Whether you have been coming to St. James', St. Columba's or the Beach Mass for 6 months or 6 days, if you have come to see this parish 'ohana as your Spiritual home we would like to welcome you as a member. If you have questions about becoming a member of this parish family, speak to one of the clergy.

Episcopal Church
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Beach Mass: Raina Dale; St. Columba's - Wilma Oshiro; St. James' Services - Eline van der Kloos, Emile Elliott; Community Meal- Lynn Beittel, Paul Lee; Building & Grounds Fr David; Thrift Store-Fr David; Youth Programs - Maureen McLaughlin
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To contact our Parish Staff

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Susan Acacio, Youth Ministry Coordinator 
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Sue Dela Cruz, Community Meal Ministry Coordinator 
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Rona Scull, Thrift Store Ministry Coordinator 
Everett Knowles, Music Director, Music@stjameshawaii.org 
Rona Lee, Choir Director. Music@stjameshawaii.org 
Malu Lindsey, Sexton, contact via the parish office. 
Sheri Mariscal, Parish Administrator, 
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