Meet Misty and her six adorable two-week-old kittens! As part of Ms. Dawson's animal rescue program, we would love to offer a few incredible families the opportunity to add a new family member or members into their world. To date, Ms. Dawson and her classes have rescued over one hundred dogs, countless cats and kittens, and even a horse named Victor! Park Maitland School is proud to be a part of such a long tradition of animal care and kindness, beginning with Mr. Cohen's Critter Cottage, and his love of all creatures great and small.

Ms. Dawson would love to extend the opportunity for Meet and Greets once the kittens are a bit more independent. The litter consists of two males (orange and tiger-striped), and four females (black with blue eyes, soft tiger-striped, mostly black with a sweet orange smudge above one eye, and black and white like our school kitty, Frisky). Misty herself is a gorgeous young blue-eyed female with perfect manners, clean as a whistle, and fully litter trained.