Newsletter #17 2020-2021
Peace • Love • Park Maitland
We are extremely proud to bring you our updated numbers!
January 2021; 7 cases for the school year

However -- The BIG NEWS is that we have NO cases of on campus transmission of COVID-19!! This is incredible and cannot be emphasized enough that our strategies are working!
January 11: Re-enrollment Begins
January 14: Dress Down Day
January 18: MLK Jr. Holiday - No School
January 20 - January 22: KoPixMo Portraits
January 21: Lifetouch Retake Day
January 23: Sa-Tour-Day
January 25, 27, 29: Senior Games
February 1: Empathy T-Shirt Day
February 11: Half Day/Valentine's Day Parties
February 12 - 15: No School

January 8, 2021

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year! Who isn’t excited and relieved that 2020 is now in our rearview mirror? I know I am feeling refreshed and ready to go! This year I am looking at goals and resolutions through a slightly different lens thanks to our magnificent school counselor, Julie Jaworski. She began the new year by sharing a wonderful book and concept with our students: One Word for Kids by Jon Gordon.  

The children’s book is based on his book for adults, One Word That Will Change Your Life.  To help us all be more intentional in our daily lives, One Word, when you find it, will help you navigate every day to make it your best year yet.  Many classroom teachers have already begun this One Word journey with their homerooms. Some classrooms have even decorated their classroom walls with their words displaying their creativity. Ms. Carrier’s fourth grade online class created a flipgrid displaying all of their words.

It has been an exciting new word adventure for staff and students alike. One little girl in fourth grade mentioned that her word is “Focus”.  One of our teacher’s One Word is “Gratitude”. I have to say I thought about using gratitude myself. I also considered empathy and positivity, but my word, as the book stated it would, presented itself to me when the time was right. My word for the year is “Strength”. My goal for the year is to be strong in mind, body, and spirit. I know building my own “strength” will in turn strengthen my relationships and strengthen our entire school community as we forge ahead together into 2021. I am looking forward to putting my One Word into action and seeing our wonderful students and staff do the same.

You will see the main body of this week’s newsletter is about our upcoming priority re-enrollment and open enrollment throughout the month of January. We have come to a place where we are in a position of “strength”, and I look forward to a robust enrollment season. Please remember, we are always happy to set time to talk with you if you have any questions or concerns. We want to help be a positive part of your decision making process. We are also offering a Town Hall Coffee Chat. You should have already received a parent connection night invite to Teak Neighborhood Grill from Our Director of Admissions, Nicole Roman, for students in grades K4-5 to connect with parents who are happy to provide insights about the grade your child will be enrolling in for the fall. This weekend, you will be receiving a letter from me with all directions and information you need for a seamless registration process. On Monday you will receive a communication from docusign to begin the process. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out and let us know.

Again, I wish you every success and happiness in 2021! We are strong together!

Very Warmly,
Davina Spillmann

Interested in finding about the next grade for your child?

Interested in finding out about the next grade for your child? 
Join a few of our parent class coordinators for an evening of information and connection. They will provide first hand experience in reference to; special events, homework, teachers, and what to expect for the upcoming grade level. 

Zoom link for parents who choose to join virtually: 

Location: Teak Neighborhood Grill
901 South Orlando Ave.
Maitland, FL 32751

@ 7:00 pm each night

K4 to K5: Thursday, January 21st
K5 to 1st Grade: Tuesday, January 12th
1st Grade to 2nd Grade: Wednesday, January 13th
2nd Grade to 3rd Grade: Thursday, January 14th
3rd Grade to 4th Grade: Monday, January 18th
(School holiday)
4th Grade to 5th Grade: Tuesday, January 19th
5th Grade to 6th Grade: Wednesday, January 20th
I started as a sub at Park Maitland three years ago, and then was called upon to help tutor. 

Technically, this is my first year at Park Maitland as a teacher teaching 4th grade math.  

One of my favorite memories as a teacher was actually an out of the blue comment from a student upon realizing that my hair was increasingly turning white, "Oh my, Mrs. Dennis, your hair is getting old!". I do say that one day my age will catch up with my hair. 

I have tried out for Survivor (the TV show) five times and The Amazing Race twice. I am an avid runner and a certified running coach as well. I love to teach and help others! 
Students earned a well deserved dress down day on Thursday, January 14. We are very proud of our students for bringing in 2,900 toys for Toys for Tots.
Each week Park Maitland School will be featuring two Super Seniors. We hope everyone enjoys this opportunity to get to know our awe-inspiring 6th grade students!
Getting To Know Your 
Super Senior: 
Lilly Wood

1. # of Years at Park Maitland: 
  • 7 (started in K-5)
2. Favorite Activity: 
  • Gymnastics
3. Favorite Movie: 
  • Lilo and Stitch
4. Favorite Subject: 
  • Math
5. Favorite Thing About Park Maitland: 
  • "The teachers!"
Getting To Know Your 
Super Senior: 
Daniel Gee

1. # of Years at Park Maitland: 
  • 8 (started in K-4)
2. Favorite Activity: 
  • Biking
3. Favorite Movie: 
  • Back to the Future
4. Favorite Subject: 
  • Math
5. Favorite Thing About Park Maitland: 
  • "All of the teachers are nice and they always try to help."
(Please note: Teacher uppages are not updated for
the following week until Sunday at 4:00 p.m.)
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