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Parish Picnic at Ken & Saneeta's beautiful home
Happy Picnickers ( some others not in photo)

Who would have guessed that on a day of heavy rains and flooding on Saturday, August 11, St. Antoninus would be blessed with the most memorable parish picnic ever?!
Nothing, not even the closure of some roads due to flooding,would stop some 50-60 parishioners from coming to the Ken & Saneeta Julien’s paradise home in Green Meadows, New Jersey.
Yes, the rains did come as forecasted, but surely by divine favor, every thing we planned to do outdoors- barbecue picnic, dancing, swimming, fishing, kids running in the fields - all happened. Somehow, the sun would come out in perfect timing when it was time to grill and when the kids wanted to play. And when the rains did come, people at the grill just held up umbrellas.
We started the day with a beautiful Mass at around 1pm, celebrated by Fr Joseph and concelebrated by Fr Paul.
Then it was an endless picnic lunch of an amazing array of delicious platters of food that people brought from their homes. The grill was constantly replenished and we just did not stop feasting all afternoon.
A bunch of us went fishing by the lovely lake and were thrilled with the catch, which incidentally went straight to Saneeta's frying pan for us to enjoy.
The swimming pool too was a big attraction, especially for our teenagers and young adults.
We all had fun, just being together as family at the Juliens' beautiful chalet-type home, and surrounded by such a lovely backdrop of rolling fields, fresh water lake, majestic pine trees, and a sky that knew when to pour rain out and when to let the sun shine through, and when to release a sweet rainbow above us. (see last photo)
What a blessed day it was for St. Antoninus!
 Thank you Almighty Father for Your spectacular blessings!
And thank you, Ken & Saneeta, for lovingly welcoming us into your sanctuary!

337 South Orange Ave, Newark NJ 07103
Rev. Joseph A. Meagher (Pastor)