St John the Evangelist Parish
July 10, 2019
Annual Catholic Appeal
Asante Sana! 60%!  

At this time we have received pledges of  $64,672 from 186 donors towards our goal of $108,252, leaving us with  $43,580 still to collect.

If you have not made your pledge, click on the link below to donate now.
If we do not raise this amount through the ACA campaign
we must make up the difference through our ordinary income.

Our hope is that this community will show itself ready to help
both the local and the larger Church.

Thank you for your donations and your prayers.

St John Book Club
Join the St. John book club reading
The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. Goodreads describes it as a masterpiece of satire, this classic has entertained and enlightened readers the world over with its sly and ironic portrayal of human life from the vantage point of Screwtape, a senior tempter in the service of "Our Father Below." At once wildly comic, deadly serious, and strikingly original, C. S. Lewis gives us the correspondence of the worldly-wise old devil to his nephew Wormwood, a novice demon in charge of securing the damnation of an ordinary young man.   The Screwtape Letters  is the most engaging and humorous account of temptation-and triumph over it-ever written. It is a short read at 223 pages. 
We will meet at parishioner Nancy Busch Allen's home (6526 1st Ave. NW) on Sunday, July 14 at 7:00 PM.
Save the Date - Parish Picnic
Sunday, July 28th
Join the parish for music, dancing, food, bouncy houses, face painting, fun, fellowship and much more!  We will begin with an African themed Mass at 10:30am in the Church and then continue the celebration out to the parking lot with an African and American themed picnic. We will provide hot dogs, hamburgers, goat and other African traditional food as well as beverages and a beer garden!

Please bring a side dish, salad or dessert to share or just bring yourself!

We will need lots of help to make this event a success.  
Contact Mary Wiseman in the Parish office to volunteer. or 206-782-2810
Courtyard Closure
The courtyard will be closed while we remove the old concrete,
update plumbing and wiring, and replace the concrete.
If you park in the parking lot for Mass you will need to use the driveways and the sidewalks along 79th or 80th to get to the church. 
We hope to have the work completed and the courtyard reopened
in time for the Parish Picnic on July 28th.
Thank you for your patience.
Young Adults
The Archdiocese is looking for input from you!
Click here to take a short survey.
Laudato Si in Action
Commit to Change

In Chapter Six of Laudato Si, Pope Francis writes:

We are always capable of going out of ourselves towards the other. Unless we do this, other creatures will not be recognized for their true worth; we are unconcerned about caring for things for the sake of others; we fail to set limits on ourselves in order to avoid the suffering of others or the deterioration of our surroundings. Disinterested concern for others, and the rejection of every form of self-centeredness and self-absorption, are essential if we truly wish to care for our brothers and sisters and for the natural environment. These attitudes also attune us to the moral imperative of assessing the impact of our every action and personal decision on the world around us. If we can overcome individualism, we will truly be able to develop a different lifestyle and bring about significant changes in society.

Pope Francis is imploring each of us towards action. Yes, action from each and every one of us! How will you respond?

Let me suggest some ways to help you respond:  

Click here for all prior Laudato Si in Action columns.
The 2019 Cornerstone Catholic Conference is approaching fast! Sponsored by the bishops of Washington state, the Cornerstone Conference brings Catholics "United for Life and Justice" at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center, October 18-19th.
The event will feature:
- A panel discussion with state's Catholic bishops (including our new    Coadjutor Archbishop Etienne).
- Keynote Speakers:
* Bishop Frank Caggiano of Bridgeport, CT, a strong advocate for outreach to young Catholics.
* Sr. Miriam James Heidland, who will share an inspiring story of conversion and her efforts in drawing closer to Jesus.
* Sr. Norma Pimentel, who will share first hand encounters with migrants and refugees. Her work in Texas was recently profiled on 60 minutes and she was awarded the 2018 Laetarae Medal by the University of Notre Dame.
- Relevant workshops on:
* Family prayer
* Embracing respect for human life
* Implementing 'Laudato Si' (care for our common home) in your     community
* PREPARES - support for pregnant mothers and young families
* Confronting the sin of racism
* Mental illness: parishes helping families find hope
The Cornerstone Catholic Conference provides a wonderful opportunity to come together in fellowship in the midst of challenging times. To register or for more information, visit
Volunteer Service and Welcoming Spiritual Community for Older Adults! Jesuit Volunteer EnCorps (JV EnCorps) is now accepting applications for 2019-20. JV EnCorps, a program of JVC Northwest, facilitates rewarding opportunities for service, community and spiritual formation for adults 50 and older who are committed to social and ecological justice. During their ten months of part-time volunteer service, participants meet monthly for fellowship, reflection and to explore the values of community, spirituality, simple living and social & ecological justice. Our values arise from Ignatian Spirituality and JV Encorps is an inclusive and ecumenical community. Priority application deadline: August 31st. Opening Retreat in September. For more information contact Helen at: or visit .

Looking for a good summer read?  Try Surprised by Oxford, Carolyn Weber's memoir of finding faith and love at Oxford.  Laura's friend at school found this one in a Little Free Library, and recommended it to Laura, who devoured it in 3 days, and recommended it to me.  Here are a couple of prayer nuggets from the book:
"No individual, by the very state of existence, can avoid life as a form of servitude; it only remains for us to decide, deny, or remain oblivious to, whom or what we serve. Before I left for Oxford University, the answer was easy. I was my own . . ." (p. 6)
"Prayer is weird. There's no way around it. The concept of it seemed bizarre. Talking, possibly out loud, to Someone unseen who might or might not be listening? Weeeird. I did not understand how it worked. I mean, if God knew everything about us, including what we needed, why bother asking Him for anything?"  (p. 209)
"Maybe when it came to prayer, there wasn't some minimum or quota; some right or wrong way; some preferred pose, volume, tone, words, opportune moment, or ideal setting. Maybe I did not even have to say anything profound. Maybe I did not even have to say anything at all. And neither did God. You cannot have intimacy without relationship, it occurred to me, or without shared silence. Maybe there was something to this prayer thing. Articulating my needs whenever I needed to (and especially whenever I did not think I needed to)? Burrowing into my want and coming through it transformed? After all, rather than doing something for God, maybe prayer did that something for me, and by extension for all of us, lifting me out of my need as I entered the compassion of lifting others. A ladder extended from, extended to, our want of Him." (p. 220)
Bill is traveling several weeks in July and August, so Prayer Nuggets will pause for a bit.  Look for them to return in August.  Meanwhile, Happy Summer!
Saint of the Month

Saint Mary Magdalene
Feast: July 22