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February 11, 2022

Sunday Mass Times:

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Monday - 9:00 AM

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Join us the first Monday of the Month at our 9am Mass with anointing of the sick afterwards.

Welcome to our newest St Vincent Parishioners. If you see them please welcome them.

 Brosas Family
     Buenvenida Family
     Mwaniki Family
     Tommy Family 
Kahinu-Gray Family
Huynh Family

February 8th is the Feast of St. Josephine Margaret Bakhita, F.D.C.C.
Who is St. Josephine Bakhita? St. Josephine Bakhita is the patron saint of slavery and human trafficking. Little is known about St. Josephine Bakhita prior to her abduction and enslavement. In fact, Josephine Bakhita was not even her name given to her by her parents at her birth. Josephine was born in Darfur (now Sudan) around 1869 and was captured by Arab slave traders around age seven. Due to the trauma of enslavement, Josephine lost the memory of her real name and early childhood memories. Bakhita was the name given to her by her slave owners. Josephine was bought and sold several times over before she was finally freed in 1885. In 1893, she entered the Institute of St. Magdalene of Canossa in 1893 and made her profession in 1896, taking the name of Josephine at her baptism and Margaret once she became a Canossa sister. 

Act Now! Help End Human Trafficking in Washington State!
Washingtonians - Join us by celebrating the Feast day of St. Josephine Bakhita by supporting SHB 1989 to help individuals who are degraded by commercial sexual exploitation. Learn more about SHB 1989 and act here!

Dear Parishioners,
As we lean towards the 6th Sunday of Ordinary Time, I paused as I looked at the word ordinary. It’s such an ‘ordinary’ word. When we think of the ordinary moments in our lives, it seems to conjure up moments that are mundane, monotonous and far from extraordinary.
But, what if ordinary moments could become extraordinary? We have a God who is far from ordinary. Yes, we know God is beyond remarkable, the Creator of all, the One who knows and sees all. But how does that change our ordinary, mundane moments? I don’t care how you spin it (no pun intended), but doing laundry is far from extraordinary! 

There is great news, God loves you so much. He is a good, good Father and He longs to be invited, praised, consulted and befriended, not only, in the astonishing moments of your life, but also into the seemingly average ones.

When you grant God full access to your life, your life will change. I promise you. He will gift you a fresh and wonderful way to see and experience your today and every day. You will begin to see through the eyes of God; through the eyes of extraordinary hope, thanksgiving, compassion, patience, forgiveness, kindness and divine love. Worry dissipates, trust abounds, peace settles into your heart and a joyful attitude becomes your routine.

Today, as we lean into the 6th Sunday of Ordinary Time may we each allow and invite God into every aspect of our lives. My hope and prayer for each of us – to encounter Christ in an unforgettable way, to be lavished by His love and to see through His extraordinary lens of love today.

“God, help me to see through Your eyes today.”
Yours in Christ,
Jennifer Tankiewicz
Receptionist/Administrative Assistant 
We are now enrolling new students for 2022-23. Call the school office for information and to schedule a tour of our school. 253 839-3532.

Thank you,
Wanda Stewart
St Vincent de Paul School

February 16
No Revival
February 23
We will have Revival. Topic is TBA.
March 9
All paperwork is due.
(Baptism Certificates, Saint Name, and Sponsor Information)
This February marks one full year since PREPARES launched at Saint Vincent de Paul Parish. In that year, we have provided diapers, baby wipes, clothes and more… for 42 families in Federal Way and Burien.
Seeing our PREPARES program go from concept to true service has been exciting and satisfying. We are able to serve these families thanks to the generosity of our parish family, and we thank you!

Your donated diapers, wipes, new and used clothes and baby necessities, PREPARES help us prepare well-supplied bags of clothing, sleepers, blankets, baby wash and lotion and all the odds and ends - to help bless families in need.
Our PREPARES program has been blessed by cooperation with our parish’s Saint Vincent de Paul Society. While they work to supply families in Federal Way with food and rent assistance, volunteers have now been able to refer families with young children to PREPARES to supply baby and child specific needs. Nearly half of our 42 PREPARES families have been referrals from the Saint Vincent de Paul Society.

These two groups have struck a balance to work together, sharing diaper supplies and food supplies to meet the needs of all these families.
 A volunteer from St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Burien has been working with our PREPARES group to learn the model, and to serve families in Burien. While they pray for a leader to start PREPARES at their parish, we will help supply Burien. We will ask their parish to donate to our effort to ensure our supplies can meet the needs.

We are thrilled with our PREPARES successes so far. Here are some examples of the families we help:
-         A newly single mother, living on a different continent from her own family, and surviving the death of her child’s father while dealing with her own work injury.
-         A new mother facing post-partum depression was referred to the counseling to help her move forward.
-         A single dad taking over care of his baby due to the complications of a drug-addicted mother.
-         Dozens of families made up of school aged children, toddlers and newborns who need a little help to get ahead this month, so next month is smoother.
-         Families isolating with Covid, in need of baby supplies, food and hygiene items.

We will continue to offer emotional support and basic need supplies for expecting families and family with children up to age 5. PREPARES prays for continued support through monetary donations, or contributions to our supply storage.

Currently, we’re in need of clothes for 0-3 month girls, 6-9 month boys, 9-12 month boys, and 12-18 month girls. We always need diapers – newborn, size 1, 3 and 5 tend to go quickly. Baby wash, lotion, nail clippers and pacifiers are always needed. Bigger kids need new socks, new underwear and shoes.
For more ideas on useful donations, follow this link to your Amazon account and select what you would like to donate. When you are ready to check out, you can select our PREPARES address at shipping. On the shipping page, you’ll see PREPARES Federal Way c/o Tammy Schaffer along with your other saved addresses. 
Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination or Negative
Test within 24 hours will need to be provided per Washington State Mandates.

We are going back to the 80's at the St Vincent de Paul School free silent Auction Saturday, March 12th in the school gym from 7-10pm. For Adults only. Please join us and for some fun and support the school.

Please RSVP to Tina Mancuso at 253.839.3532 or
"Let Your Light Shine"
Matthew 5:16
The St Vincent's School 39th Annual P.A.C.E. Auction & Gala Dinner is coming up! RSVP is March 4, 2022 for Gala. 

It will be March 19th at Seattle Airport Marriott
No Host Cocktails & Silent Auction Followed by Dinner Live Auction Auctioneer Paul Schenfeld Followed by Dancing Until 11:30 pm Doors Open at 5:00 pm Seattle Tickets $80—Per Person. RSVP By Friday, March 4, 2022 Please return your reservation card along with payment to: St. Vincent de Paul School c/o Auction Committee 30527 8th Avenue South Federal Way, Washington 98003

If you would like to attend our PACE "Brighter Together Auction" please contact Tina Mancuso at the school office 253.839.3532.
 Are you creative, enjoy paper crafts and want to help us pray for those preparing for Sacraments such as First Communion, Confirmation, Baptism, Matrimony and Reception into the Church?
Seeking a volunteer, or two, to work together to create prayer boards to be displayed in the Narthex during Lent. 
Please contact Kim Bowman at if interested!

Middle School Retreat

March 29 from 6:30pm to -8:30pm
Hosted by NET Ministries
Cost is $25. If you have any questions about Revival or the retreats please contact Katie. 253 839-2320.
Bible Study during Lent in Preparation for the Easter Triduum

Beginning Tuesdays, March 1 – April 12, 6:30-8:00 pm or Wednesdays, March 2 – April 13, 10:00-11:30 am.
Facilitator: Valerie Jacobs
Location: Willenborg Living Room
Cost: $10.00 for book

Register in person at the Office or by email:
Mothers and Others is having a Cricut Party, and I am not talking about the bug. Join us at the Church on February 25 at 7pm to get your crafting on. Let the parish office know if you would like to join us for this super fun time.
Upcoming Vincentian Events
March 1
While Elephant Bingo
April 5
Guest Lenten Speaker
May 3

This month is our last Vincentians gathering at a restaurant. On February 15 we will meet at Red Lobster for lunch at noon. Please RSVP so that we reserve your spot for lunch.

If you are a baptized Catholic who has not yet been confirmed or received your first communion, this is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with your faith, have your questions answered, and become part of a community seeking to grow in faith. The eight weeks of preparation begin on Monday, March 7th, 6:30 – 8:00 pm. The Rite of Confirmation will be celebrated, Thursday, May 19th. For more information, or to register contact Deacon Juan F. Lezcano, OFS, 253-839-2320, ext. deacon or
We will return to two Altar Servers at every Mass very soon.
We’ll be offering one-hour training sessions to prepare for this change. To work around your busy schedule, email Kathleen and Leonard Kessler at with times that will work for you and your child. Please include your name and your child’s name. 
We’ll be available weekdays after school (except Wednesdays), Saturday mornings or early afternoon, and Sundays at 12:15 after the 11:00 Mass. We’ll meet your child in the South Narthex. Parents may drop off/pick up their child.
We’ll respond to your request within several days after receiving everyone’s information to set up the days and times for the training. 
On a separate note: All experienced Altar Servers who would like to serve during Holy Week, especially during the Triduum; Holy Thursday, Good Friday or the Easter Vigil, please let us know.  In the near future, we’ll have special training for these, along with rehearsals.
Interested in being a new server?
All children in the 5th grade and above who have received their First Communion may become an altar server. Their parents may email Kathleen and Leonard Kessler at and provide the following information: your name, your child’s name, birthday, age, attending school, phone number, and which Masses he/she would serve. There will be at least 3 one-hour training sessions for new Altar Servers. Please include the days and times that these training sessions would work for you. We are available weekdays after school (except Wednesdays). We are also available Saturday mornings/early afternoons and Sundays at 12:15pm after the 11:00 mass. We’ll meet your child in the South Narthex. Parents may drop off/pick up their child.
Pope Francis wants to hear from you. How cool is that? We are going to hold two listening session to hear what you want to say to Pope Francis. These two session are going to be a powerful opportunity to pray and be heard. Fr. Frank will share about the power of listening and begin adoration. Then we will break into small groups to listen and share. After our small groups we will come back to the Church for adoration and Benediction. The first session will be February 25 from 10am to 11:30am. Please sign up in the parish office or here St. Vincent de Paul Parish: Synod Listening Session I ( Our second session will be March 17 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. Please register in the parish office or here St. Vincent de Paul Parish: Synod Listening Session II (

Please bring your palms from last year to church and place in the basket in the narthex and we will use them for the ashes on Ash Wednesday this year.
The holy perseverance of six Black Catholics on the road to sainthood
"African American Paths to Sainthood," by Brother Leo Franca. (Courtesy Father Josh Johnson, all rights reserved)

In 1976, President Gerald Ford officially designated the month of February as Black History Month. In doing so, he called on all Americans to “seize the opportunity to honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of Black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history.”

This past year, Americans collectively turned their consciences and consciousness to the persistent obstacles and injustices that Black Americans face in pursuit of these accomplishments, as well as their ordinary, day-to-day obligations and activities. 

The Catholic Church in the U.S. has also had to grapple with its own role in the history of these injustices, from slavery, to Reconstruction, to segregation, and civil rights battles. With a fresh perspective, many Catholics are assessing how parish life, religious education curricula, and catechesis can better represent the experiences and spiritualities of all of the Church’s members. 

This renewed attention to the Black Catholic experience has also produced another fruit: “Black Catholics on the Road to Sainthood” (Our Sunday Visitor, $9.95), edited by Catholic writer Michael Heinlein, which chronicles the lives of six extraordinary men and women, Servants of God Julia Greeky, OFS, Mother Mary Elizabeth Lange, Sister Thea Bowman, Mother Henriette Delille, and Venerables Fr. Augustus Tolton and Pierre Toussaint, whose heroic stories are an important part of both American and Catholic history.

Though their circumstances differed — some were slaves, others the descendants of slaves, still others living as recently as the late 20th century — all six shared the deep pain of rejection by members of the body of Christ. This is what makes their holy lives so extraordinary: as Bishop Joseph N. Perry, auxiliary bishop of Chicago writes, they “persevered among us when there was no logical reason to do so.”
Their stories of self-sacrifice, devotion, and charity are living proof of what St. Paul calls “the folly of the cross.” Heinlein ensures that their witness can do nothing else but inspire fellow Christians to persevere in love even when facing the greatest of odds.
Week of February 4, 2022
Beloved-Session 1:
Does Marriage Matter
Formed Now!
How to Study the Bible
My Beloved son:
Meditations for Lent by Bishop Robert Barron
Prayers of the Faithful

For those who are sick:
Jeannie Best
For those in our Community
who have passed away:
Karen Vanzee 
Betty Acheson
Sunday Giving:
Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.
2 Corinthians 9:7
Ways to give:

  • Online - signup to give onetime, weekly or monthly, click the link below to sign up.
  • Basket - put your envelope in the Basket as it's passed around during Mass.
  • Mail - you can mail your contribution to 30525 8th Ave S, Federal Way, WA 98003.