Friday June 26, 2020

Aloha our beloved parish 'ohana,
“Iʻm hanging in,” is how I responded to someone who asked me the other day, “How I am doing?” Immediately after I said it, I thought, “I donʻt want to be just hanging in!” I know many of us are a little(or maybe a lot) mentally drained by the past several months. But even so, as a Christian, there is something in me that desires to answer differently than, “Iʻm hanging in.” It had the tone of defeat.
I remember what one of the great professors from New York City’s Union Seminary of a generation ago, Dr. Paul Shearer, once wrote, “All great living beings in some quiet estimate we have in ourselves that which will not let us play the coward’s role. One of the strongest defenses your life has, is just this bit of decent self-respect which insists that because you are what you are, the line must be drawn somewhere; that because you are what you are, there are some things very definitely beneath you.”
In this weekendʻs Gospel lesson, Jesus says, “whoever gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones in the name of a disciple-- truly I tell you, none of these will lose their reward.” It was the beneath the dignity of Jesus to walk away from the needs of people (even if that need was simply a cup of water) -- whether it was on the Sabbath or on a weekday -- no matter who was looking. He told those who opposed him exactly why he did what he did. He bore his cross even before it was physically lain upon his back during his Passion.
It takes courage to live a life of faith. It takes courage to follow where Jesus leads. It takes courage to carry our cross. We all get to the end of our rope. And when we do, as the old saying advises, “Hang on!” This then is where the courage comes in. By Godʻs grace we can do more than “hang in” – WE“HANG ON!” In the words of the Gospel hymn, “I  cling  to the old rugged cross”; but the stanza doesnʻt end there, does it? We go on to sing, “And exchange it some day for a crown.”
So the next time someone asks you or me, “So how are you doing?” Instead of us saying, “I am hanging in.” Tell them, “I AM HANGING ON.” If they then ask, “What are you hanging on to?” Well, we just got an opening to witness our faith! Tell them “I am hanging on to the Cross of Christ!” In the words of St. Paul to the Church in Ephesus, “...stay strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.” (Eph 6:10).
Be courageous for Christ my sisters and brothers. Share your faith by helping others. Sometimes, often times, all it takes is to offer someone a cup of water.
By the grace of God, HANG ON!

Online and In-Person Worship
Here is the schedule of times and locations:

Saturday, June 27
5 PM, at the Kawaihae Canoe Club

Please come to the Sunday Service on July 5 at 8 AM instead. 
(The 10:30 AM Mass on the Thrift Store Lanai and the 9:30 AM Mass at St. Columba’s Church in Pa'auilo will also be offered.)

Sunday, June 28
8 AM, at the Kawaihae Canoe Club.
(also online)

9:30 AM, in St. Columba’s Church, Pa’auilo.
(also online)

10:30 AM, on St. James’ Thrift Store Lanai, Waimea.
Some things to note to help one another feel comfortable and safe: Click here.
Share Photos & Grace Moments
Share a photo! Once you are settled in your virtual pew, tell us - where are you worshiping today? The kitchen table, your backyard? Share a photo!

From Paul Lee

Sean and Elizabeth Lee watching last week's Sunday Beach Mass from North Carolina.
From Carol Joy

I’m worshipping on the beach in Asbury Park, New Jersey. 

Carpe Diem, Peace,
Carol Joy
8 AM Beach Mass
9:30 AM St. Columba's
Last Sunday's Kupuna Service
Challenge Grant Results
There is much to celebrate! The $5,000 challenge grant was met with tremendous response. One of our parishioners offered a $5,000 challenge grant over a two week period, which ends this weekend. Every donation made to our parishʻs "general operating fund", that is above what we normally receive in loose plate offerings, is being matched up to $5,000. We know that for a lot of folks the Covid-19 Pandemic has caused for them to need to adjust their giving. The grant was to encourage others of us, for whom our circumstances make it possible for us to give an extra offering, to help keep our mission and ministries going.

As of the writing of this newsletter, $7,389.85 was given. Add to this the matching grant, and the total is $12,389.65 in donations to the general operating budget! This is a HUGE blessing in helping to meet our basic expenses.

If you would like to add to this challenge please make your offering/donation by CLICK HERE or on the green 'My Offering" button above to give online via credit/debit card or direct bank draw. Checks may be mailed to the church at PO Box 278, Kamuela, HI 96743. Put in the memo line "My Extra Donation."
Morning Prayer, Monday - Saturday, 9 AM

Weekday Morning Prayer, 9 AM

 HERE   is a link to  The Book of Common Prayer  online. Once on this site, click on  Morning Prayer, Rite 2 .
Bible Studies
Men's Bible Study
EVERY Friday , 7:30 AM.
Password: faith

We study the upcoming Scriptures that will be read in worship. CLICK HERE to review before we meet.

Barclay’s reflections very helpful as well. We often used his commentary in seminary for sermon prep.
Women's Bible Study
1st and 3rd Fridays, 10 AM
Next Meeting: Friday, July 3.
Password: faith

The Bible Study is reflecting on episodes of the docudrama series entitled, "THE CHOSEN, available on The App Store or Google Play for free. Study is led by Rev. Marnie Keator.
Bishop's Bible Study
Every Wednesday, Bishop Fitzpatrick, offers an online study/reflection.

On Monday's, he offers a weekly message to the diocese.

CLICK HERE to access the most recent of either.
This car was donated by a young man who is moving off island. Before he went to the airport he gifted the car to the church to say thank you for the welcome and kindness he received here. He asked that we either regift it to somebody who needs a car or sell it and use the money for ministry. We found someone who is in need of a car and happily are passing along a blessing.
Church Directory Update
Thanks to all of you who have already responded to the request for updates for the Parish Directory. While we have most of everyone’s information already in our database thanks to the efforts of the amazing Lei of Love team, we wanted to give you an opportunity to update any information that you would like included in the Parish Directory.  Thank you to those of you who have sent photos in, we love seeing your smiling faces!  
Please note that there was a typo in the deadline, please have your information submitted by July 4 th
If you have any questions about the form and what you would like included, please contact me and I will be more than happy to assist!

CLICK HERE or on the Update above to complete the survey. 

Jaisy Jardine
Parish Administrator

Mahalo to everyone who came out to help peel and cut mangos for our famous St. James' mango chutney! We got more mangos and we are doing a second round TODAY (Friday) at 1 PM. Come if you can, and bring a mask, knife, and peeler. Social Distancing will be practiced!

St. Columba's had a lovely service with CDC guidelines fully enforced. Millie Yagin played beautifully as we listened and sang in our hearts. Mahalo Millie! Mahalo also to Sharon Alfonso as she navigates us through these times of social distancing and masks. Sharon is on the Medical Task Force for St. Columba's.

The railing from the parking lot of St. Columba's to the vicarage is almost complete! This has been a long time coming. The cement stair that goes down to the parking lot from the vicarage had not had a railing for quite some time. It had become very dangerous as the stairs get slippery when it rains. Thank you to St. James' Vestry for authorizing this much needed upgrade!
Steve McPeekʻs Ordination to the Priesthood
Steve McPeek was raised up for ordination from our parish ʻohana. Steve 
completed his seminary studies at the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest. Last year, June 22, Steve was ordained to the transitional deaconate at St. Andrewʻs Cathedral in Honoulu.  It is with great joy to announce that on Saturday, July 11, at 7 AM (HST), at the Church of St. Augustine of Canterbury in Wiesbaden, Germany, Steve will be ordained to the priesthood. David, our rector, will be one of his presenters and our diocesan bishop, the Right Rev. Bob Fitzpatrick, will be the preacher. David and Bishop Bob will be joining the service remotely, via the internet. Both David and Bishop Bob had hoped to be present in-person, but with Covid-19 this is not possible. Folks will be invited to attend the service virtually. We will send out the weblink via email as soon as we have it.
Steve is currently serving at two year curacy at the Church of St. Augustine of Canterbury   Many years ago Steve served for 15 years as a missionary with Jugend mit einer Mission Deutschland (JMEM). He is fluent in German and so the opportunity to serve as a Curate at St. Augustineʻs was a perfect fit. Steve is married to the Rev. Vincent McTighe, a priest with the American National Church. Together they are raising 8-year old Alexis. 
If you would like to give towards his ordination gift, please make a check out to St James' Church and indicate in the comment/memo section that it is for "Steveʻs ordination." Clergy are in need of many items to begin their ministry. We hope to help Steve with vestments, clerical shirts, monies for to purchases commentaries and resources for his sermon preparation. You may also give online . Otherwise, please notify the office by email or telephone of the purpose of your donation.
Please keep Steve in your prayers as he, Vinny and Alexis, begin this new chapter. The Church is greatly blessed that Steve has answered the call to serve as a priest!
If you would like to reach out and send him a note of support and congratulations, you may do so by emailing him at  or at his postal mailing address:

Please send Steve your aloha. His mailing address is:
The Rev. Steve McPeek
Am Schlosspark 1
65203 Wiesbaden 
More information to come regarding how to join his ordination service via the internet.
Are you are in need of assistance? contact   Jeanne Cooper, who is the point person to call if you are in need of help with groceries, mail and/or prescription pick up or trash removal. Jeanne will put you in touch with one of the volunteer parishioners trained serve in pick up/delivery protocols. C ontact Jeanne at or by phone at ( 808) 348-4012.
From Jeanne Cooper - a webinar on Racial Healing/Policing from her former Parish

Join the  Absalom Jones Episcopal Center for Racial Healing  in their webinar Reimagining Policing: A 3-Part Series. The horrors of the ongoing War on Drugs, mass incarceration, and police brutality require us as people of faith and good will to use our collective energy to reimagine the role of policing today.

When: July 2 at 12:30 p.m. HST
Register for free:
Patricia Eckstrom, Sarah, Gloria Seiden, Nicole Anderson, Marlene Thees, Trevor, Carl Stanforth, Brad Young, Monica Parker, Gladys Takeya, Gerry Goodenough, Monique Abbasi, Jack A,   Isaac DeRego,   James Knox Everett,   Israel Kahoopii, Pedro Ka'awaloa, Jane Cook & Family, Mark & Kay Segal, Maurice Cecil &  Pukaua Summer Sommers, Betty Santorio, Cheyanna Lahnum, Jesse Osmun,  Mary Avery, Alex Ka'aua, the Reyes family, Vicky Tagaca, Steven, Kaipo Young, Nancy Davidson, Tony Abbott, Eli Ching, Shawn & Stephanie, Heidi Barnett, Gilmore family, Loreen Hackwalter, Paterno Balmilero,   Jerry Reyla, Greg Sliva, Berlinda Toson, Maelle Wolfe, Nancy Maleno, Joyce Horrie, Zebediah Smith, Sterling & Lynette, Gael Burke, Riley Furlong, Debbie Roberts, Nona Hasagawa, Elizabeth Agustin, Yoko & Tim Donavan, Tali & Tom McCall, Syndi Texiera, Adi Kohler, Ron Teter, Sheri Mariscal, Quentin & Mary Murrell Faulkner, Tom Bailey, Frank Claire, Lorraine Hoffman, Scott Byron, Dave Warner,  Jada Rufo,  Sally Sakaitani, Finnen family, Matthew Latshaw, Tom Michelsen, Pat Tubman, Richard Neely & family, Oaklyn M., Donna, Wendy Geyer-Nixon, John Nixon, Barbara Lackey, Cora June Russell, family & friends of Pedro Marsical at the death of his mother, Evelyn Chatel, Jerry Chatel, Ellis Block, Nan Kitagawa, Carol Hart, Curtrena Meyers, family & friends of Bruce Ettinger, family & friends of Narcisa Yagin, Tali McCall, David Doi ++
If you would like to be added to the Prayer List or would like to add someone else (please get their permission first), call the parish office at 808-885-4923 or email at   by the Tuesday before you would like the name to appear in the bulletin. Please mention 'Prayer List' in the Subject line of the email to Jacque so that she knows it's not a spam email from someone she doesn't know personally.
Names will remain on the list for 4 weeks. You must then request to have the name added again.  
IMPORTANT UPDATE: Now more than ever it is important for us to reach out to one another. Send a note, an email, make a phone call.

An updated parish directory will be available soon to our members. We are working on getting this to you. For now if you need someone's contact information, and they have given us permission to give it out, the parish office can provide. If we do not have permission to give out their contact information, we can take your information and get it to them to ask them to contact you.
Please keep in your thoughts and prayers parishioners who are unable to be with us in worship. Please reach out to them and let them know they are missed. 
Gerry Goodenough
PO Box 988
Kamuela, HI 96743

Tepa Farias
PO Box 1152
Kamuela, HI 96743
Do you know of someone else to whom we could reach out?
Please get their permission first, then contact the parish office to have them added to the list. email here or telephone at 808-885-4923

Anniversaries: Edson & June Sheppard,Harry & Nancy Edmondson, Sharon and Steven Cariaga-Alfonso, David & Cherrie Carse
Birthdays: Charles Campbell, Michael Mulvany, 6/27; Kevin Kim, Kiki McNair, 6/28; Pat Lewi, Scott Rohfeld, 6/29; Mel Pobre 6/30; Tim Bostock, Bryan Burr, 7/1; David Carse, 7/3

The Thrift Store will be reopening on Tuesday, June 30 and will also be open on Thursday, July 2.  Masks will be required and Social Distancing will be practiced.

The Thrift Store will be closed on Saturday, July 4 in observance of Independence Day and thereafter will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays & Saturdays from 9-1. 

During this time, donations will only be accepted Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays between 7:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

We are accepting public donations Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 7:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m. We kindly ask that NO donations be made after 12:30 p.m.
Check out our special items for sale online!
Aloha All,

I really enjoyed sharing 156 craft kits at St. Columba’s and St. James’ Drive Through Community Meals on Tuesday and Thursday. Please send me pictures of your keiki making the crafts!
Have a blessed week and feel free to call me anytime. 

Susan Acacio
Please think about checking out one of our Godly Play at Homes stories to share with your family. Click on the link below for the entire family to enjoy a Godly Play presentation. Lorrie Dillon has done an amazing job of sharing the story of “Mary the Mother of Jesus”. Lorrie is a gifted storyteller and I’m sure the whole family will enjoy the message. We hope to be able to present other story links in the near future.
We also know our parents and keiki need support. See below for some ideas and resources for Home Worship, Home Schooling and other needs.

Here are some other links for resources for children and parents:

MAHALO to our Sponsors:

Mamane Bakery, Rebecca Keliihoomalu, and the North Hawaii Jewish Group (Chavurah)

Sponsorships are available - contact Sue or Tim for details.
From Tim Bostock and Sue Dela Cruz

Mahalo to Mamane Bakery for Pizza Night!!

The Meal Team had another welcome outside boost this week as Baker/owner Eli Mamane and his team at   prepped and cooked pizza for 700 servings! Now we’ve seen it all! Pizza in 3 foot x 2 foot sheets! The Wok Crew added Spaghetti Carbonara, mixed salads, and treats to the yummy boxed meals. We served 555 meals to 160 cars and 7 walk throughs (and 3 cycle throughs!) plus 122 deliveries for a grand total of 677 Meals served. The left over food wasn’t wasted, we repackaged for the Waimea Fire Station, volunteers took food home, and Father David delivered to his neighborhood. We’ve now added 20 meals for the hospital ER staff to our evening deliveries.

Our chop crew went straight to work with the cucumbers, tomatoes, and greens. And all was done by noon! The Wok Crew broke in some newbies: Mike and young John, who helped Stanley and John Crouch cook up the bacon and pre-cooked spaghetti for Carbonara.

Once again our very efficient Packing Crew had 299 meals ready to go by the time the bell was rung. Our Amazing Car Hop crew tonight was Eric Mumau, Eric Savage, Tim, Frankie, Betty, Mike, Mel, Edwyna, Marnie, David, and 4 late additions from LDS church, who enjoyed doing it last week joined us again! Thanks to Peter and Gerrit every week for providing traffic control!

Our sponsors tonight were Mamane Bakery, Rebecca Keliihoomalu, and the North Hawaii Jewish Group, or Chavurah. They raised so many donations that they will be sponsoring 4 meals over the summer – the next one will be a Vegan Chili at the end of July. Mahalo nui loa!

A HUGE Shout Out to Dave McCoy and his son Hunter, who pick up cucumbers for us each week! Some times as much as 65 boxes!!! We are so grateful to have these two wonderful volunteers not only pick up cucumbers but pack those delicious cookies that our bakers drop off each week!!

We’re all a bit relieved that the numbers weren’t higher than last week’s record 751. But adding Waimea and Paauilo Community Meals together we’re now cooking over 1000 Meals a week. I don’t think anyone of us knows how Sue Dela Cruz actually does this! We’re tweaked our storage plan and we’re clearing more food ministry stuff into the Spencer House now, so we can clean the kitchen on Friday morning really well, and getting closer to being ready for the church being used for services again. Big thanks to Jen Brown who does a professional clean of the kitchen and church on Fridays and Wednesdays now, in addition to Malu’s twice weekly cleanings. We’re taking the cleaning protocols pretty seriously, and we’re taking COVID protocols seriously too – everyone is masked and gloved, no more than 10 in the kitchen for any shift, and no more than 10 on the Car Hop Crew . While at the beginning of the drive-through service only some guests wore masks, now all do. We hope we’re ready for the second wave! For now, we’re comfortable being uncomfortable – no one loves the masks but it’s the strongest way of showing aloha to all.

To ensure the 10 max volunteers in the kitchen, we implemented a dropoff table for donations, cookies, and produce outside the kitchen. When it's not windy, we'll add the tent! The Chop Crew appreciate everyone using the outside table and not just walking into the kitchen to drop off. 

Meanwhile we’re seriously fundraising towards a new kitchen for St. Columba’s, and we’re also in the Design process for a new Pavilion building that can include a commercial kitchen and new Gathering Space. We will emerge with new facilities and new services. Building Community One Meal at a Time!

With aloha, Tim Bostock

Smiles, Sue

Tim Bostock
Sue Dela Cruz
Pa'auilo Community Meal Tuesdays
St. Columba's
4:30-5:30 PM

Lentil soup, grilled hot dogs, fresh salad and delicious cookies were on the menu for St. Columba's Community Meal on Tuesday. A huge Mahalo to Mary for the amazing Lentil soup! Onolicious!!! Also to Stanley the grill master and his helpers who grilled the hotdogs to perfection! Mahalo to everyone who chopped, and hauled all that delicious food to St. Columba's. You are all so appreciated!! Our volunteers at St. Columba's were amazing as always. It went so smoothly that we were done and dusted by 6:00pm. We gave out 380 meals with aloha and a shaka. It is so humbling to watch how everyone comes together each week for this incredible ministry! Mahalo nui loa to all volunteers!
Work continues around the St. James' campus!
HOPE Services Hawaii offers Street Outreach, Emergency Shelter, Transitional and Permanent Supportive Housing, Rapid Rehousing, Rental Assistance, Disaster Relief Services, and more to those experiencing homelessness, and those in imminent danger of becoming homeless. They are seeking a full time Housing Navigator and Outreach Worker for North Hawaii. Click HERE for information and Application.
Support & Help Available
Wisdom Corner

 We often discount the ordinary in our lives, forgetting that God is as likely to send angels when we are doing the dishes, working at some task, or having coffee with a friend, as when we are engaged in some grand and mighty scheme. The challenge for us is to pay attention.
-Br. James Koester,  SSJE

An Episcopal Monastery in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
A Prayer for the End of Day
"Jesus said, "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled, and do not let them be afraid."
~John 14:27
CLICK HERE for the approved minutes from the last Vestry meeting. CLICK HERE for the approved Treasurer's Report from the last Vestry meeting.

The next Vestry meeting will be Sunday, June 28 at 11:30 AM. We are meeting virtually. If there is something for which you wish to bring to the vestry's attention, please reach out to our wardens or vestry members. You can reach them via the Parish Office .
E Komo Mai!
Whether you have been coming to St. James', St. Columba's, or the Beach Mass for 6 months or 6 days, if you have come to see this parish 'ohana as your Spiritual home we would like to welcome you as a member. If you have questions about becoming a member of this parish family, speak to one of the clergy.
Last Laughs
Our Clergy
Rev. David Stout, Rector
Rev. Marnie Keator, Associate Rector
Rev. Linda Lundgren, Associate Rector for St. Columba's
IMPORTANT: Your participation in physical distancing is needed and appreciated. But don't let that keep you from spreading aloha!

Parish Office, (808) 885-4923

David, , 238-4956
Marnie,  , 333-2247
Linda,  , 323-2627
Our Ministries Staff
Susan Acacio, Youth Ministry
Sue Dela Cruz, Community Meal Ministry
Rona Scull, Thrift Store Ministry
Malu Lindsey, Sexton
Rona Lee, Choir Director, Music Ministry
Everett Knowles, Director of Music, Music Ministry
Our Office Staff
Jaisy Jardine, Parish Administrator
Clara Toma, Bookkeeper

To contact our Parish Staff

The Rev. David Stout, Rector , 
The Rev. Marnie Keator, Associate Rector 
The Rev. Linda Lundgren, Associate Rector at St Columba’s 
Susan Acacio, Youth Ministry Coordinator or 808-895-2086 
Sue Dela Cruz, Community Meal Ministry Coordinator or 808-498-7383 
Rona Scull, Thrift Store Ministry Coordinator 
Everett Knowles, Music Director, 
Rona Lee, Choir Director. 
Malu Lindsey, Sexton, contact via the parish office. 
Jaisy Jardine, Parish Administrator, 
Clara Toma, Bookkeeper, 
St. James' Episcopal Church, 65-1237 Kawaihae Road, Kamuela (Waimea), HI 96743|
P.O. Box 278
Kamuela, HI 96743-0278
Office: 808-885-4923