February 7, 2021

Saint Joseph of Leonessa
Capuchin Friar

Feast Day: February 4

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Lord Jesus, we are thankful for the opportunity to serve you in this place. We ask for your presence we come together to do your work. Strengthen our faith and give us courage that we may not shrink back from doing your will. May everything we do begin with your inspiration and continue with your help, so that all our work will bring us closer to you. Help us to patiently and joyfully accept the hardships, adversities and persecution which come our way in serving you and your kingdom of love, truth and goodness. We ask this in your name, Amen.

News from Father James
Away but United in Prayer
Dear Friends in Christ - Salutations! How are you doing? As I previously mentioned I am going to be away on a retreat/vacation from Monday the 8th through Monday the 15th. Fr. Quy of the Redemptorists and St. Alphonsus Parish will cover the Daily Masses and School Mass of Tuesday through Friday while Fr. Marcel of St. Alphonsus Parish will cover confessions and the Saturday evening Mass. I’m going to be back for the Sunday Masses but will return to a mini-quasi-vacay until the evening of the 15th. Thank you for the kindness and hospitality that you will show towards Fr. Quy and Fr. Marcel.
Employee Performance Review
Just a friendly reminder that “Employee Performance Reviews” will take place towards the end of February or early March based upon the availability and schedules of each respective employee. It’s meant to be an honest opportunity to reflect upon strengths and areas of improvement. 
Peace in Christ,
Fr. James 
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