I loved the spring showers this past weekend. My sons and I went on bike rides and walks around the neighborhood and enjoyed feeling the cold, wet sprinkles and drips of the falling rain. I also love the smell of the damp leaves, soil, and rocks. I imagine what the Earth must feel when it rains. Aaah. While I was grateful for the moisture this weekend, I'm thrilled the clouds have parted so that we all might glimpse tonight's full moon.
Our Moonlit Park
One of my favorite new PRNSA programs of the past year is 'Moonwalkers - Full Moon Member Hikes'. Every month, on the Saturday closest to the full moon, we gather in community to explore the Park in a new moon light. This past Saturday would have been our challenge hike to Mt. Wittenberg and the finale in our first series of full moon hikes. (Photo by John O'Donnell - full moon hike at Limantour Beach in February 2020)
Canceling this hike and other programs is a disappointment, but we hope to gather as soon as we can (when we begin our second series of full moon monthly member hikes). Let me know what part of the Park you'd like to explore under the light of the moon! Tonight's moon is called a super pink moon .

West Marin Howls at our Shared Moon
Let's think of ways to connect, as community, during this interlude. What do you do to stay connected to others?

One thing I am enjoying here in Bolinas is to head outside at 8 pm each night and howl with my neighbors. Everyone is howling outside their own homes. It connects us not only to each other (and probably confuses the wildlife and domestic animals) and also is a small way to show our appreciation for the essential workers working tirelessly for our collective health to help kick this virus.

For now, wherever you are, let's all take a moment to look up at the sky tonight and howl. If you are not a howler, that's okay, we have a special gift for you. Below is a sweet song by local San Anselmo resident and artist, David Maloney. He offers his song to us all as a way to spread joy and lighten our hearts. Thank you, David!
Yours in community,
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Heather Clapp
Director of Development and Community Engagement
Here are some interesting facts and tips to prepare you for tonight's special moon:
Tonight's full moon will be particularly special as it’s both a supermoon (relatively rare, and appears bigger and brighter than usual) and the Pink Moon (name given to the first full moon of spring). The best time to view tonight's moon is at 7:35pm PST as it rises.

Native American’s created the tradition of naming moons as a way to celebrate and honor Nature’s gifts. Here is a list of moon names as given to each month’s moon. Note: This month’s “Pink Moon” was named after the early Spring-blooming flower called “Mountain Pinks”.

I invite you to create a moon journal with me. Let's look up each night, beginning tonight, and observe the moon's trajectory around the Earth.
A Song to Spread Joy - "Start Howlin'"
Song by David Maloney
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