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Emily Raab
Pleasant Valley Recreation & Park District, Camarillo, Ventura County
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Park District Distributes Free Food Every Friday
to Those in Need in Camarillo
Pleasant Valley Recreation & Park District (PVRPD) gives out complimentary bags of groceries to residents needing food assistance in the community. Originally a service held by Pleasant Valley Senior Center to supplement nutrition for seniors in the area, this program has widened its scope to serve anyone in the community who may be suffering from lack of nutrition. COVID-19 has made a serious impact on employment and the ability of numerous individuals to make an income to support themselves and their families sufficiently. PVRPD has recognized the hardship and the toll this has taken on residents and has thrown their heart into doing what they can to support the community.
Food Distribution is held on a weekly basis; every Friday at 10am outside the Senior Center, located at 1605 E. Burnley Street in Camarillo. No pre-registration or paperwork of any kind is necessary. Any community member who feels food insecure is welcome to come receive a bag of groceries. Food is given out while supplies last.
Residents can simply drive over to the Senior Center in Camarillo each Friday at 10am and line up their car along the curb just outside the office. Participants are assisted on a first come first serve basis and food supplies are distributed until everything is gone. One large bag of food is allowed per household, while supplies last.
The Senior Center office building is closed to the public due to COVID-19 regulations from Ventura County health officials. Participants are asked to remain in their vehicles at all times to aid with social distancing and help slow the spread. People are asked wear a mask and to bring a bag for staff to fill for them. PVRPD staff come out to each vehicle in the line wearing masks and gloves, take the bag from the person and bring it into the office to fill it with a variety of food supplies. Staff then return with the filled bag, placing it in the trunk of the vehicle along with a box of fresh produce and the recipient can drive off. 
Food supplies are generously donated by Food Share of Ventura County and Grocery Outlet of Camarillo. Boxes of farm fresh produce are delivered by the Berry Man. A wide range of food stuff is available, from fresh vegetables, fruits, bread, meat, canned goods, potatoes, salads, pasta and more. PVRPD estimates that about 50 pounds of food is given to each individual including:
  • 30+ pounds of assorted groceries
  • 1 box of fresh produce
  • 1 bag of potatoes
PVRPD’s food distribution program helps make sure that no one in their community has to go hungry. Many have fallen on hard times due to the pandemic, but nobody should have to go without food – it’s the most basic staple of life. Staff at PVRPD are proud to be able to offer a helping hand and support their community when its needed most.
According to Denise Cleric, Recreation Specialist at Pleasant Valley Recreation & Park District, who has been facilitating Friday food distribution at the Senior Center for years, there is so much more of a need for this service now then there ever has been. We aid about 60 households each week.
“Our food distribution service is vital in ensuring that the most vulnerable in our community have access to the nutrition that they need which can help them maintain their health. People have never been more worried about health as they are in this uncertain time of COVID. And though there is perhaps no direct correlation; healthy food absolutely improves your physical health. And the ability to obtain basic essentials goes a long way in bolstering mental and emotional health “, says Denise.
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